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It was small school so it made it very easy to get assistance on homework, with scholarships, etc. The teachers were really good at their jobs. There were SO many different clubs which allowed you to travel and meet new people and more about whatever the club was built around. I didn't like how easy things got brushed under the rug if someone had a "certain" last name or how easy kids got out of getting in trouble for bullying, being arrogant to teachers, etc.
The atmosphere in Riverside High School makes it feel like you are going to school with your family. Although we are in a small town so we all already know each other, the support for any event that the kids are involved in is over the top. Everyone shows up for sporting events, FFA events, fair, plays/musicals etc.
Riverside is a small school! You know everyone by name and you truly get the one-on-one time with the teachers that you need!
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The teachers are all willing to put in the extra one on one time with you to make sure you understand.
I like the overall feel of Riverside. It's calm and doesn't have a lot of drama to deal with. In the current school, I don't like the structure itself. The school is building an entire new school which we will be using this coming school year.
Riverside high school consists of a very small student body. There aren't many options for classes and the teachers are okay.
This school is the definition of clicky, clicky students, teachers and even parents. Bats have taken over the upstairs and everyone is related to everyone. The achidemics are
poor and the principle is a joke.
What I would like to see improve would be more recognition towards our clubs, instead of all the attention directed towards sports teams.
If you actually put forth the effort to succeed, it's fairly easy to. You are given very good opportunities, especially in class. Most teachers do make an effort to help students, when they ask, and the classes offered are very good considering the number of students. But, unfortunately, most activities are not given funding needed. Which does have a particularly negative affect on those who participate.
A few teachers p lay favorites quite a bit
Not enough diversity within the school's extracurricular activities for many students
For a kid who strives to achieve their goals and get to college, the kids here don't give you support or the time of day really. I will be glad to start college and new life.
I don't eat at the school since I travel to the nearby school for extra classes.
The policies here aren't heavily enforced by those in authority due to what I like to call the "name game".
We have areas for sports that are good enough for events to be done on, but they don't go above and beyond.
The teachers here really do try, but the kids don't appreciate it.
Mostly sports oriented with little career outlook.
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We just hired a new guidance counselor who will not help but my principal is very helpful when it comes to the students futures.
Most of the teachers are very good and have been teaching for 20 years. They have excellent teaching styles and can motivate students to strive for better goals. They often try to get students to think about college and help along the way. Whenever you need help they'll gladly help you, and have several ways of teaching.
The classes offered at Riverside High School are excellent, the teachers here honestly care about the students' academics and want them to succeed. All the classes have excellent curriculum and lessons are taught very in depth. There are even a couple of College Level classes you can take as Juniors or Seniors and you can get a couple of general college credits out of the way early.
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