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I have heard many good and bad things about our extracurricular activities. In my own experience the cheer squad was amazing and I loved being a part of it. I also experienced a section of the Peace Jam club, but i never knew when the meetings were because nobody was ever alerted.
The school is great, the staff works really hard to keep us safe and educated. My favorite experience is definitely stunting with the cheer squad at football games. The one thing i dislike about this school is the students, they are stuck up, spoiled, and "click-y", they don't like to include new people that don't conform to the typical teen mold like me. Other than feeling left out my school is great.
About half of my teachers care a whole lot and are always willing to help, but the other half just want to keep there job. The later group of teachers put kids down and almost tease them. But the first group, they are kind and want to teach in a fun learning environment.
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This school is located on a church's property. I feel extremely safe there. There is no tolerance for bullying and the classes are so small that everyone is friends with each other. There really isn't much regarding school nurses or health programs, but as far as I'm concerned, there's no need for one. I have never felt unsafe whatsoever.
Honestly, it wasn't until recently that we have extracurricular activities. For the longest time there was nothing of that nature. Just recently, we have formed a boys varsity basketball team. Other than that, however, the extracurricular opportunities are scarce--but I guess that's the price you pay for running such a small school.
The staff and principals are completely and 100% involved. Our principal will read with the younger kids and organize school activities. Our guidance counselor doubles as our secretary and high school English instructor. She is fantastic and she is as involved as can be. As a student its normal for one to not exactly agree with the rules and polices put in place. Bullying is not tolerated at all which is a great thing. The dress code is pretty strict, but it is a Christian school so those limitations are put in place for a reason. Attendance is monitored very closely.
There have been amazing experiences at The Rock Church Academy. I remember playing jump-rope and hopscotch with friends that I still have to this day. This school is K4 to K12 and has about 70 kids. My graduating class was 2 people. What makes it unique is its size. It's so small that each student can get individualized and 1 on 1 learning. The teachers care so much about their students and will do anything to ensure their success. I would choose this school again because it provided me to dual-enroll my junior and senior year which allowed me to acquire my associate's degree from Daytona State College by the age of 17. Like every school, it has its ups and downs; but all in all, I wouldn't trade the experience, opportunities or friendships that is has provided me.
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