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I enjoy the experiences that the school has brought. I love the teachers I have had and the friends and memories that I have made. Although there is need of improvement within the school, it is overall a great school that helps you grow into the person you want to become.
This is an awesome school. It has a vast variety of different styles, cultures, and opportunities to succeed. The staff is more than willing to prepare you for the outside world as a upcoming college student.
Roanoke Rapids High School is definitely a beautiful and historical school itself, but the staff and teachers are also amazing! I have learned a lot from my teachers and they have always been there for me when needed.
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I absolutely love Roanoke Rapids High School and it has been the best four years of my life. The staff and teachers there are so friendly and treat us like family. I have learned from so many amazing teachers not only from an academic level but life lessons as well. Roanoke Rapids High School is a gorgeous school and was named one of the most beautiful schools in North Carolina. It looks like a castle and is just stunning especially when the sun is setting. I have always felt safe and comfortable at this school and have met so many amazing people thought my four years. Roanoke Rapids High School will forever hold a place in my heart with all the memories it holds on to. With all the sickness occurring right now they have made us their top priority to keeps us up to date with the schedule and work to do at home and I am so thankful for that. Teachers have been sending videos and just trying to make the best out of such an awful situation.
Definitely not the worst school in the district but certainly an awful school overall. Understaffed with poorly paid teachers who clearly have no passion for teaching the high school has low scores in math and sciences. I took advanced courses for science and we stepped foot in the labs maybe once. I was not at all prepared for my college classes once I graduated and have spent the last two years working hard to catch up.
I like that RRHS is very close knit and personal. Roanoke Rapids is a small town and the high school reflects that. I love how all the clubs support each other and everyone comes together as a family when it’s needed most.
Roanoke Rapids High School is definitely an excellent school. It has many club opportunities and the teachers strive to make sure students know the material in different subjects. There are also many club opportunities and scholarships are often announced if there any available.
I liked Roanoke rapids high school because it has a good atmosphere. The arts programs are very good and this is because the arts teachers are excellent. Parts of the buildings are really old and in disrepair but I have seen the administration try and fix problems in the buildings. The heat usually breaks every winter in the old building due to it being a historical building and about 100 years old. The school has good resources for the students such as, cromebook computers are given to every student and WiFi hotspots are available to students who do not have WiFi at home. I have had many good teachers throughout the years, mainly in my honors and AP classes. If the students have a lot of trouble with a teacher the school handles it.There are many different clubs and opportunities for students to get involved in the school and their community.
The campus, although very pretty, is one of the only pretty things about it. Everything at this institution is average or below average. The administration is biased and has shown favoritism toward certain races and sexual identities and allowed various types of bullying and harassment to continue. Overall very average school and even worse people, with the exception of a few.
I like that Roanoke Rapids High school was diverse and that I had the opportunity to see different people every day. I like the big campus and how some of the teacher treated their students. I think Roanoke Rapids High School should change how only senior get to leave off campus and just let everyone leave and only have the cafeteria food for a select few.
Roanoke Rapids High School is a beautiful school inside and out. The teachers work with students to the best of their ability to make sure they learn the material. Students build connections with their teachers inside and outside of the classroom, as teachers are always their to help them with open arms. The only thing I would ask the school to change is their counselors. The counselors respond very slow and often confuse students with their schedules.
Very old buildings with very old administration. Teachers are moody and bitter while the administration shuts nearly everything down. Good luck trying to get help from guidance with anything college related.
What I liked about Roanoke Rapids High School was probably the music program the most and the football athletics. The only thing the school prided itself on was sports. The music program hardly was ever recognized but the band could have been better with more support. The band did everything that was ever asked for the community or the high school and yet it was never appreciated. But yet, the football team only did the games no fundraisers, nothing they worked for. All they did was the games and they got everything out of the school system. A thing I would like to see change is the administration. They are working children senseless and expect them to be best of the best without them giving the children the best of the best.
I really like the school. The setting is nice and I absolutely love our football field. I love playing soccer and have a social life at this school. I also love many of the teachers that work here and my coach! I don't like that we have to have a schedule to where we go for lunch but I am a senior this year, therefore, I get to go off campus which I love!
I went to this school for 3 years. From sophomore year to my senior year. This school had a very beautiful campus, almost like a college. The classrooms were nice, and the auditorium was like a theatre. This was honestly the best school I have been to. We had different types of students, some were even from different countries that were doing study abroad. This school has a lot of clubs and a lot of different classes for people to take. The class I enjoyed most was musical theatre. This class has a play every year, and I took part in 2 wonderful plays. I also learned how to play piano at this school and made good friends.
While it is amazing compared to school around the small vicinity, it is decaying every year. While it offers many opportunities other high schools nearby do not, the administration is not very consistent nor competent. I am grateful for the many clubs and organizations it offers as well as education chances, however.
There were a select few employees that truly cared about the students other than that if it wasn’t sports related as a student you really didn’t matter to the overall school. Would love to see some real passion put into those young adults lives maybe there would be a larger success rate for the school students and town.
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Roanoke rapids high school, is a wonderful school to learn at. They help you everyday and when you need help they are always there. My experience there from 9th grade year was not that good because everything was rushed but later on the schedules has changed and we got longer class period but also a longer lunch and during that lunch we could go back to a teachers class room for 40 minutes and that really helped me. The only thing that I would like to change is to have everything organized a little better.
I love the atmosphere of Roanoke Rapids high school. Teachers and students both look to see their students and fellow peers grow and achieve great things. What I would like to see change is the food choices, a change in the struggling portion of the staff, and an equal balance in funds for all extra circular activity’s.
Teachers should be more connected wit the students to have a better understanding of them and how they learn the best. Including environment, study ways, learning paces, and more. They have very good sports teams all around.
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