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Small Red-Neck highschool where you for sure will find your groups of people. The Athlete Group and the Theater arts group the country group and the not so country group. the Tech group that go to Tech school every morning.
Than you have the Nerds and the crazy table The ones who probably smoke weed on the weekends :) Teachers are fun, laid back and simple. The school is simple so you don't get lost to much in a huge building, air conditioning is in some classrooms but most of it is a small simple building.
Many teachers in this school district are dedicated to their work and care for the students, yet some of the teachers do not even put effort into their work. Many teachers simply throw work and information at the students instead of making sure that they actually retain the information. Aside from that, the school is a great learning environment with a few teachers that can make an impact on students.
Amazing teachers and staff and everyone is friendly and all the activities and dances are fun to go to
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I met some of the best people in my life during my time in high school. I have made so many wonderful memories that I know I will cherish for the rest of my life. One thing I would change about my high school experience would be to involve my self more in extra carricular activities.
Riverside School District in Beaver County is a really great school! Everyone is very welcoming and friendly. It is a very close knit community and being a small school everyone knows everyone. Which I thought was great. However, the school is a bit run down and the paint hasn't changed since my mom went there in the 1970s. Overall, I loved going to Riverside and being a panther and would want my future children to attend as well!
Overall, Riverside is a decent school. Most of the teachers do care about their students and want the best for their futures. You have an occasional teacher that is only there because its their job and thats how they make money.
I enjoyed some of the teachers that I had. One thing I would change is the way the principals handle situations. I feel at some times they don't give as much attention to things that they should be worrying about.
Riverside High School consists of a staff of very involved and dedicated people who do a fantastic job of preparing students for life past high school.
As an Alum of Riverside High school, there is a lot of information that I could give about the school. My high school experience there was great. I participated in 3 sports in high school, as well as musical and choral programs. The music department was great, and all the sports teams were also great. You make a family out of the people you meet there, and they will forever be family. There are some things that you can't change, such as people and how they act, but the faculty was always there for you and helped me through the hard times. As Prom Queen and one of the most athletic, as well as a lead in musicals, I had a very good experience at Riverside. Theres not much cliques, as long as you make sure you are diverse in friends. As much as people say they hate it, Riverside will always have a place in all of our hearts. This is why my rating is a 5 star rating, I would do anything to go back.
I really enjoyed the amount of electives that they offered. I also liked participating in their theater and choir programs.
I graduated from riverside in 2017, and it was a great experience. Excellent sports and extra curricular activities, and fully prepared me for college. Only problem is that it does not have all the classes that bigger schools have too offer but not many.
Riverside is located in a small rural area. You get to know every one in your class.Sports plays a big part at the school. As for the classes, there are college level as well accelerated classes for those students interested in them.
Our school has a great teacher to student ratio. Most teachers are willing to go the extra mile to help students. Our school is small enough so that most students can play multiple sports and join different clubs. Our school does not have the best lunches, they could be better.
Riverside High School is just your average high school. I loved the area, and the community. I never felt unsafe here. The students, faculty, and administration are all kind people. Although the environment of the high school was substantial, the academics were not. They were not terrible, just mediocre. The school had a lot of very smart students, but I feel as if we were not pushed to our standards. I breezed right through high school, receiving outstanding grades, but it did not prepare me for the level of education that I would receive in college. Although I did very well in college, I was not prepared for the amount of school work that I encountered my first semester. I understand the level of education changes from high school to college, but I wish I would have been taught that I needed to work hard in order to achieve success when I was in high school.
I think my school is very safe. We have a security guard that stays in our school the whole day. There are a lot of security cameras. Also, there are random metal detectors for tests and sometimes dogs come in, too. Bullying is not really an issue at my school as far as I know. The school nurse is always available and ready to help.
Club meeting are held during school hours. Sometimes extra work outside of school is needed for clubs like Teen Leadership Club and Student Council. Some clubs work hard to have fundraisers to benefit charity, and others raise money so club member receive benefits like attending field trips. There is a variety of clubs and organizations to join, so I definitely think there is something for everyone.
I have made so many great friends at Riverside. Being involved has gotten me so many great memories. I have enjoyed playing soccer and being a part of the swim team, especially when we got 1st in our section. Going to basketball and football games is always very intense and exciting, especially when we play against our rival school, Ellwood City. The dances are always a lot of fun, too. Riverside is a nice place where I feel comfortable. I am getting a fantastic education from great teachers. I can't think of anywhere else that I would want to be.
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Almost every teacher is very nice and approachable. They want the absolute best for their students. The course work can be challenging, but the results make it all worth while. I am happy with my teachers because they make my school feel like a safe and comfortable environment. They make Riverside a nice place to spend so much of my time.
I enjoyed the culture of this school and the heart of the people there.
The teachers really know how to explain things to make you understand. If you ask a lot of questions they can certainly help you make the connection. They are always fair in grading and they always go over problems that the class is having to ensure a better grasp of the subject.
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