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Robert H. Goddard High School of Communication Arts & Technology Reviews

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My experience with this school was very great. They offered a variety of classes, clubs, college advantages, and one on one relationship with the teachers and staff. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that I couldn't graduate early.
The school is well kept and clean. The teachers and students are very nice and supporting. However I would love to have more clubs, such as a music club, as well as more sports such as volley ball.
At Robert H. Goddard High School, you never felt alone. That's the perk of going to a small school. You have all your teachers available for you academically and if ever need someone to talk to. Our principal was always there to greet us students in the morning and throughout the day in the halls.
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My high school counselor helped me a lot with my college applications and she was involved with me throughout the whole process. As it’s a small high school, teachers know the student very well and helped the students throughout their school year with the areas they need help with. My Counselors and teachers prepared me for college and shaped me in a student that now I am today.
My experience being a student here is that it is a very small school, which plays a part in a good teacher to student relationship. Most of the teachers are very supportive and if you are having trouble with a subject they will help you. There is also a good selection of clubs and extracurriculars, but we could use some more. There are also a lot of ways to get involved at the school. Despite all the positives, I think in terms of academics/curriculum there is a lot of room to grow. Overall, I think that the staff and teachers try their best to help you succeed.
It is a very small school in which everyone is close enough to know each other. They have a very safe environment and a lot more programs than one would expect. They offer many AP courses and encourage students to take them and also help them be well prepared for college.
I enjoy how small the school is which allows us to be close with one another and build bonds that you wouldn't have in a bigger school. Overall, the school is good and the faculty is very welcoming to students, parents and visitors.
When applying to RGHS, many representatives made sure to inform me that the school was small, and when I applied their was only about 530 students enrolled. Nothing is more prominent to me, not only is the school small population wise, but the campus is a single floor, in the building of a middle school. The high school and the middle school also aren't always on the best terms so that also makes things difficult when it comes to navigating the school during certain times and planning events, since the campus is shared and they do not own any outdoor space. The small size may me better for some applicants though because the relationships between the students and teachers are much more comfortable and close.
Being a senior has made me realized how much of a family this school has been. It is a tight-knit school because it is small and everyone knows each other.
Robert H. Goddard is a great high school, it has amazing teachers and it offers many AP classes. Goddard high school also gives the students opportunities to take college classes in school and also at Plaza College. The school also plans many events for the students such as our fall festival and multicultural event. There are many sports and clubs for students to participate in.
I like how the teachers connect with the students and their understanding of how the students are. However, AP Macro, a newly developed AP class at this school needs improvement.
At Robert H Goddard High School it has a lot of different classes. Teachers for the most part are supportive and know what they are doing.
My school is great. It provided many help for me to pass the year. The teachers are on top of everything. The teacher makes sure we are all on task and have everything done in time. My school provide many extra activities so we are connected.
This school is amazing. It has it all. It may not be considered as a real high school but it is safe.
Robert H. Goddard is a great school that offers so many opportunities. It is a place where one feels loved and safe.
During my high school years in Robert H. Goddard, I have had many wonderful experiences. The teachers who work there was always trying their best to help the students at any given time. The faculty members are constantly trying to improve conditions at the school to keep things new and refreshed. Students treat each other with respect and the school has a strict anti-bullying policy.
Robert H Goddard High School is an above average high school. Throughout my time here, I believe that this school has a lot to offer for the type of school it is. This school is a good academic school, and offers many AP courses and allows students to challenge themselves if they please. Some people do not like schools with a large student count. This school only has 611 students enrolled between 9th and 12th grade. The hallways are usually filled but it clears up quickly. There is little acts of bullying or picking on certain students. Students here are friendly and the teachers are nice. The teachers are willing to help students improve overall as a student. The staff is great and keep the students in check. Overall, I believe this school is a good school if you don't want your child going to a highly populated school or if you want them close to home.
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Robert H. Goddard High School is an overall great school because of the teachers and diversity of the students in my opinion. You will never feel like an outcast or be left out in lessons, the teachers are there to guide you and educate you to the best of their abilities. I enjoy coming to this school for what it is.
Overall, Robert H Goddard is a decent school. The school feels safe and creates a friendly environment. The teachers are usually proficient at teaching and always offer extra help if needed. However, the school is very small (limited to one floor), and therefore lacks clubs, sports teams, elective classes, and AP classes. I have enjoyed my time at Goddard, but still wish it wasn't as small of a school.
This school does not have a lot to offer the students, we are college prepared but some of the teachers do not care too much. The lunch is terrible, and we do not have a lot of sports or space.
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