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This school is very school spirit orientated, but that also means forgetting about the academics and clubs within the school. The community is all around about clicks and popularity. The staff is somewhat mediocre, but there are certain teachers that are incredible and make all the difference. The school is very diverse, but in complete honesty, work ethic is low.
I love how the students and the staff work together to create a productive learning environment for everyone. I also love how everyone has their own group where they feel welcome and where they can be themselves.
McQueen High School has been great. I have no problems with it. My sister graduated from there as well and enjoyed her experience as well. Administration is lacking in a few areas, but everything else is good.
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Administration ruined every student's experience at Robert McQueen High School. Their incomprehensible and reactionary rules would ruin daily life at school. There's also hardly any diversity at this school compared to other schools in Reno. However, with that being said, the teachers were stellar and many truly cared about the students.
Most of the teachers are great. Very into academics. Sports teams could use some work. And school effort
I enjoyed my time at McQueen as much as any student can enjoy going to school. The teachers are fantastic, nice, and it really seems like they want you to succeed. The lancer pride is phenomenal. How much our students have cared about our sports teams really makes an athlete like myself enjoy the games. But, like every school, it has its ups and downs. Like the fact that they never plow the parking lot when it snows which is extremely dangerous, and they don't pay attention when students decide to drift in the parking lot after it snows. Just minor things like that. Other than that, I enjoyed going to school at McQueen and I don't think I would have wanted to be at any other school.
I really liked how it was a friendly environment. Most of the teachers at the school wants you to be successful in life and they really care for you. I really liked the school spirit.
All the teachers are extremely nice and caring, with the exception of a select few, but some are hard to follow at times. Despite this though, they're all fully willing to spend extra time with students to help them understand the curriculum, and most are also there to help with emotional issues.
Robert McQueen High School has made a very positive impact on my life. I have had some great teachers who have made an impact on my life and who I will never forget. I have played volleyball at McQueen for four years and I have had amazing coaches, as well as my weights coach, Mr. Snelling. The few reasons I did not give McQueen five stars is that I feel the safety at McQueen needs to improve. I have also had a few teachers that I feel did not take my education as seriously as I feel they should have. Other than that I believe McQueen High School is a great place to receive optimal education.
Started out excited for high school and now I'm just over it and ready to leave. Academics are great, but not a fun or excited atmosphere. Many sports are unfunded and administration is rude and excessive. No senior activities, feels like i'm in a prison for most of my days. Was involved in sports and clubs, but now i'm not because it was draining and wasn't enjoyable. This school is ridiculous.
What i like most about this school is the teachers. Although their are some bad apples in the batch, the great ones really care about the students. A lot of them go out of their way to make sure that everyone has a chance to succeed in that class. The only problem with the school is the students, which the school doesn't really have any power over. Some students are rowdy, out of control, and disrespectful towards teachers, other students, and the school as a whole.
McQueen is a great school, with amazing teachers and a safe environment. All the students are motivated academically, and it's a pleasure to be in classes with them. Our performing arts department, namely our music department is very strong. I just wish we had more funding and were regarded with the same positivity by the student body as sports. Overall, I am happy to attend McQueen.
Very good school with all the excellent teachers. We have a lot of different art, music, theater programs in our school. Especially with sports, we have a very good team. We always work together as a whole, everybody feels involved. Another factor is that we have different language programs, Spanish, French, German, and Chinese. Students always have the opportunity to choose whichever class they want to take based on their interest. Also, McQueen high school does an excellent job for preparing students for college, or the job force. I love my school.
My experience was pretty average, but the school is way too small to fit everyone and I'm tired of everyone vaping. The diversity is basically nonexistent and people have super entitled behaviors. However, I've made many friends along the way.
This high school is okay. I wouldn’t say it’s the best, but it’s not the worst either. Some of the teachers here are pretty chill and actually teach, but there are some teachers that, generally, don’t teach very well. The facilities are also okay. I’ve heard that we don’t have much money and last year and the year before had to let go of some teachers, but what I don’t understand is that this school just proceeds to spend money on useless things like new benches, a hydro flask water filler, and digital clocks. All in all, it’s okay.
McQueen is an exceptional school with teachers dedicated to the success and future of its students. The whole school is united in showing integrity and achieving greatness. The language and global studies program is the best in Northern Nevada. Their music programs perform at the national level with the band playing in the Rose Bowl Parade and the Choir playing in Carnegie Hall.
I really enjoyed my high school experience at McQueen. All of the teachers that I had were very knowledgeable and passionate about what they were teaching so it created a great atmosphere to learn. All events that the school hosted were very enjoyable and the school had a lot of different clubs so there was an opportunity for every student to find others with similar interest.
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The teachers are all really friendly and easy to talk with. If you have any questions, any personnel within the staff is sure to help you out. The classes are good and thorough. You are guaranteed to make some new life long friends there are most school one would go to. You have a really wide variety of sports you can choose from throughout the entire school you if one so chose. parents can be involved with school events for there is a parent club of sorts and they go to all sorts of events that the school hosts. Food just ain't what it used to be though.
Most teachers were good, but some were abysmal, having YouTube or students teach the class, over assigning homework despite current research pointing out its negligible benefits
Mcqueen is a great school for academics, they encourage the students to push harder and become ambitious for their future. They environment is mainly welcoming, there is a separation within different crowds.
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