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My daughter loves RCA. It has a family like environment and great teachers who go out of their way for families.
I was enrolled under Riverside's Umbrella program and they made things difficult for home schooled students to be involved in academic and sports areas.
i go to school here but i want to stay not known. I know a majority of our student body is not happy at all. we have no freedoms to do anything and we try to write letters all the time to the bored but they just get vetoed. if you want to make your kids happy i suggest the public schools. More options, better food, no uniforms, and phones.
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I really enjoy my time at RCA. I like how everything they teach is Christ centered and how they always strive to give their students the best education possible. The love that you are surrounded with there also gives a welcoming and long lasting effect. The only things I would change is for them to offer more classes than they already do.
I have been at Riverside since I was in preschool. It has been a wonderful experience. My favorite part is that we are like one large family. One thing I would like to see changed is more new students every year. I wish more people would be able to enjoy this amazing place.
I attended Riverside Christian Academy from kindergarten until my senior year in high school. Within the 13 years I was there, I learned that Riverside was a money-hungry school. When it came to sports, academics, bullying, and almost everything else in between, the administration only cared about the students' whose parents gave the school the most money. The rest of us were just specks of dust. Do not get me wrong, they do a stellar job of teaching about Christianity. However, as of 2017, their administration was nothing but a joke. I believe Riverside can have the same potential it had when it was first established in 2001, but they need to make some major changes to their personal morals and school administration before being able to do so.
I moved to Riverside as a junior in high school. I was shy and not really social with anyone through my first two years of public school. Riverside made me feel at home. It opened up opportunities and doors that I could only imagine. Riverside shaped me into who I am today.
I haven't really learned much till this year cause we just now got real teachers after about 10 years of phonies.
Most of the teachers care about the students. You get to have chapel and Bible classes every day. You miss class a lot to go to games if you play sports, and some teachers get really mad. The English teacher, Ms. Spears is the best.
I started at Riverside in preschool, and am graduating from here in May. Riverside has become my second family and I have made a lifetime of friendships. I have had people with me every step of the way. Most importantly, hey taught me about God, watched me grow up in the word, be baptized, and helped me grow and develop my faith.
Riverside Christian Academy allows you to study and prepare for the future, both with education and real life experiences in a safe environment. All the teachers help in all the ways that they can. At Riverside you aren't just a name but a student with lots of potential.
I've been going to Riverside for 13 years now. It is very Christ-centered, but not too strict like other Christian schools. Everyone really feels like family here. The teachers genuinely care about the students and whether or not they succeed. Academics really prepare you for college. We also have very strong athletic teams.
The school offers many academic clubs, including National Honors Society, Beta Club, and Leo Club. They also provide other leadership opportunities, such as Student Council. Local clubs in the region also offer students at Riverside admission into exclusive clubs. The local clubs are run by businesses and advisory boards from places like banks, libraries, etc. All the clubs provided are very active in the community and participate in volunteer service. Participation in these clubs also look great on college applications.
What makes Riverside Christian Academy so unique is the feeling of a true home away from home. I have been attending RCA since kindergarten to my senior year. What makes me love and appreciate this school so much is how much they have helped me grow into a mature and intelligent woman, and the endless care they have shown me throughout the many years. Attending RCA is less like prison, how most students associate school, and more like family. I know that they will always be here for me in the years to come and will always welcome me back with open arms.
The teachers that the school employs are consistently well educated and genuinely care about the students. Many times, I have seen and experienced first hand teachers going out of their way to make sure that all students are taken care of and understand the concepts to the best of their abilities. I cannot fully express my gratitude and appreciation for all the teachers I've had throughout my years at Riverside Christian Academy.
Although they have science equipment they have few science labs. Teachers are not evaluated and teach whatever they want. There is not accountability amoung staff. This could be an awesome school but instead they shoot for mediocre and lazy.
The school recently added a new computer lab, which helped with technology, but they still have a ways to go. It is a work in progress.
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There are many sports available, many which rank on a state level. There are also extracurricular activities available to students who are not into sports.
The teachers truly care about the students and are willing to help in any way they can.
My children have been at RCA since they were in preschool and will both graduate from there. The academics provide them a solid foundation for college, and the Christian teaching provide them a solid foundation for life.
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