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This place sucks. I have literally never met a graduate who enjoyed their time at this school, or any school. They say there is "diversity" within the community, when the majority of people of color or LGBT students are completely thrown under the rug, only used for PR purposes. Do not waste your money on a Catholic school, there are not a lot of good programs anyways and the first level of the upper school has asbestos.
Roanoke Catholic has been such a blessing for my family. The atmosphere is welcoming, loving and safe, and my daughters have been able to nurture their artistic and athletic gifts while receiving an excellent academic education. My oldest is now on scholarship in the Honors College at James Madison University and I look forward to seeing the opportunities that await her sisters when they graduate.
We have been with Roanoke Catholic since our oldest started Kindergarten. She is currently in 4th grade and still loving and excelling. Our youngest is currently in 2nd grade and he also loves school. Both the kids are thriving and are involved in school activities. We love the smaller class sizes and personalized attention. We love the inter-grade involvement - my son loves to have lunch with the high school kids. The 11th grade students partner with the younger kids as prayer buddies and both our children love their buddies. This school is more than a school, it is a family and we have never doubted our commitment to this investment in their growth and development.
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Our daughter is in her third year at Roanoke Catholic and we could not be happier! As a former public school teacher, I am very impressed with the curriculum, faculty, administration, and support staff. We begin each day with a warm greeting from a faculty member and I feel that my daughter's teacher truly cares about her emotional, academic, and religious eduction. If you are eager to escape the public school world of SOL testing and the unfortunate lack of moral education, I suggest that you give the main office a call for a tour. You won't be disappointed!
Excellent academic program geared towards college acceptance. Very personal attention from teachers. Wonderful and caring atmosphere.
We had a wonderful experience in the preschool program. The structure always children to prepare for kindergarten but always for learning play as well. The teacher and whole staff are welcoming and supportive.
Roanoke Catholic is an excellent, faith based community accepting of all beliefs. The administration and staff is incredible and very involved. This school prepares students for the rigor of college academics.
I attended RCS since 5th grade, and absolutely loved it. This school provides an excellent college prep education while being centered on Catholic teaching. The teachers deeply care for their students, and definitely push them to be better students, but also better people. Theology classes certainly teach the beliefs of the Church but also allow for questions and discussion about the Catholic faith, which gives students the opportunity to own their faith rather than know about their faith. I would highly recommend this school to any family interested in a high quality, holistically minded, education.
Thank GOD I left this place. I never really believed much in God, but this place made it worse. I was told that I was an "error" in "God's Plan" for being anything but straight and strict Roman Catholic. I am a wiccan now, have been for years, and love it! Nothing against christianity itself, but RCS paints the absolute wrong picture. The teaching was mostly horrible, except for one lady, but then she was told to leave. I made some great friends there, but also found that if I said something too liberal around those who weren't my friends, then I was insulted for weeks! Girls were made to kneel on the ground whilst the administration walked around with rulers measuring skirt height. If it was too short, you had to go home. I was not allowed to wear heavy makeup, and short hair on girls was frowned upon. They act like it is a great school but the amount of drug dealing is atrocious and honestly, really just not a good experience.
My experience with Roanoke Catholic School has been lukewarm, in any respect. Having come from an innovative college preparatory school in Texas, I was disappointed to find that Roanoke Catholic's focus
on religion seemed to outshine its focus on college readiness. The campus is below average in terms of size, although it boasts a beautiful cathedral, and I find the lack of mobility counterproductive to preparation for college life. The diversity of clubs is vey lacking. The administration is inefficient when it comes to circulating information. The school does not have a track or football field of it's own. The most enjoyable factor of my stay has been the meals served, which are above average for school food. I recommend joining Roanoke Catholic as early as possible to get the best experience, since it's harder to get assimilated in later grades.
All of the focus is on academics and sports. If you want your child to succeed with grades or on a sport team, this is the school. If your child is interested in any type of arts program, or even STEM beyond Calculus class, I'd strongly advise you attend another school.
I attended RCS for 8 years and would not have wanted to have gone to school anywhere else. RCS brings such a tight nit community, center all on Christ. Through the theology program and close friends I dove into my faith and this became a great “launching point” to enter the college world. Academicly, I was incredibly well prepared to college and benefitted greatly from the AP and dual enrollment programs, but most especially from the amazing and devoted teachers.
RCS is a close-knit, caring community. Students are provided the tools and resources that they need to prepare for success in college. My experience with the school has been nothing short of fantastic.
Roanoke Catholic is a school that teaches students belong the classroom and prepares them for either college. In the past years, 100 percent of Catholic seniors have attended college and this year the seniors have received over 2.5 million in scholarships. I started Roanoke Catholic two years ago and it was a big change coming from public school. In public schools you could slide by without doing your homework, but at Roanoke Catholic all work is required and graded as a test grade. Roanoke Catholic does not let you fall through the cracks. I also must say the food is outstanding!!
One thing I really did not like were the uniforms. In public school you basically wore what you want, but not in private school. My first year the gentlemen had to wear a shirt and tie during the winter and in the summer a polo shirt with the school’s logo and khaki pants or shorts. This year they changed the dress code to where gentlemen could wear the polo shirt and khaki pants all year around.
I took challenging courses in high school taught by very good teachers who have a deep and broad knowledge in their subjects and also are passionate about those subjects. The teachers were mostly helpful when I got stuck on something. My school is mainly white and Catholic but is diverse enough that I could build my friendship from a person of the same race as me to best friends who are Asian, white, black, Hispanic, or mix of various religious backgrounds. The school’s administration is certainly not the coolest group of people, and many students, because of the administration, suffer from being given penalties. However, because of this situation, the bond among the student body is very strong. At the end of the day, everyone is proud of being a Celtic, and the strength of the school spirit will not lose to that of any school.
Ridiculously easy curriculum. Good for sports.
It is the best and safe community out there. Everyone is like family.
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There isn't really any bullying and the dress code isn't the best but it is something that we agreed to in order to attend the school.
The teachers really prepared me for college and how to handle the work load.
I loved the team sports we had but I did not like how we were so limited. There were some sports I wish our school had like Men's Volleyball and Men's Soccer.