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We have enjoyed the small class sizes, engaging teachers, participating families, and encouragement for our children to grow and learn at their own pace. The outdoor experiences starting in Kindergarten are first-rate and provide an amazing opportunity to develop friendships, teamwork, and a love for the environment. It is a safe, loving, sometimes demanding, and always understanding space for kids bound for a successful future.
The learning experience at Riverstone is unmatched. They have amazing teachers and programs for students to get involved in. The only problem is there are a lot of snotty rich kids and teachers don't seem to care much about kids being mistreated.
When our company relocated us last year, we researched all the possible education opportunities for our daughter. We visited public and private schools all across the Treasure Valley. We were almost ready to register her at one of the local parochial schools, until we gave her the opportunity to shadow. After her experience at both Ambrose and RIverstone International School, our daughter was confident RIverstone was the right choice. Even after our initial trip, when my husband later returned for a second look, the RIverstone campus was full of kids who were smiling and happy. We were so impressed with the obvious connections between students and teachers. Even the administration were clearly connected to the individual students.

Our experience has not been without glitches here and there. However, the administration seems willing and able to listen and adapt as needed. Overall, our experience has been very good.
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my son is learning at Riverstone right now. Teachers is experience , Mr Andy takes care students in Dorm very well. My son is happy during his school year.
I cannot say enough about how fantastic this school has been for my daughter and how the superb staff has nurtured her and fostered her growth. She enjoyed the daily community time, the small class size, the outdoor learning, and the inquiry based model. In this first year, she has made *incredible* leaps in her abilities. She's also made big leaps in her courage and ability to communicate with other people. There are no uniforms and nothing pretentious, although the academic standards are high. It is a busy school with a small admin staff, and everyone I met is caring and has their heart in the right place. They were always responsive, respectful, and easy to work with for me when I put in the tiniest effort. I feel SO lucky that this school is in Boise.
Great school and especially nurturing in the Elementary School years. Very strong balance between academics, out door program, and introduction to the world. Could use some more facilities (ex. cafeteria, auditorium), but the school makes it work. Needs improved emphasis on community service to match five pillars.
Riverstone will prepare you for college and give you a great education, however at times it is a bit unorganized and tends to come down too hard on its students by applying too much pressure, a result of it being a very small community. Other than that, it is a fabulous institution.
Riverstone's dedication to academic excellence, continuous personal challenge, and global social awareness quite literally forged our children's character -- and continue to enhance their sense of social obligation and world citizenship. I cannot recommend this school highly enough. Beyond the value I like to fancy as emanating from our familial environment, Riverstone has represented the greatest contributor to our children's development and maturation.
Riverstone has been a blessing for our two boys. We started the first in kindergarten 12 years ago and they have enjoyed the excellent education--both in and out of the classroom. The inquiry-based approach is preparing them well for college as evidenced by strong reports from alums. I also appreciate the network they are building with students all over the world. The thriving RIS community is now an important part of our lives. I can't imagine enrolling our children anywhere else.
While there are other schools in the Boise area that can claim that they also offer the IB curriculum or experiential learning (read as outdoor program) or great teachers, there is no question that it is only Riverstone that offers all of these things and does it at the highest level. Riverstone is the only school in Boise that truly prepares children to not only be ready for college but to lead their classes. Imitation is surely the greatest form of admiration but at the end of the day there is only one Riverstone.
We love the focus on the student, the academics, and the IB program. We've seen our kids develop into young adults well prepared to face whatever challenges they may face as they move on beyond high school
My son graduated from Riverstone last year. He is a math and science kid, but, at Riverstone, he also learned to be a good writer. I also have to sing the praises of the college counseling program. The college counselor guides the kids the whole way through the process. This is very useful since often times at this age children have a hard time taking advice from their parents!
When we moved to Boise four years ago, I was thrilled to find an IB school of Riverstone's calibre. And truly, our experience with the school and its warm, inclusive community was the factor that made our transition here so fulfilling. On an academic level, Riverstone challenges and develops each of my children (in elementary and middle school), even though they are very different in terms of learning style. The level at which they work and think is impressive. Thanks to small class sizes, a talented staff of dedicated teachers who care deeply about their students, and an outstanding outdoor program that helps students grow outside the classroom, Riverstone brings out the best in each of my kids. I know that they will be more than well prepared for college and beyond. Riverstone students graduate knowing who they are and where they want to go.
We have two children at Riverstone who have attended since Kindergarten and are now in high school. Without question, Riverstone provides the very best education in the Boise area. Small classes, rigorous academics, outstanding teachers, amazing outdoor program - it is the best value in private education anywhere. I can't imagine having my children attend school anywhere else.
Riverstone does a fantastic job preparing students for college success. I have 3 very different 'learners' who have attended or are attending RIS and each one received/receives the individual attention they need to be both supported and challenged. My oldest, who graduated in 2017, was accepted into several competitive universities and received significant merit scholarships - amounts far in excess of the cost of her RIS education. RIS is a tremendous investment.
Amazing school overall. Hard to find a school with such strong academics that also offer a great variety of extracurricular activities, like sports and the outdoors program. Riverstone was extremely helpful with college counseling. Lastly, the skills I was taught at RIS were essential to have an easy and successful transition from high school to college.
As an independent trustee of Riverstone International School, I highly recommend that parents consider sending their children to Riverstone. Over the past few years, I have witnessed students develop into respectful independent thinkers and lifelong learners, while obtaining all of the International Baccalaureate traits. If your desire is for your student to achieve more in life than just an academic education, Riverstone is THE school to attend in the Treasure Valley.
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We moved our daughter to Riverstone midway through her first grade year after having her in one of the more highly rated public elementary schools with excellent test scores. She is now in 3rd grade, and we have been highly impressed with the education she has received over the past 2+ years at Riverstone.
At the public school, the larger class sizes and the big disparity in academic abilities prevented teachers from working with our daughter individually. Significant emphasis was put toward preparing the children to excel the standardized math and reading tests. This was the major deciding factor when making the switch to Riverstone.
Riverstone is not teaching the kids to excel at testing. Rather, they are promoting creativity that has our daughter engaged and always excited to go to school every day! Riverstone's IB program is well-rounded and ties subject areas together for projects and field trips. They also have specialists teaching art, music, Spanish and Mandarin. Thank you!
Both of my children attended Riverstone and I could not be happier with the education and the opportunities they received here. They both went on to schools that were the perfect fit for them, are confident and well-rounded people, and have friends from all around the world because of what they got at Riverstone. The Outdoor Program was a huge part of their upbringing here, too - both are active and adept in all outdoor environments and as a result, the skills that were learned and nurtured at RIS will stay with them for a lifetime. I cannot thank this school enough for the great foundation it provided for my children.
Riverstone helped my sons develop both the skillset and mindset to be successful in college and beyond. Both transitioned to college smoothly thanks to the excellent faculty, personal attention in small classes, and International Baccalaureate programs. They learned to write well, present publicly, speak a second language, and plan for long-term projects. They learned to think and advocate for themselves, while gainer a broader sense of the world thanks to their international classmates. The outdoor program adventures, music program, and discussions with teachers and classmates will long be remembered as highlights of their middle and high school years. As parents, we firmly believe that the combination of opportunities, the IB curriculum, excellence in teaching, and school community made our sons' education exceptional.
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