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I honestly Enjoyed most of what I did at Robert C. Byrd. I myself didn't get as involved with sports and music but I had a bunch of friends that did and they loved it. If I had to change anything about Robert C. Byrd it would have to be the food because it was honestly the most lacking thing there. But other than that I would hay my time at Robert C. Byrd was great.
I don’t feel as if the teachers care as much as they should. They are focused on teaching one specific way and that’s all. The school also puts a lot of money into sports rather than academics. But I do like the strong student involvement.
I truly did enjoy my time at Robert C. Byrd High School. They have multiple college/ AP classes to chose from. I did find some of the faculty to be subpar, however, other teachers will go above and beyond to let you know they care.
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Robert C. Byrd is a great school. They have great academics and overall exceptional sports teams. Teachers are excellent, and all staff are always there to help.
The staff changes your life. Very interpersonal. I would not be the person I am today without some of the staff, especially the principals. They changed my life and I can now pursue my goals and aspirations with the wisdom they instilled within me.
Byrd was built in the 90s, opened in the 1996 school year. The facility is large but cheaply made, with thin metal walls between classrooms to save money causing classes to be loud and easily distracted. The schedule does not accommodate upper-level students well, and the arts department is failing. Some departments, such as the agriculture department, have so much surplus funding that they are wasting it on things like a new greenhouse, even though the other isn't fully utilized. Most of the special needs students in the county are sent to Byrd, resulting in an overrepresented mentally deficient student population.
I like the fact that Robert C. Byrd is a clean and new environment. The school provides us with great classes to prepare us for real life and get ready for college. Our school feels pretty safe, as we always have at least one police officer to keep an eye out. We get more freedom than other schools in our county and there are clubs for students with unique interests. Although many of the teachers work hard to supply us with a good education, I wish that some of them wouldn't push us students so hard to a point where we can't even enjoy showing up anymore from the amount of pressure and stress being put on us.
The last 3 and a half years that I have spent in the halls and on the track in Robert C. Byrd have been completely incomparable to what I could have imagined. I have grown as a person not only from the influence of the staff, but as well as my peers. The teachers and staff have made every moment unforgettable. They constantly checked on me not just as a student, but as a vulnerable teenager with many highs and lows going on at home. There have been many times when the stress of school felt too much for me, but that is typical with any high school student. I would not have considered going to any other high school. I experienced many firsts and many lasts that will fade away with time, but will be forever be valuable at the end of the day.
I really enjoyed my time at RCB. Some teachers and the admin seemed to care about the students. Hopefully, they will expand and offer more classes like Bridgeport.
Robert C. Byrd is a high school full of caring teachers and principles determined to get all of their students to graduation. However, discipline is not very strict and a lot of known bullying occurs with no repercussions.
I have been to 16 different schools in my lifetime. RCB has been my absolute favorite. They’re are friend groups but they don’t limit theirselves to just those friends. Everyone cares about you, especially the teachers and administration. They truly want you to do your best and accomplish all you can and will help you to do that. RCB is a family, everyone knows everyone, every teacher knows you, you matter.
RCB is a very accommodating school that has a lot to offer to their students. I have thoroughly enjoyed being an athlete and academic leader in the school. I was made to feel that my voice mattered. The teachers and administration were great about establishing and sustaining positive relationships. I had a very successful 4 years and would unreservedly recommend the high school to all upcoming high school students.
the only think that i would like to see change is the food and better teaching abilities. also more funding for the arts.
Very inclusive and positive school. Most teachers really care about their students and do what is necessary to help them succeed.
At Robert C. Byrd High School, everyone is like a family. The teachers and staff care about you and your peers. They will help you with anything and if you need extra help in class, the teachers will take time to explain everything to you until you understand.
Over all my high school experience was okay. My main problem was if you’re not involved in sports you’re not really focused on. Yes the teachers were amazing but paid more attention to the sports and higher class than the rest. I do feel the curriculum could be a bit better and not so push shove. They have a serious bullying problem and I would like to see this fixed with future classes.
I played sports and was involved with student council; my experience here was great because I never felt alone.
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I highly enjoyed my experience at RCB for the 4 years I attended. Even though I wasn’t involved in too many clubs or activities, I always felt included and comfortable in the overall atmosphere of the school. I would have liked to have done more things as a school and be able to communicate with everyone to better understand each peer. I wouldn’t change too much about my high school experience due to the fact that I was highly impacted by everyone I was taught during this time.
I loved RCB!! I was on the dance line all four years. Being part of the band, you are part of a family. Loved participating in parades and festivals. I had some great teachers that spent quality time making sure you understand what you are studying. The only thing that I feel needs improvement is preparing seniors on how to study when they go to college. My first year was a real struggle but eventually got it.
Being a student at Robert C Byrd was an okay experience. I was involved in theatre which has a decent amount of funding due to our many sponsors. However, the other arts programs were consistently getting money taken out of their budget and given to the sports programs who did not need it. It was disappointing for the arts programs whom would win numerous awards being underrepresented in the school. Most of the teachers loved their job and you could tell but when there was a teacher that didn't like it, you could also tell. Some of the teachers would have favorites and they would basically announce it to the entire school and it was honestly extremely disheartening to see teachers talking badly about the students they didn't like so openly. Overall it is an okay school; not great but not the worst that you could attend.
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