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Robert Goddard Montessori School Reviews

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Robert Goddard Montessori was a pretty good school up until middle school. In my 7th grade year the teachers were very unorganized and taught poor work ethics. None of the students understood what the math teacher was teaching. When I got to 8th grade we had all new teachers and they were even worse than the previous year. The counselor of the middle school was very unorganized as well he did not get us ready for high school at all and he was no help when we needed counseling. We barely went on field trips in our middle school year which was a bummer for all the students. I would not recommend going to this school and I regret not transferring.
This school is great for pre-k through 5th grade but not for middle school I suggest you find a different school if your child is going into middle school but if your child is younger this school is a great option.
Robert Goddard Montessori School taught me the montessori way, but when it came to certain subjects i struggled. My mother felt that i struggle in reading and language arts subject, but on the school's standard i was doing fine. The school educates people according to groups, not for each individual person, so sometimes a student's educational needs would be overlooked.
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I met a lot of lifetime friends. This school did prepare me for high school and gave me a good mindset to take into high school. My favorite moment in this school was when my friends and i organized a green day fashion show. We made clothes out of recyclable materials
I don't think the teaching quality is the best, but some of the teachers are very helpful. They were like mentors to all the students and i appreciate the relationships i made.
The principals were very involved. They knew all the students and were very helpful with the students if they were in tough situations.
The school did have good resources, like the mac lab. But, students were not able to freely use those materials.
There were so many extracurricular opportunities proved at this school. If there was a club that you want, but not at the school, it was easy to create it. My 8th grade year there was no yearbook, but we pushed and finally received it and also created a yearbook committee.
The principals and security did not play around, they handled every little situation. They made sure the school and bus ride was safe. Due to the small school populations there were rarely any altercations. The school nurse took time to know all the students, and was very helpful inhaling the kids understand themselves and their bodies.
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