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Riverside Middle School Reviews

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The teachers take special interest in all of the students. The school offers various clubs and organizations not found at other schools to keep the students' interest high and keep their focus on coming to school and succeeding. Small class size and great student teacher ratios ensure the teachers know and watch out for each student's needs.
It really but some thse a really unfair and they could improve.
The school is a pretty nice school and has alot of enquie these that makes it special.
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My overall experience is singing in the chorus and learning different music from different countries.
We have prep rallys if the baketball or football team has a game on the same day. They are boring, thay could be alot better.
Students have a lot of things that they can get involved in such as; Clubs,Sports,Band, and Chorus. Some students do have a hard time fitting and they can get stuck things they need to leave alone.
Our teachers tell their life experiences and they want us go above and beyond what we can do. The teachers have lots of wisdom and always want us to do great.
We have the Beta Club, National Honors Society, and Junior Leadership Programs they give you a opportunity to serve to the community and help a become and greater leader.
Our school has a officer watching out for the students at our school and once in a while we might see a officer with a drug dog making sure any students are not hiding and keeping drugs in their lockers or book bags. If you are not feeling well you go to the nurses office or the nurse comes to take you make sure you are really okay. Our School practices fire, intruder, earthquake, and tornado drill to prepare students for the unexpected.
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