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The school has great academics in STEM fields. Lacking in school culture and any forms of sports and the arts.
I Graduated a year ago from Riverside STEM Academy. This is a great place to learn and grow up with a small number of classmates. I started STEM when I was in 5th grade and went through all 8 years. I loved the tight knit groups that were formed but most of all I loved the spirit on the campus. There were many teachers who wanted everyone to think outside of the box. They said that many of the ideas from inside of the box where already taken and so if we wanted to make the world a better place to grow up in, we must think outside of the norm.
I love the sense of community that is overly prevalent in every grade and classroom in the Riverside STEM Academy. What we lack in size, we make up for in unity. Everyone knows everyone. All the teachers know your name even if it has been three years since the last time you sat in their classroom.
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The school itself is a decent school in terms of college preparation, as many classes and teachers are geared to make a high school student's resume shine. However, in terms of a holistic high school experience, the school lacks in many. The school culture is simply lacking, as there is no pride or cohesiveness whatsoever. Assumably, the lack of a sports culture at the school contributes greatly to this phenomena. Additionally, extracurriculars and opportunities presented at this school cannot compete with other high schools in the area. The quality of extracurriculars is highly dissapointing, as there is
Pretty good, everyone is friendly and it’s a great environment. Only thing is that it is a small campus and there aren’t sports, but they are planning on moving the campus to UCR which is exciting!
I love going to RSA! I've been here since 5th grade and wouldn't change where I go to school for anything. The teachers here are absolutely amazing and with such a small campus you get to meet everyone and become friends with everyone. It is extremely friendly and home-like at RSA.
Riverside STEM Academy is an excellent school. It has prepared me well for college. The students and faculty are family. Parents too, are very involved in every student's wellbeing.
Our principal, Mr. Moore has paved ways for the students and faculty to build a good rapport. It's the best school to recommend to any parent. The school's Science, technology, engineering and math are excellent educational foundations.
It's a smaller school with smaller facilities and a small student population. But it's a comfortable environment with teachers that invest in the students. There is currently a lack of sports or the arts. The classes offered are similar to classes offered at other schools, but the school emphasizes projects every year that involve the community in some way.
Riverside STEM Academy provides a great opportunity that gets students ready for college. Clubs challenge the students to learn new things and become innovative in ways of thinking in new ways. The teachers there are excellent in supporting students with figuring out what they want to achieve as well as how they can get there. Students are also provided opportunities whether it be traveling out of state or getting into a university they are interested in.
The school is still in its beginning stages and is a complete mess. The intense focus on Ap and results creates a hostile environment. The staff aren’t equipped to even teach their respective subjects.
Riverside STEM Academy is an enriching experience for those wanting to go into STEM fields. It is not only the best choice as it gears you toward these fields, but it also gives you opportunities to try these applications in real-life settings.
Been going here since 7th grade and I love it here! It’s like a small stem family and we all want to help each other succeed. Wouldn’t change it for the world
I feel cared for by all faculty members and have had lifelong friendships over my last four years. As a senior, I feel prepared to enter college and be successful is any major I choose.
Though my experience has mostly been positive with small class sizes and great teachers, there are some downsides to this school. Engineering classes are often incredibly disorganized, and to be honest, there is very little college preparation outreach by the counselor.
STEM is the best! I have so many friends there. The 6th grade humanities teacher is the best. He gives us candy.
While the school does offer many advanced, rigorous classes, school spirit is lacking. However, the student body is fairly diverse and there are a wide range of opportunities available.
To be honest, I am disappointed. My expectation was that this school would prepare my kids to be successful in STEM majors and careers, which is the school's vision. I expected that the approach to instruction would be innovative, that my kids would have experiences that they wouldn't have at a typical middle school. I am afraid that that is not the case. This school is training my kids to be calculators. They are assigned hours of busy work, endless practice in calculation, that has no purpose (the teachers do not grade the work). My kids have learned that math, which is the foundation for the science, technology and engineering, is tedious and boring, which is not driving them to want to pursue STEM careers. They can get this type of education at any public school, with much less work and stress.
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I've enjoyed my experience at Riverside STEM Academy. I've been here since seventh grade, and I quite enjoy the smaller overall class sizes as it gives more time to connect to classmates as well as teachers. The teachers are nice, and I enjoy what I learn. However, sometimes- because the school is a bit insular- I feel like the administration and staff get caught up in the idea of being 'special' or 'exceptional'. While that isn't a bad thing, it leads them to sometimes skip over basic explanations in order to do far-fetched problems without any guidance. It is just sometimes very disorganized. Overall, my experience has been average to positive.
pros: classes (as in each freshmen, seniors, etc) are composed of 40-50 students (compared to 100+ at other hs), making your class feel like a family + it also makes it easy to talk/get help from teachers; small actual class sizes (~20 students); great teachers (passionate and fun); stemworks program; interdisciplinary curriculum; you can shape the school (create new clubs, culture) because of how new the school is; diversity!; very inclusive; we get a surprising amount of freedom that allows us to grow independence

cons: small size can make it difficult if you have beef with someone; food aint that great; no sports = poor school spirit; few extracurriculars; bad communication regarding resources
Teachers don’t communicate unless you first communicate with them. I volunteer and have made it clear that I am available and two teachers did not let me know there was an issue until my child was struggling. We did homework together but there was an issues with his knowledge of technology in the classroom which brought his grade down. When I requested a meeeting I was told I could not have an individual meeting with the teacher who’s class I volunteer in but I needed a conference with all of my child’s teachers. How stigmatizing! Also I felt bombarded because I was told in that meeting it’s my responsibility to contact them and find out what’s wrong. It seems talking in the classroom isn’t enough and I have to pinpoint the issue that I didn’t know existed. Also when my child was being bullied the school didn’t contact me until there was an incident and then told me they were aware for over a week. Where’s the communication?!?!?
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