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I am a senior at Riverside high school, and I can honestly say that each teacher and administrator have all students' well being as their top priority. It truly is a safe place to talk to an adult, seek out help with anything, or improve grades. Riverside makes it very clear to each student that there are many resources and people that can help them get the education they need and deserve.
My experience as a Pirate was fun and explorative. We did not have a lot but the time I had there full of learning and laughter. I formed deep bonds with my teachers. Roll pirates roll.
Unclean and nothing special. We had some decent teachers and a pretty good engineering program but it wasn't great.
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The Engineering program at Riverside High School is exceptional. Tim Velegohl, the leader of the program, knows every student deeply. He keeps them motivated and guides them through their high school years in a way I have never seen before. He is growing leaders for tomorrow-whether they stick with engineering or not- the skills are transferable to all areas.
The Teachers at the school were very supportive. My Principal was very dedicated to getting our test scores up, and that showed that she really cared about our education. The administration made sure that everybody was in the right place at the right time. They helped up learn that discipline is needed to be successful.
This was my very first year at Riverside highschool transferring from Jordan Highschool. I enjoyed it. No I didn't make any friends or anything I've always tried stayed to myself to avoid drama with other girls. The breakfast was always nice. Staff always treated me with respect and helped me as needed. The school was very clean, I never spotted any REAL roaches ( laughing out loud ! ). Other than my bus making other students and me late to school almost every day, I enjoyed my first year at Riverside High.
I like some of the teachers. What I would like to see change is there effort to help students who are struggling.
The one thing that I’ll never forget about Riverside is just how diverse the crowd is. There are so many ethnicities, so many different cultures, that all tend to blend in as you walk through the halls. Seeing such a massive group of people made me realize how great it is to get this opportunity to meet different people each day. My only problem with Riverside is not having enough inclusivity. Although many cultures tend to blend throughout the day, there are still many groups such as the LGBTQ+ community who get pushed back. We’re not brought up enough within discussions regarding anything within the school.
Riverside high school has one of the best engineering programs imaginable for high schoolers, however for students outside of the engineering program, educational support is hard to come by do to lack of resources and encouragement.
High School is what you make of it, and there are many opportunities at Riverside. I would change the ESL program and make it way bigger. There are many students at riverside that speak english as a second language.
Riverside is okay, but a little overcrowded and violent. The teachers are great and are really involved, however the administration is not. If you are to attend this school, only do it through the engineering program.
I have been a student at Riverside High School for 4 years. New principal Tonya Williams has helped our school grow. Our football team has become a big name and our esteemed engineering program attracts student from all over Durham. Being in this program, we get to use tools such as 3d printers and laser cutters. While this is a cool opportunity, it is not available for everyone. The school lacks the resources that it needs to be a truly great learning environment.
Riverside High School is a great public school that has great teachers who really understands what they teach and are more passionate about academics.
Riverside is a school worth coming to the air feels nice and clean. A new sense of life and readiness to learn. No is left out everyone has a group that they can fit into.
Riverside High School is a very decent place of learning. I feel like we are a community of young adults liking to better our, lives for the greater good. Teachers very good at trying to reach out to the youths. Telling us how to make good decisions in are daily lives. Now it's just up to us to decide.
The engineering program at Riverside is really good, otherwise it's somewhat mediocre, but the people are all amazing.
Riverside is a great school. I feel like my teachers care about how I am doing as a student and as a person. Most student are very nice and friendly and seek to help others out. It is very easy to get involved in clubs and sports at riverside. It is not perfect thought. There are some teachers and students who don't seem to care too much about learning and education but other than that I love riverside.
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I love Riverside because there are so many people and there's a place to fit in for everyone. I've found that the school culture is very diverse and generally high achieving in all areas, making it very well rounded academically, athletically, and musically.
The engineering program is amazing, and the staff aims at teaching the application of academics to real life as opposed to just flooding students with information
The staff and administration at Riverside is amazing. They do a very good job of connecting and sharing information with students. I would like to see more college advisors, possibly five or six. The current college advisor at Riverside is great and has helped me in the past, but with a senior class of over 400 students, more than one college advisor would have been very beneficial. I shared with my advisor my questions and concerns about college, and eventually came to think of her as a close friend I could share anything with. The relationship between advisor and student is important, and more college advisors would mean more personal connections and one-on-one time to prepare for the transition from high school to college.
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