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Robert F. Kennedy has a lot of great teachers. They really care about you being able to have a bright future after high school. They alas care about your well being and try their hardest to be there for you when you need it the most.
Robert F. Kennedy High School is the high school that I have been attending my whole high school life, and although it is not so big, not so well-funded, and not so well-supplied, I can claim that it is an amazing school to attend. The administration are wonderful because they are caring, hardworking, dedicated, and trustworthy.
Something that I liked about R.F.K was that I met a lot of new people that were so nice. I have gotten good grades for 2 years straight. Something that I would like to see change would probably be the fights that go on their, life is short why waste your time on getting in a fight over something unrealistic.
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I would move a lot when I was little but I really found myself at home when I started attending RFK. Teachers really care about their students education and they would try their best to keep every student involved in some sport or after school program. I learned a lot about myself and realized that following my veterinary passion was the best fit for me. Entering High school I was very shy but meeting the staff and students made it so much easier to socialize and put myself out there. I really saw growth in me physically and mentally which prepared me for college. It has always been important to me to have a support system and I found it in most of my teachers. My two favorite teachers have always been there for me even till this day. They support my decisions and give me advice that would benefit me in the future. Overall, my experience in Robert F. Kennedy was the best and it showed me how to see different perspectives and to keep believing in my dreams. Basically to never give up.
This is a great school, with some of the best teachers. Many teachers are dedicated to their work and they care about their students. Something I would like to change would be for some of the teachers to be replaced because some do not know what they are doing and others do not belong as a teacher.
I like how you can talk to any teacher or staff member and they will help you with anything and I love how the school is very connected with students and help bring us together
Robert F. Kennedy is great if you want academic success. They provide a multitude of opportunities to succeed. I would change the culture and interaction between staff and students as it isn't as amorous as it should be. School should also encourage the factors of social production as well as educational production.
At this school, there is such an amazing culture. Most of the teachers grew up in this town, so they understand how much of an opportunity and respect these students who specifically go to this school (mainly the Mexican culture, children of field workers and those who do not really have many other opportunities) have.
Robert f Kennedy high school connects different types of children together to have a long lasting friendship for a life time, it gives children great education, and free academic Resources as needed. Throughout my four years of being there I can honestly say that it has definitely made a impact on my life today.
As a student who attended Robert F. Kennedy for the entire four years of high school, the teachers, staff, and faculty were all very attentive and communicated well with the diversity of students. Not only did they prepare the students for college, but for what life has in store for us in the near future. The motivational push on the campus generated a form of energy that wanted students to be a better version of ourselves and for our families. Another amazing experience witnessed from the school is the sports and athletes that are underestimated. Coming from a small town in the Central Valley of California, many students athletes are undermined thus creating more motivation for students to get their school name out there, rather than just being unknown for their amazing achievements.
Robert Kennedy High School or RFK is one of the best high schools in the whole county of Kern California. This school had provided me the recourses to pursue my studies. They offer courses with some community colleges that able students to gain both college and highschool credits. And the best thing is that these credits are transferable which means highschool students are saving money and time by taking advatages with this program. Also RFK offer many programs that able students to showcase their talents and ideas.
My school experience was overall a productive use of my time. My school has an extreme work mentality that encourages many students to try harder. The only bad thing about my school is the lack of courses to choose from. For example, I would like to work in the art field, but my school only has one art class that doesn't help me expand my art portfolio. As a result, it would be helpful to more a more diverse range of classes.
What I like about this high school is that the staff, especially the counselors are very helpful and interested in helping you succeed. They often inform you of scholarship, job, and extracurricular opportunities so that you have a better profile for college. They are often readily available and wait time is not long.
From personal experience, there were diversity within the campus that I enjoyed from individuals, clubs, classes and more! However, I would hope that there can be more school oportunities and recognition to get people involved with the available sources like clubs that were given.
Great place to expand my academic and musical talent. Lots of dual classes for advancing students. Great place for curious minds and wanted a challenging atmosphere. Never a dull day!
For public school you get what you paid for! Some of the teachers are well educated but wasted on certain students that do not care. The student body is not very inclusive at times coming across as alienating to certain students.
Robert F. Kennedy has taught me more than I have expected them to teach me. Not only did I not only did I I learned academically but I also learned how to live in the outside world. Robert F Kennedy has a family feeling whenever you’re inside the school. We may be a small-town school but our culture is phenomenal. My experience at Robert F Kennedy was amazing I always felt safe, secured, and respected.
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RFK gives you an experience unlike any other. It gives you many options on what to do with your time from joining clubs to playing sports. The people at school are hard working and want to see others succeed. The school gives you several opportunities to succeed offering after school tutorial and even giving you the option of coming before school. The teachers will set you on the road to success by teaching you what is required and beyond. RFK is a school unlike no other. It's certainly a building block to the success that I will achieve.
The teachers are not passionate, but a great learning environment is enforced. If people took education as serious as it really is, this school has great potential versus them focusing on trivial things, like discipline.
I like this school it's really good and the teachers and other staff are really friendly and helpful. I made lots of friends when I transferred my sophmore year.
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