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The teachers were always willing to help students bring out there best potential. I learned everything I would need to get into the college of my dreams. While sometimes the students in the school did not make me feel safe, I knew the teachers and other staff were doing all they could to make us feel at home. Over the course of the four years, I have attended, I have seen a tremendous amount of positive change by the staff and students. The staff has tried to allow students to have fun while learning and get the best out of their education. With this, students attitude towards learning, as well as mine, has become increasingly better. Riverside High School has become a better school each and every year.
It is a cooperative and nice facility where students are introduced to different experiences and also allowed to interact with everyone. There is a lot of freedom in this school, although it isn't 5 stars and high quality, the staff try there best.
During my time attending Riverside I have learned a lot. I've learned life lessons while also learning my core subjects and electives. I have made many life long friends and have met people from all different backgrounds. My overall experience at Riverside is not all happy but I do remember the good times over the bad.
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The teachers are pretty good in regards to explaining the material, giving out assignments, and doing exams. Throughout the year they will begin readying the students for midterms and final exams. They explain the process and give study materials. The students are pretty friendly especially the band and choir students.
Riverside has a lot of problems but what school doesn't. The actions of some students however can put a kid in a bad position. Most kids have to adapt to the culture at riverside. Getting involved in activities at the school helps a lot
I really like the atmosphere of the school. Teachers are always willing to help out whenever you need it, and they really reach out to those who are in need. The arts program at the school, band, choir, theatre, art, is really well known. We have outstanding sports teams and a wonderful student section that is there to cheer them on. What could change is requirements for graduation. I feel that taking at least one year of a foreign language should be required in order to graduate because most colleges look for that in your transcripts, but even if you aren't going to college, it still looks good.
When I was a little girl and came from Indian I was very nervous about school. I was scared if I did't make any friends but all of them were so nice that it was so easy to make friendship. I have learned so many new things in Riverside Jr sr high school. Riverside is not just school for me but it is family for me. When I can to USA I was't it good it English and the all the teacher worked so hard to get me were am I am today. I am proud to be viking. Viking for life now matter what.
Building is old and facilities reflect this. Most grant money spent on non-academic material such as sports or technology not used for academics.
Riverside is a melting pot of a bunch of different types of people and cultures. You have some of the best of the best, while also having some of the worst of the worst, depending on what route you take. Taking Honors and AP and getting yourself involved in some of the extracurriculars will lead you to some of the best and brightest teachers and students, but taking CP and lower-end classes and you will be exposed to people and sometimes teachers that don't particularly care about anything. Where Riverside shines though is in its music and arts programs; greatness in the Marching Band, Concert Bands, Choir, Theatre Program, that's what makes me appreciate Riverside.
The way Riverside prepares you for the future is great. You can earn an associate's from Lakeland Community College by the time you graduate, thanks to the CCP (College Credit Plus) program they offer. Or you can learn a trade at Auburn Career Center. The classes are very good, and the teachers do a very good job in adapting to the students needs while still staying on schedule with their lesson. The school is very supportive of their sports teams and are very supportive of the drama club whose shows never a disappoint. Also both the concert and marching band are conducted very professionally and the students have an enjoyful experience with it. The faculty is very helpful in making sure that your transition from freshman year to senior is smooth so when you graduate theres no stress on getting your transcripts together. My time at Riverside was a great learning experience and introduced me to different ethnicities, beliefs, and provided a safe environment.
Riverside isn't a bad school. It's not the best either. Every year, it's academics continue to improve, and while it's not exactly a prep school or Shaker Heights, it's students and alumni are exposed to a more rigorous curriculum than years past. There was always an abundance of school spirit, but many of the complaints from students came from a lack of funding, which has recently been remedied. In five years, I can only image that Riverside will be sought after more than its has been in years, with new buildings, facilities, higher program funding, and likely an improved morale. Even with a low morale, however, the Riverside community is very strong and supportive, and this culture is shared among the parents as well. It's a great place to be engaged in the community, and one day, it could be excellent.
Riverside really is the best. You will be able to find something you'll like here. There are many different clubs and extracurriculars that you are guaranteed to find enjoyable. With those, you'll find friends that will have that same interest as you. Guidance counselors help tremendously with getting you prepared for the next school year or college. Teachers are always willing to help you with school work. Overall this Riverside is very welcoming and worth attending.
I came into Riverside as a Freshman instead of an eighth grader, which meant I did not establish many connections a year in advance like everyone else. I made the cheer squad when I first cam to the school, and to my surprise, the cheerleaders and coaches welcomed me with open arms. Eventually, my cheer friends lead me to meet some of my closest friends to this day. The moral of the story is, do not be afraid to take a risk because something amazing may come of it.
I enjoyed the clubs I was part of at Riverside. I had some really great teachers, and some not so great teachers.
I had so many great teachers at Riverside. My only complaint is that the community is not supportive of school funding. The way Ohio funds their schools is unconstitutional, so there's a need for better facilities and funds.
Riverside is a mix of good and bad. There are some amazing teachers who really impacted my educations. Watch out when you get one that isn't good. You might not even get any grades back to know how you can improve.
They have a good group of teachers ready to help their students any way that they can. The buildings are older and more run down but the staff and administration does not stop them from trying to improve students education any way possible.
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Aside from the middle school previous-military nurse who will give ginger ale and saltine crackers and send you back to class for just about everything, the nursing staff are very polite, helpful, and caring when it comes to student health.

