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Riverside Community High School Reviews

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The teachers are very willing to help students, especially if they are involved in sports or any musical activities.
Mold in ceiling of old building.
The extracurricular opportunities at Riverside are generally lacking other than sports. There aren't enough teachers to sponsor clubs.
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The school really advocates sports to keep kids involved as there really isn't much else to do around the community.
Teachers at the school are knowledgeable and friendly.
I'd say the teachers know what they're talking about, but not always skilled at teaching it. Most of them are pretty kind and willing to help if there is an issue or a student needs help with something.
Most of the things for people to do for extracurricular activities include sports. While there aren't a ton of other ones, there are things like Quizbowl, FFA, and FCCLA.
They have really cracked down on bullying.
I was not prepared well for college or the real world.
We have teachers that offer to stay after school for any student that needs help with anything, whether its problems at home or in the class room.
Riverside has the main/most popular sports for boys and girls. Most people participate in at least one sport. The Facilities are for the most part above average. Great fan following too.
The school itself is outdated, but the staff and students make it worth attending. I actually look forward to showing up everyday. I would recommend this school to anyone.
We had 5 bomb threats during my time there. We went to the same "safe place" everytime. To me, thats not very safe.
There is a zero tolerance stance on bullying of cource. Dress code is acceptable and understandable. All administration are available for suggestions.
Our school offers many classes to our students, so even at a small school like our you get a well rounded education of different classes if you want them. Our school even offers online college classes for junior and seniors. Our school encourages us too take many different classes that could help with our futures just like any other school.
This school offers many different clubs like jazz choir, science club, yearbook, FFA, FCCLA, and other clubs like that along with all types of different sports. I think that since it is such a small school, I think we have maybe 180 kids in the whole school, everyone seems to be involved in a lot of different things, and they all seem to really enjoy them.
Everyone at our school are very excepting of everyone and they don't care about someone's race or sexual orientation. Also, peer pressure is something that happens everywhere even at our school.
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