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Robinswood Middle School Reviews

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So many people make robins wood look like a bad school but it's not we have lots of fun the pressure from teachers to get kids to have a successful career is outstanding they really care and they won give up one you all of the teachers have faith in all the students to make the right decision love and effort put in this school is great don't judge a book by its cover.
Okay at first, but after the first principle retired everything went downhill. During my first two years the school was pretty average nothing wrong with it. That was because of the principle who had been running things smoothly around the school for years. But it was during my last year things started to get worse. That was mainly because the principle had retired. A lot of teachers and administrators had retired that year as well. What was left was administrators who couldn't discipline the students properly and guidance councilors who will do anything they want to your schedule just because they can without your input. All in all, some teachers were alright, some were good. Others were just absolutely terrible. So I give 2 stars.
I like the teacher and I don't like to the food they get out to the kids and and they need to clear up the school
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I enjoyed their slush drinks during lunch, and cooking class was fun. Science had to be one my favorite subjects to learn while attending at this school.
Robinswood middle was a great experience for me because I felt like I could go far with what the school education has given me. Every teacher wanted you to be successful in the class and for the future helping us individually and as a team. I believe that any student who attends Robinswood middle school will have a great opportunity to get an amazing education and activities. We have plenty of staff and faculty who can help and after school tutoring.
This is the worst school to send your child to. the lunch is horrible. The teachers are horrible and they can't teach. Drugs and gun violence rule the school
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