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I like the teachers at robinson high school, they are very orientated at making sure each student has an equal opportunity. One thing I do not like is the disparity between the IB program and the regular program.
During my time, the staff was pretty strict and didn’t let school appear to be appealing in any way, but the teachers were the best.
Teachers are great. Really dedicated. Make sure kids start to learn in college format so prepared for college.
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The teachers were amazing and prepared me for college. They also taught me time management. The administration was helpful but could've been more proactive.
I have had a great high school experience at Robinson High School in the IB program. I loved the selectivity part and not being such a big school because it made it easier for me to make friends and become my own person. Also, I find most of the faculty great and caring about their students. I have always been able to go to my teachers or ADs or counselors about any concerns I had. What made it even better for me were the sports and interacting with friends outside of the regular school environment. Other sports teams come and support you at games and it is spirited! My one wish would be to put more time into the infrastructure of the school, like bathrooms, weight room, locker rooms, etc. Nevertheless, there is a support system here and people always willing to help out. I believe that our principal Mr. Bhoolai does a fantastic job of showing his commitment and care for our school and students. Again, I love being a Knight and am proud of the person that Robinson has shaped me into.
Robinson was a fun school. There is a lot of diversity so you get chance to interact with a lot of different people. Most of the teachers are cool people and are awesome to have. The principal is a pretty chill guy who always has a coffee mug in his hand.
I have been going to Robinson for 4 years and all I can say is WOW! With an amazing environment, hardworking staff, plenty of resources, Robinson is such a fun place to be. Academics are taken seriously yet there is a fun added into curriculums by the teachers. The diversity within the school is amazing, we have students and staff from everywhere and it is so fun to learn about everyone's background!
Through my four years here I would say that this school is pretty good. It is very diverse and a lot of the teachers really care and want you to succeed.
Robinson High School is an International Baccalaureate school. As such, there is a clear division between the students that are in IB and the students that are traditional. There are some good classes and some poor classes. Your experience will be what you make of it.
Participated in the IB program here, which during the program was miserable, proved to be very helpful for preparing for college. While Robinson isn't the most wealthy school, made due with what they had and made sure students were prepared to succeed. Most teachers and staff were excellent and seemed to be there for the students and their experience.
I would like to see how the traditional kids are treated change, they held a very high regard for the IB students and would tell IB students that traditional students would not get into good colleges. Other than that it was a very great and safe school.
Overall, Robinson High School is a wonderful school with so many opportunities. Robinson High School has two different paths that students can take: IB or traditional. The IB program is an international program know for having a very rigorous work load. The traditional program is the typical program that high school students can take.
What I love about my school is that there´s a big diversity of cultures and races. For me, being a hispanic kid who was new to USA and without any knowledge of the English language was really a big step in my life, and those first years in Robinson made me feel like i wasn't far from home.
Second, I love my teachers, all of my teachers that I've got since my freshman year were really dedicated to my education, and also because they knew I was in the ESOL program, they would explain me my assignments and be patience with me.
And last but not least, I really liked the way my school looks, the painting on the walls outside the school look really nice, and the new building that was built this year 2020, is really nice and modern place with shows how my school is progressing and focusing on the students safety.
I like that Robinson High School has more school spirit than most of the other high schools in the area. Even though our football team isn't the greatest, our pep rally and student section at games are always very lively. One thing I think would benefit Robinson is more involvement with ib and traditional students together. These two groups are very separated and sometimes be apprehensive towards one another.
Great School! Any student that comes to school for the right reasons, Robinson will see them through. I would like to see IB and traditional students more intertwined.
This School is very good in my opinion. Im currently a Sophomore attending Robinson High School and I feel like after i graduate from this school i will be well prepared for my journey in College. The teachers and staff on campus make sure that we are on task and they keep our educational experience at a high standard which pushes us students to keep on working hard in school so that we are prepared for success.
I love the IB program and the inclusivity of the school. I would love to see the campus renovated but the school has already started to make some changes.
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Honestly, if I had to give a review on Robinson High School, I would say that this school is the best I have ever attended. They make sure their students have what they need in order to succeed in classrooms and in life.
My experience at this school has been a good one. I have been very lucky to attend here and go through the IB program.
Robinson High School has a very good IB program, especially once junior and senior year are reached. The best teachers have been specially chosen, and our English department is the crux of Robinson's IB program. The student experience is one of the best in the county due to the involvement in school spirit and the ease in which students can participate in events. Students are often self-motivated, allowing them to affect the others around them.
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