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Great School. Rivera has wonderful teachers and classes, but they could improve on retaining their teachers.
I've been attending Riviera since middle school and it has been a good experience. The teachers are very involved with the students and are always a help.
I've been at Riviera since 1st grade and continued my journey all the way through to my senior year. Riviera does a great job on preparing the students for their college applications and has great counselors.
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We felt at home and our son really enjoyed their teachers, facility, sports and field trips. We got an excellent value on our son. I have recommended Riviera to other parents.
Riviera Schools has been a great learning experience for my daughters. The curriculum is rigorous, the environment is supportive and there is a commitment to extracurricular activities. The classes are small enough that the students have a dialog with each teacher and can provide individualized attention. The school handled the recent transition to virtual education because of Covid 19 seamlessly. Within 24 hours, the classes were online in realtime with all their teachers and classmates. We are very satisfied that we choose Riviera Prep for our children.
Great school and teachers. Beautiful, safe campus. My daughter flourished in the school and her teachers went above and beyond to help her succeed. It was more than I could ask for. The administration is very proactive and cares about its image, wants to do the right thing. A bit strange that the school is run by a family, including the parents' club which is overseen by the wife. There's very little interaction between parents. There's a bit of a revolving door when it comes to teachers who don't fit the mold. Had a negative experience with the girls volleyball coach who had as much heart, inspiration, and school spirit as a paperclip but, overall, it was a good school for my daughter and she made great friends. Most importantly, she got into 4 top colleges.
Riviera Schools has been nothing short of amazing for both of my children. They have been at the school since PK3 and it has prepared them academically, emotionally, and socially for the the future. I would recommend Riviera highly to everyone. Riviera teaches students to be not only excellent academically, but socially and emotionally as well.
Riviera challenges students by offering a rigorous curriculum and many opportunities to explore their interests through the multitude of electives offered. The environment is unlike any other. My son has had a wonderful experience in a school where teachers, counselors, and administrators truly care. He is happy to go to school every day. Riviera gives me peace of mind. I know that my son is receiving the best education and he is prepared for the college years ahead. There is so much attention to every aspect of the college application process. I couldn't be happier with the effort made by all, to give my son an extraordinary high school experience.
Great school. Dedicated teachers and caring staff with fantastic counseling department. Has beautiful facilities and is growing every day. Excited for the brand new tennis center !!
This is a top-notch school With top-notch instructors. It’s a really academically driven school, but is balanced by caring instructors. We couldn’t be happier with our selection. Our High school-aged kids have taken advantage of all STEM and AP , mentoring programs, Serving the community, and the sports are great. Overall, have helped the kids become really well balanced, charitable, and highly educated individuals.
At Riviera, there are TONS of clubs, organizations, sports, and things to do and learn for EVERY type of student. The teachers know you personally as does administrations and all counselors. They are very invested in learning about your goals for the future and they help you reach what you think is your maximum potential and then help you continue to grow academically and personally. In my opinion, Riviera has done a great job preparing us for the real world and I am so excited but also sad to start my last year there in the summer. When I got to Riviera in 9th grade, I really did not know what I wanted in life or who I really was. I finally was able to find a group of friends that was just like me and had the same passions and ambitions as I did. It was very easy to assimilate at Riviera and it was with the help of the amazing teachers and administration.The Riviera family reminds me of how special I am and how important it is to respect, support, and protect others.
This School is AMAZING!My friends moved to miami to put their kids in this school.We were between this & Ransom & after hearing so many great things,I took a chance,enrolled my daughter to middle school here & have been blown away.This school incorporates STEM into almost every subject,uses Socratic style teaching in some classes,have small classes,& we love the family feel!Every class has a writing component built in so my daughter(who was already a good writer)has improved So much in only one year.They offer dual enrollment in the high school & they are all about service,integrity,& compassion.My daughter started service hours this year. I feel like they are not only dedicated to high academic achievement/athletics,but really emphasize being a good person. AND they place your child In their appropriate level in each course,so they can be in 6th grade, taking 7th,8th grade math,science,etc.Which is great bc your child can excel and advance based on their strengths. Love this school !
Riviera Prep is not a good school. All they care about is money and they are very greedy and they don't care about their students at all. This school is also very racist and impolite. They dont care if somebody gets bullied, because all they care about is money. They are also very sensitive and they don't support highschool football.
Riviera Preparatory School is an amazing school! The teachers are fantastic and are willing to help the students at all times! The staff is always there for the students and they make new students feel truly welcomed!
I love Riviera. I have been here since my freshman year and it truly is a family. So much energy and love fills this school. I have great support from not only my friends but my teachers, administration and councilors. I play volleyball and every game was packed and filled with so much energy it was contagious. I wouldn't have traded these 4 years for anything else.
The teachers have been amazing, each really genuinely cares about their students. Most people are fairly open and welcoming, you just need to find your group.
We considered all the non-religious privates in Miami. RP is organized, calm, has great communication. It's academically rigorous, without tons of busy work. Offer several academic tracks like biomedical, etc, incredible performance arts, SAT/ACT prep course. Last year's graduating class was awarded $8m in scholarships and kids accepted at Ivies, other competitive schools. It is not a one-size-fits-all approach to education, thus creating an inclusive environment. Offer executive functioning programs and academic support programs in the same campus. Open minded, small School. Encourages kids to participate in sports whether they compete or not, can go to the practices. Incredible school. Hoping it stays the gem it is.
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Horrible worst school in Miami! I mean come on riviera. Left their school a year ago. So political! The fifth graders didn’t have a Permian today math teacher. Horrible sports suck as well.
Overall, a great school. Rivera has wonderful facilities and administration. However, they could improve the school by trying harder to retain more of their educators.
I have gone to this school for 4 years and there are a lot of good things about it. I loved the teachers and academics. They prepared me so well for college with counselors who care about you. I feel the only things this school lacks are the food and the spirit. I found that most of the grades did not have a lot of spirit and I wish they did. Otherwise, I would recommend the school to friends.
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