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I love the intimacy of going to a small school. The community is very supportive and has made my high school experience unforgettable. All the teachers are excited and love what they do. The coaches are amazing and have taught me about much more than just athletics.
Riverside High School is small school with a close knit community. What I like about RHS is the fact that students know each other very well. I am a Senior and I could easily name the majority if not all of the underclassmen. I also love the fact that all of the students are so loving and supportive of the special ed students. We have an awards assembly in which a large variety of students receive awards for accomplishments and out sweet special ed students are not exception. When they are called for their awards, the student body cheers their very loudest and the faces of the special ed students light up with pride and happiness. It is truly beautiful. When it comes to the negative side of Riverside, our education program is suffering as new teachers come and go and few stick around. I would also say that our administration is in need of improvement. The involvement of many teachers, school board members, etc is minimal.
The Students have a Can Do attitude. They seem to pull together to get things accomplished. You feel a part of the School.
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I really liked my teachers. They were kind, understanding, and inspired me. The science classes were very biology-centric and taught me a lot, which I enjoyed. The rest of it is very average. It's very small, has very little diversity in the type of people who go there, and I've always had a hard time connecting to people, so I didn't enjoy the social aspect of it.
Overall, I have quite enjoyed my experience at Riverside. It is a smaller school so there tends to be less options when it comes to classes and schedules, but almost all of the teachers I've met have been extremely helpful and easy to work with. The upside to a small school is that everyone tends to know each other, and at Riverside, they are mostly friendly. There are still issues you see in every high school: bullying, exclusion, stress, and the food is not very enjoyable, but I've been happy with what the school has given me.
Riverside is a fantastic school to attend! It is quite small so you really get to know everyone from students to faculty and staff. They take pride in trying to offer as many opportunities for their students as they can with such a small annual budget. Riverside is slowly growing in such a way as to offer more electives for the students to choose from - allowing them to get a greater grasp on what interests them for their future endeavors. Their are only two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school in Riverside School District which means many of the students grow up together from start to finish and create lifelong friendships. They really get to see the people they care about progress right along side them. The opportunities may seem limited due to Riverside being such a small school, but they really do make the most of their side and work hard to make sure the students live up to their own potential.
Good school, has a lot of good staff and facilities. For the most part all of the teachers are very helpful outside of class, and do a great job teaching in the classroom as well. The only real downside is the school is on the smaller side and our sports programs are very small. A lot of the sports at the school also get very little publicity in the school.
Everyone makes you feel welcome at Riverside and it is easy to make friends. Teachers are always willing to stay after class and help the student if they need help. Teachers make it very clear of when they can help students inside and outside of class and that students shouldn't be scared to ask them for help. I have not seen a lot of diversity at Riverside but it has improved on the level of diversity since my freshman year. The nutritional value of the food served isn't the best but they have more nutritional foods when they barbecue during the spring.
My experience at Riverside High School has been rather pleasant. I have been in the Riverside District my entire life, and there are definitely certain aspects to the school that I enjoy. The administration and teachers care a lot about the students, and their education and futures. Our sports teams, at least the ones I am involved in, do well for our lack of resources, and rather small size. Something I would like to see modified in the school's future, is there is not a substantial amount of higher ranked classes, or many electives to choose from, and it would be nice to have more of a choice.
Back in the 9th grade I wasn't to fond of it but growing up there I have come to love that place. It was great just to see the things I wasn't noticing like our awesome staff and principal , they all care for us. By attending a small school you meet and get personal with more others. One thing I don't like is no backpacks in the library. Come on now , that's where I do all my homework.
Riverside high school is an all around very good school. It's very small, I only have around 100 kids in my class and so everyone is very close and knows each other very well. A downside of having a small school is bullying can be an issue and it involves more people because everyone knows each other, I would like to see a change in that. I would also like to see a change in our food system and our finances. Being in a small school it's hard to make money to get the sports equipment and a good lunch, that is important for students to have.
It was okay, however, more organizations with more participants would be great.
Positive and knowledgeable. Overall, engaging educators.
I love my school. I have been going here for most of of my life and I love it.
There is one school police officer who basically just takes away headphones. Did I mention that there is a no headphone policy for "safety"?
Most of the extracurricular opportunities are sports and for a non athletic sucks. I hate sports and everyone plays them except me. I just go home everyday.
I haven't exactly had a bad time here. Academically, I have actually excelled, I'm number 6 in my graduating class of about 100 people. However, if I could do it all over again I would rather go somewhere where the people aren't so small minded and everyone in the school isn't related. Also, some more diversity.
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I believe that this school is grossly underfunded. We could have cool clubs, not just sports and National Honor Society, but actually interesting things, if the taxpayers around here were not so cheap. However, they would rather spend their money on guns and bibles than on the education of their dear children so our academic success suffers.
The school tries to be as accommodating as possible towards new students and current ones. I think this is one of the school's best attributes considering the amount of funding and lack of community support. Also, beings Riverside currently has less than 500 students, everyone gets to know each other well. The staff are quite amiable and have the students best interest at heart. It is obvious that they are all extremely passionate about their work.
there are a plethora of options available to students and many are of substantial nutritional value.
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