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It’s good for the most part. The students are great, most of the teachers are great. I just don’t like the 4-year institution thing, but overall a great school.
It has been a good experience with lots of friends, good teachers, and mutual understanding. Other than the casual teenage drama and Covid-19 problems, I've had a great time.
No the worst but could definitely be better. A lot of the teacher do the absolute bare minimum. The teaching is mediocre and there is an overall bad attitude among the staff that wares off onto the students.
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What I liked most about Robertsdale High School was its student diversity, its support of student led organizations, and its mission for success. RHS had a moderately sized population of students from various socioeconomic, racial, and ideological backgrounds. As a Hispanic student, I never felt excluded or isolated when it came to participating in student clubs and extracurricular activities. If students preferred more athletic activities there were a number of official and extracurricular sports and organizations to choose from. These various clubs represented students with vastly differing ideologies that pursued topics from agriculture, to students against destructive decisions. Within my social circle, and many others, students of lower economic class were never singled out or treated differently based on their belongings. The administrators and staff supported and lead students to a path of success and acceptance.
My Freshman Year of high school we had a new Principal. Mr. Sharp, the Principal, has made a huge impact the last two years. He is very involved in the sports, after school activities/events, etc. He is very set on the fact that high school is 4 years and he reminds us that every year to keep us focused on school! I can not wait to see what he does to keep improving Robertsdale High School!
If I’m being fair, my stay at Robertsdale High School has been fairly mediocre. My freshman year, it was a breeding ground for prejudice and racism— and our graduation rate was about 75%. With new administration staff, my school has steadily become better and better. I like that my school is a tight-knit community, and that the teachers treat the students as equals. I don’t like that the school environment is so unaccepting and that the school itself is so dirty. Girls and minorities are held to separate standards, and it’s very obvious that most teachers favor students belonging to the white republican subgroup of the school.
Overall, my experience has been average. I like the new administration’s effort to get every student to graduate and be college ready. I take advanced classes and would say that most of my teachers have prepared me for college. The school provides basic resources needed to succeed in the classes offered. My friends and majority of my classmates are nice and focused on their academic studies; however, the same can not be said for the school body as a whole. The biggest change needed at RHS is a boost in student morale. There is little to no school spirit and most students lack passion for education.
It’s small enough that everyone knows each other, but I didn’t feel prepared for college. I had to take developmental studies classes.
I like how easy the classes are. However, I don’t learn anything nor am I challenged. Also the environment is not welcoming by most of the student population.
I enjoyed the teachers and the athletics. My son was in the band and had a great experience learning how to march and leadership skills.
Robertsdale is the place that prepared me for college well. I found a great friends and I was able to talk to teachers if I needed the help.
I have been a student at Robertsdale High School from 9th grade until now. My overall experience with the school has been good. I used to attend a private school but wished for a real "high school experience". Although, not everything was perfect, I wouldn't change anything for the world! I felt well challenged in most of my classes and enjoyed discussion. Being a senior I know I am well prepared for college and will excel in my studies in the upcoming year!
This school SUCKS i have only been here for two years and i want to move far away i would never ever recommend this school to any one its outrageous during study hall a kid was caught jerking off and like what the crap that is disgusting.The bath rooms are disgusting and people vape in there all the time you walk in there and kids scatter like roaches.We would be better of eating flavored cardboard than the cafeteria food.NEVER GO HERE IT IS HORRIBLE.
I am a student at Robertsdale high school and most teachers are just glorified babysitters especially Tiffany Toxey my current math teacher who sits at her desk playing on her phone or taking phone calls she never actually teaches. But I will say that some teachers I have like Michelle Stockman, Lauren Latham, and David Buehler are some of the best teachers at this school but most students aren't provided with the things that they need to get better. Overall I would never recommend going to this school.
During my senior year, we got a new principal who actually cared about the students and the school. He was really great and the school improved greatly after he came. Our dropout rate decreased by a lot compared to last year.
Over the course of my four years at this school, I have had ups and I’ve had downs. Everyone has at some point. The biggest thing I would change is how much attention teachers and staff actually give students, especially about the big things like scholarships. Those are what help tons of us get to experience and enjoy college without worrying as much about our expenses. Overall? It’s been alright. I just wish things were more communicated and encouraged than they are now.
This school has been good to me up to this year, but what could change here is the school spirit of the students on campus.
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My favorite thing about RHS would have to be all of the approachable, inspiring teachers that have taught me there is more to education than just 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM. These teachers have shown me that they are not just barking orders and piling on homework. They are preparing us for our future. We also are a very well protected school! In my opinion, I think we need more ACT preparation and a wider selection of clubs/activities!
I've been at Robertsdale for almost four years and it's a great school. The administration has definitely improved since I've been here but I'd like to have more clubs.
Its really good. It has really good teachers and academically readiness. College preparedness. Has good sports and really good administration the principal is awesome.
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