I feel comfortable with the amount of lockdown, fire, and tornado drills we have - we seem prepared for an emergency (and things went well when a room was reported smoking after school).

We have two armed deputies/sheriffs on staff who help break up the rare fights between students. They are very nice if you take the chance to talk to them and they do help me feel safe.

Even through the few bomb/fire threats found in the school bathrooms my sophomore year, I truly doubt anything will happen.

It's hard to review on bullying. We do have a strong support against it, and with the type of people that most of our students are, I feel confident in saying that it would be put to a stop. That being said, take our Discrete Math class of this previous year (high school seniors wishing to do the very bare minimum in school). Through stories of friends and iPhone videos, the student body learned the class was bullying the teacher (my same professor for AP calculus).

He is a brilliant man, but some would call an oddball. Over the year names have been spat, anchovies thrown, crickets released in the classroom, and a ball of Nerds candy were thrown at his head until he "exploded" with choice words for the bullies, who then tried to get the teacher suspended/fired for his unprofessional behavior.

This is where I'm proud of the rest of the student body, as a petition was formed for the kind teacher, passed around/signed, shaming those whose actions should not reflect the image of Riverside, rallying for the teacher's freedom and consequences be brought upon those who chose to act poorly.
I would say its the best, but there are things that are lacking. Pay-to-play is ridiculous (football I believe was $900, swim team was around $500 at some point, and marching band had floated between $200-$300). We do have old equipment in some departments that we are working on replacing (rusted school-issue instruments). And for the second year (probably more that I wasn't aware of) we are in need of a swim team coach.

Those are the few that I am aware of.

Aside from the flaws, we do have an LGBTQ club, drama, baseball/softball, soccer, basketball, football, band and choir activities galore, a new lacrosse team, track and field, cross country, volleyball, and more. We even have some individuals competing with the Riverside name (such as those with personal accomplishments in gymnastics).

The greater percentage of Riverside who participates in sports is the student body that I like to picture when I think of what type of students we are - the athletes who are able to fiercely balance an outstanding education with their incredible extracurricular/athletic careers; the students who have attractive personalities, easy to talk to and making new friends where ever they go. I'd like to believe that anyone who joins a sport or extracurricular will have a great time.
I can not speak for the entire staff because as an honors/AP student I am placed with the teachers who genuinely care about my progress and they wish to see me succeed. I do believe the staff care about their jobs and most come up with fun and interactive ways for us to learn. Aside from a few, the instructors are very knowledgeable about their subjects and can come up with different ways of describing to help those who maybe are not able to understand. Riverside's staff may not all be college-professor-worthy, but we do the best with who we have and I want to thank them for giving me an amazing education.
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