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Overall a good school that prepared me for a college experience. The classrooms did well to challenge me before I graduated and I came out more well rounded and prepared as a student for the future.
I enjoy going to Robinson because everyone is so different here so I have been given opportunities to experience different cultures and learn about different backgrounds. One thing I would change is the student involvement. Students now aren’t as involved as they were when i was a freshman. When I was a freshman, I was a cheerleader and everyone else was always excited and ready for football games and any other sports. Now, everyone is just ready to get out and graduate. I wish they were still involved because I feel like Robinson staff could do so much more events with students and even parents to help show school spirit and even raise money for our school and sports programs. If everyone was involved, I know that this school would be brighter, happier, cleaner, and the school would feel a lot more like a family.
Robinson was like a regular school, it had many issues though. As a senior, I didn't get all of the "Senior privileges" I was told I would have. When it came to sports our athletic director was terrible. She was too controlling and not very fair. She messed up a lot of things for people when it came to sports.
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This is a bad school, the assistant principals play favorites and if they do not like you they will give you a hard time. They mistreat the teachers (of whom most are excellent) and handle situations immaturely. This school is super disgusting. There are brown stains EVERYWHERE.
In the IB program Robinson pushed me very hard to achieve academic success. I have felt stressed and uncertain but my brother assured me that it prepared him for college so much, and he is better of now than most other students. However, Robinson being such a small school lacks resources.
Needs better maintenance and to be updated because its an old school. It just needs some stricter teaching for students to update their systems. The school often loses power and has had a fire scare because of old equipment. If they would renovate the buildings then they would be a better school. Needs more school spirit.
If you want to go to college and have a well rounded high school education, Robinson’s IB program is where you should be. Also great teachers and since the program isn’t too large they often make time for you.
Robinson High School was lacking in the administration side as far as taking care of the kids a re caring for them. Very disorganized at times which makes everything confusing. Makes it worse when even the administrators or faculty can't answer simple questions. The International Baccalaureate programs students are better taken care of, educational wise, compared to the traditional kids which isn't fair to their education.
Great school with mostly great teachers. More should be done to get the students involved on campus and having more fun while learning.
My four years at Robinson changed me for the better. My eyes were opened to what life is really like since I came from a private school for elementary and middle school, and had been in a protective bubble. I made new friends and found true friends, was involved in three sports and four clubs, as well as being in the IB program. Robinson is a wonderful school that has changed so much and I hope it keeps changing for the better. :)
I love the aerospace and ROTC programs, they really help prepare students for the real world. I would like to see more emphasis on improving the condition of the buildings and increasing teachers salaries.
Depends if you are in the IB program or not. Like every school and education, it is was you make it. Teachers teach and make sure you learn the content for the exams and you can make good friends along the way.
The teachers were excellent and the curriculum of the IB program extensively prepares students for college.
I have been going to Robinson for my whole high school career and for the most part it has been a pretty great experience. if it were not for the administration in my school pushing me to be the best person i could be i wouldn't be where i'm at today. overall my school is a safe environment for students to be themselves.
The IB Program is very rigorous but it has one of the best pass rates in the state. Many teachers in the IB Program care for their students and are willing to help their students succeed. I still keep in touch with some of my teachers. The campus is ugly and it felt like a jail to me. It was a very high stress environment but it made college easier to handle. I feel that having an IB Program in a low income school made the school divided by class. The IB Program is middle/upper class white dominated while the traditional program is mostly lower income Latinx or black students.
Robinson high school has an IB program witch brings in a lot of different people. we are right next to McDill air force bass so we have kids that have traveled from different places and many different opinions
The IB program is very rigorous and effective in preparing students for college, but the traditional program is not challenging enough.
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I was in the IB program and had a great experience. I met great people and had great teachers that pushed me to succeed and helped me get into a great college.
academics within the traditional division of the section of the school needs improvement. the work is not challenging nor does it prepare you for college.
I like the education, all of the teachers are there to help you succeed and they are very good at helping you through the steps to get to college. The people there are great and i have made many great friends throughout my four years there. Alongside with academics all of the teachers are very friendly and if you don't have anyone to talk to then they will reach out to you and make you feel like you're in a safe environment. All of the Assistant Principals also look over you and make you feel safe and good all throughout the day.
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