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Rock Canyon's cross country is pretty trash. It's all white people which is apparently now a bad thing, and the admin should really check out the activities that go on in their parking lot after dark. Rock Canyon bad, Vista good. #CrackCanyon #NotAGoodSchool #LunchisSubPar #NoParking #VistaXCISBetter
I liked Rock Canyon High School because it prepared me for college. The teachers were great and challenged us. When I got to college I often felt as if some of our high school classes were actually harder, therefore making college seem easier
Rock Canyon is a very great environment and support for a variety of interests whether you're more sports, academics, or arts based. The science department is very well supported with a variety of unique classes such as forensics and biotechnology where students have the opportunity to learn basic lab skills and can conduct their own published research. Whether it might be AP or normal classes, most teachers are very passionate about their classes and take the time and effort to help students before, during, or after class.
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The best part of going to Rock Canyon High School was the environment. The teachers were always excited to be teaching the students, the work was usually relevant to class material, and the students were supportive of one another. It was a great environment to be a part of and was a great place to foster growth in students.
I liked the fact that Rock Canyon is a very well rounded school with academics at its focus. However, we excelled in various varsity sports in our league and state, as well as having success with our year book, theather and visual arts. I feel that Rock Canyon is great in college preparation with the teachers and classes offered. Overall it was a great way for me to end my junior and senior year.
I really liked the student culture and the dedication of all the teachers to make the high school experience as amazing as possible!
Rock Canyon has been a great experience for me. I love all of my friends and the friends I make through sports.
Overall, I’ve had a great high school experience at Rock Canyon. The array of classes including AP is great. I’ve also had really good teachers so far.
This school should get more than 5 stars! I am from a long family line of elite educators. Mr. Andy Abner is phenomenal and simply the BEST of any principal I've gotten to know in my life - there aren't enough words!!! Mr. Abner is a leader, visionary, and genuinely cares about these kids and he leads an extraordinary administration of teachers and staff that also exemplifies these same values - its no wonder why these kids are also not just highly accomplished but are nurtured to continually strive - what more meaningful empowerment can you ask for than that in a stellar education?!
The staff, especially the principle Mr. Abner makes it feel like a second home. The sense of community is superb, as well as the academics. The teachers and faculty do a great job balancing learning and getting ready for college.
My experience was pretty good, classmates where nice and helped out a lot. A lot of the teachers were amazing and taught the subject really well. Others didn't understand kids as much. Mostly what I would change is the foreign language department. In class you don't learn conversation, you mostly learn words and how to use them. More structure not actually speaking.
Rock Canyon offered a lot of excellent programs and had a lot of opportunities that I am extremely grateful for and allowed for me to get into premiere institutions for college. The teachers are wonderful and I had a really great learning experience. My only negative experience has been that a lot of the students lack a sense of reality, as a lot of them are well-off and can be a bit snooty. Other than this, I had a really good experience.
AP classes are all the rage but are not taught effectively that will help in college. The science department is very strong and all of the teachers are passionate about what they do. Some teachers are great at forming connections with students to help them in and out of class.
Amazing school! I love the class choices and there are always people to make friends with. The teachers are also helpful.
I am a senior at Rock Canyon High School. Starting my freshman year in 2015 was scary, just as it is for almost every child going into High School. I didn't know what to expect from Rock Canyon. My first day I felt an overwhelming amount of support from the staff, along with upperclassman. Throughout my four years at Rock Canyon I have had endless of support from my teachers and peers. I have also been involved with countless clubs such as Key Club, Future Business Leaders of America, National Honors Arts Society, Tie Dye Club, and more. I have also played girls Lacrosse at Rock Canyon all fours years. The club sponsors and my sport coaches were always supportive and blew my expectations. I would never have one complaint about any leaders associated with Rock Canyon. My experience academically and socially was exceptional and I would have wanted to spend that last four years anywhere else.
Great High School that is filled with great teachers, and plenty of class options, and some that will even carry on to college. Are willing to work with each student on an individual plan, I made a three year plan with my counselor, and had no off periods while doubling up on math and english two separate years. Also have great ACT prep as well as great college prep with classes provided.
I really like this school. Teachers and staff give you the opportunity to succeed, learn and try new things. No it’s not easy, but it’s nit impossible either. There are so many activities, clubs and sports to choose from, there is something for everyone. There is always someone to ask if you need help, and there are always new challenges to try. There are so many AP and honors classes, and there is a class for every type of student. There are so many different learning styles that teachers are willing to explore and teach. Great school! Love it!
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Rock Canyon High School is filled to the brim with teachers wishing to impart their passions--whether it be calculus or fine art--onto their students. However, a small portion teachers appear to lack this quality; some teachers lay their heads low and seem to be waiting with their students for the final bell. Luckily Rock Canyon is full of people all attempting to do their best, whether it be teachers inspiring their students, or the students who will lead others into the future.
I went to Rock Canyon for all four years of high school. Aside from a few exceptions, the staff was incredible, and I rarely had troubles with teachers or administrators. There were plenty of clubs and activities at the school, though I didn't participate in many of them. I was a student during a district-wide financial crisis, so the school had some problems because of that. The school also seemed to attract some unpleasant people, making the culture there unusual to say the least. Aside from this, Rock Canyon was a good school that I was happy to attend.
It's an amazing school. I felt very ready for college afterwards, because they prepare you for it. The teachers are amazing and friendly. You can meet with them all the time if you're struggling. The counseling office is great, because they can connect you with student tutors if you're struggling with a class. The whole administration is friendly and works hard to keep the school environment safe for everyone who attends.
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