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Riverdale Senior High School Reviews

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Riverdale High School has multiple great programs, however, there are many improvements that could be made. For example, our math program has proven to stress out students and prevent them from enjoying math in general. Proper lessons, study sessions, and preparations need to be introduced to Riverdale High School so that our students are more prepared for college.
The typical small town highschool experience. Not many AP or college courses offered. It was nice knowing everyone, but our resources were lacking.
Overall, Riverdale Senior High School is a great school. The staff truly cares about every student and their success. I feel comfortable talking to them about any of my problems, and they are always willing to listen. There are many different clubs and extracurricular activities that almost everyone participates in. Most of the students are kind and hardworking.
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I graduated in 2016. The school is definitely up and coming. They had just redone the gym after I graduated, which was in dire need for an remodel. The principal cared about his students and made it known. The softball program needed money as it was using old uniforms, but they updated the field after I graduated.
Riverdale offers a close, tight-knit community, and many opportunities. The teachers care for their students, and are always ready to help. Riverdale focuses on service to the community, academic and athletic excellence, and student involvement. Most students participate in a club or activity for the entire school year. It is a place of inclusion and fun. Teachers push students to become involved and to find their place in the high school environment.
Riverdale is a small school which allows the teachers to know you and for you to know your classmates much better than at larger schools. The best part of my experience has been the great chemistry teacher Mr. Campbell who prepares his students for college more than anyone at Riverdale. There is a lot of room for improvement though, there are only a few electives and worst of all there is no air conditioning. I hope to see this change in the near future.
I love how close the community was for the most part when it came to coming together for a great cause. When the town that Riverdale was located in was hit with tornadoes, the school raised money for locals affected by it. While I was there, theater became huge which made me really happy and I was lucky to see FFA come back to Riverdale after being away for 25+ years. I hoping now that they got the 1% sales tax passed in the county that Riverdale is located will start fixing up many of the problems associated with the school. The high school is old and I know there are plans for it to get AC, update the science labs and newer books which are all very needed. Hopefully, when I come back in a few years, I hope to see Riverdale continue to grow and I look forward to its future.
my school is behind the times
again this is where you have to be a name in the community
in our school if you were not born and raised in the community made it a little bit harder
Teachers have the knowledge to and drive to teach the subjects
being a small school it allows for a wide variety of subjects offered
our in house resource officer is one of the best
School have all things accessible to all students
School Administration is very approachable and listens to all
It is your normal school food
We have several options for students,
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It isn't terrible, but it isn't good either. My brother with sometimes get picked on because he is having problems with his sexuality.
It isn't the greatest in the world. I haven't had too many problems. I just wish they were a little more laid back about dress code. A lot of girls like to wear crop tops in the summer; and if you wear one you get sent home. Also you can't bring coffee cups to school anymore because kids started spiking their drinks with alcohol and bringing it to school.
If there is one thing I like about my school, it is the teachers. They are very kind and supportive; and because it is such a small school you have more one-on-one time with the teacher and they very genuinely care about you. They don't just see you as another student.
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