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Robert G. Cole Middle/High School Reviews

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Changes need to be done: respect towards students, fix bathroom stalls, more clubs, more sports, recyclable bins, use less plastic, better food, pay for food; food is to expensive, kindness, no gum on campus, join a sport without doing the athletic period.
I have been at Cole Middle/High School since sixth grade. The teachers and administration aren't perfect but they do their best. Communicate with your teachers to ensure the best education for yourself.
I would like to see greater involvement in getting students ready for college. Things such as the AP classes Robert G Cole provides do not accurately represent the classes one must take in college.
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What I like about this school is the diversity it contains. There are people from around the world that come to be educated here. Also there are many activities that you can participate in with loving and helpful teachers. With these great teachers they help you grow in education and as people.
Robert G Cole is one of the best schools I have ever attended. Besides teaching me to be a better student, they taught me how to be a better person. Cole's staff is unmatched and everyone takes time to care for the students, whether they have taught them or have just seen them the halls.
I arrived at Robert G. Cole High School my sophomore year and it is very different from the other schools that I have been to.This school gives students opportunities to get ready for the SAT or ACT and the teachers help students through the struggles of what they are learning.The counselor helps seniors get prepared to college by starting applications for colleges and scholarships so we can be successful in the future.I started doing sports my sophomore year and I feel like all athletes have some sort as a family connection to the coaches because we are family.In my other school the coaches would't care much about the athletes that never practice or played good but this school opposes that because they focus on every single athlete that is here.
Robert g Cole was good with making sure everyone felt included and that no one felt out of place! The teachers were always willing to help and the school culture was amazing
Even though Cole ight not be the biggest school. The education system in place in really good. The teachers at the school make sure you understand the topic.
As a school with a low student body population, there was greater chance for the teachers to connect with their students academically. With an impressive athletic and JROTC program, students were inspired to go beyond their limits breaking records that the school has never set before.
Robert G Cole is located on a military base and is 3A which means there is not a huge influx of students every year. The school is small and is very family friendly. I play sports and the athletic program here is held to the highest standard it is not just a program I am in it is a lifestyle I up hold. This school is a high school and middle school combined and to some that may sound annoying but it is actually great my little sister is in 6th grade and I get to see her frequently in passing periods. We take pride in the beauty of our campus and our things, we don't walk through the grass because it makes our school look trashy and warn down and it is also rude to our hard working custodians. We all do our part here at Cole to keep it a beautiful place inside and out.The cougar life is the best life, all students here are all in the cougar way!
The administrators there are always concerned for the students well-being. Dress code can be a little strict but other than that the campus is great and so is the chemistry of student.
I have been at this school since the 6th grade. Although not perfect, I wouldn't go to any other school. Many of the classes I took were small, with only at most 20 or so students. This means more one-on-one time with the teacher. Through this school, I was introduced to the Pre-Freshman Engineering Program, which helped me learn critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, take on engineering projects, learn about jobs in the STEM field, and eventually take a summer college course at the University of Texas at San Antonio. My teachers helped me succeed and are very nice and helpful.

However, there are a few problems with this school. After middle school, we almost never take class field trips. Also, some teachers were lenient and didn't challenge students. All in all, this is a very good school.
I like this school because the students here bond over the military experiences that we all can relate to. This school is focused on the success and positive outcomes of the students. Students are the main thing that the administration focuses on.
Being a military child, it was very easy to make friends at this high school since so many other students were military children as well. The school is very small so it's easy to join clubs and sports. The classes are also very small so it's a great way to get to know your classmates and have closer relationships with your teachers.
Robert G Cole is a military base school and it is the sixth school I've attended. Cole only allows for military children to attend. As Cole knows that military kids move very often, the staff and students welcome all new comers very well. When I moved to Cole the beginning of my sophomore year, I'm now a senior, there was this organization called S-2-S(aka Student-2-Student). This organization is full of students who help new students get familiar with the school. Cole also allows for you to be apart of whatever you please. The school offers ROTC, NHS all subjects, competing in UIL events (sports and educational), student council, HOSA, and even the Baccalaureate service for the senior class before they graduate. Currently I am apart of student council, HOSA, mu alpha theta, UIL current events and math, the welcomer for the baccalaureate service, and cheerleading.
Attending Robert G. Cole High School has been my first experience at a public school on a military base. Every student's parent or parents are in the military, and all of my classmates can identify with each other. Most students move every three years or less. For this reason, it has inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and welcome newcomers. Diversity is what brings us together. It is also a reminder to be aware of cliques and reach out to others. Thus, I have naturally become more accepting of others and open to understanding other cultures.
The past three years that I have attended this school have been very positive. As a student, I have been given so many opportunities in exploring technology, trying sports, and attending camps. Because the school is so small, it is very easy to become close to the teachers and staff- something I value so much! One of the downsides is the limited number of courses offered. This is again due to having a small school. I have always felt safe and comfortable in my school. The unique culture of the students here has been noted by every single one of my teachers. The students at Cole are praised for our excellent behavior and reputation as well as community involvement. I am very proud to have been a part of Cole High School!
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Being a military child it's hard to connect with your peers when they're civilian. Robert G. Cole Middle/High school offers not only diversity with children of all ethnicities attending but a safe environment that involves students who are in the same situation as you-they're military children. I've been in this district since elementary and it compares well to districts around it as far as academics, resources, faculty, technology, and athletics.
As a former student, Robert G. Cole was undoubtedly an exceptional school. The new campus is simply beautiful, with a very nice cafeteria. The middle school also has a very strong athletics program including football, basketball, and track and field. Navigating the campus is easy and efficient, and the teachers are very friendly. They also offer dual credit programs for high school as well. All in all, my overall experience in Robert G. Cole was simply terrific!
A very wide range of culture and diversity, with many classes you can take that will help you in your future.
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