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It was a wonderful community to be apart of. It allowed for students to explore their areas of interest through small class sizes and individualized curriculum. However, at times it seems removed from actually immersing students into the outside world. With the “bubble” type mentality that often caused students to explore things in an unhealthy manner.
Riverdale is a small school with roughly 60 students per grade. It is a k-12 school although has a different campus for the high school. Because it is so small, you get lots of attention to really help ensure everyone is doing well. Everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. For the most part education is very good. It’s weak spot is STEM which is unfortunate considering how many people at the school want to go into a STEM major. It is also a very wealthy school sitting in the town of dunthorpe. Many wealthy people live here, over half of the residents are in the top 1% of wealth which forces students to be very sheltered. This creates a lack of diversity which is challenging.
We had high hopes when we sent our daughter to this high school. In the end, we were disappointed and pulled her out. While the academic rigor is present, the teachers are mixed; some are amazing, others just present the material and expect the students to figure it out on their own.

The culture is seemingly welcome at first, but can quickly turn if you don’t fit into the mold. Clubs are pretty nonexistent. Sports are scarce and since there are no on site facilities, also not convenient. And when we approached administrators about a serious issue we were having they seemed very attentive and concerned, but ultimately did nothing to help. And when they heard we were considering leaving the school no one approached us to ask why or if we’d reconsider. We did not feel the small school caring we were expecting.

We were paying as much tuition as St Mary’s and Jesuit HS, but definitely not getting our moneys worth. Ultimately, we would not recommend this school.
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the academics are fairly good but teachers really don’t support their students. there are maybe 4 or 5 that go out of their way to check in. Also there are not a lot of electives or extra curricular activities to participate in. If you are thinking about sending your child here I would maybe consider other options.
I am a parent with 3 kids in the Riverdale School District. My oldest graduated Riverdale High School last year and is thriving in college. She feels better prepared than most of her peers and looks back on her high school experience and truly values the education she received.

My second child is thriving as a junior and loves the small school experience. It is perfect for her. She loves the individual attention available from her teachers.

My third child is a seventh grader and he looks forward to attending the high school.
Riverdale High School is a small college prep high school. While it was academically challenging, and I constantly felt challenged, I am so very grateful to all of the amazing teachers there.
We have had two children attend Riverdale High School over the past few years. We live out of the school district, so we had to pay tuition for our children to attend Riverdale. It was an excellent investment in our children's future. I was very impressed with the quality of teaching at Riverdale. RIverdale teachers enjoy teaching and hold students to high academic standards and encourage them to do their best work, but also provide support to students who need an extra boost. The school is small and intimate, so the teachers and administrators know the kids. As a result, few kids seem to fall through the cracks as they might in a larger public school. Our kids were well prepared for college by the time they each graduated. We were very happy with our family's Riverdale educational experience. We highly recommend this school to prospective Riverdale families.
Riverdale's academics are exceptional. The teachers are amazing and helpful and genuinely care about their jobs. It's a small social community, which has its pros and cons.
Attending Riverdale High School more than adequately prepared me for applying and attending college. With extensive academics and a lot of support for students via small classes and teachers enthusiastic and well versed in their subjects, I learned a lot over my four year education, and I took this knowledge with me to my university. Because four years are required for every standard area, I had to study in math, science, English, history, and art every year. Unlike other public schools, where these aren't required, I was given the skills and ability to perform beyond expectations. I had a great experience working with the teachers, and graduated from high school with a high GPA thanks to their commitment to helping their students succeed.
Never take: Spanish, H2O, Organizational Leadership, or Thompson math. Otherwise not terrible.
Its one of the richest schools in the richest area of Oregon. Not much else to say here.
Pretty good. Not much variety but for what there is its pretty well run. Don't take H2O.
Teachers are a mixed bag, it really breaks down to:

-A few teachers that are amazingly good at what they do

-Teachers that are incompetent but smart, probably suited for other jobs

-Teachers that don't care
I have never felt unsafe. The front doors are unlocked all day, but there is always a receptionist. That's the only way to get in, so there is a very low chance of some weirdo coming in. I can leave jackets, calculators, laptops etc. lying around without them getting stolen. Bullying really isn't a problem. I've heard hints of it, but people generally don't bother others.
Not many extracurricular activities at all. The only diversity of people, and consistency in clubs really is JSU (Jewish Student Union), which is kind of funny in my opinion. All other clubs are mostly made up of a group of friends, so poorly managed that they fall apart within two months, or nobody shows up and it's like it wasn't a club to begin with. There are a number of competitions to participate in including Mock Trial (in which we are pretty good in), Robotics, Model UN, Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, and a Bridge Building Competition (which happens for all sophomores).
It's a small school. There are upsides and downsides to this. If you don't like the students then you're sort of stuck with them. Overall, though, people make friends, and like other schools, some cliques form but not as much as other schools. There aren't a great variety of electives and classes to choose from. Many repeat art classes because they ran out of new classes they're interested in, but the art teacher is great and it's not too repetitive. The sports teams are small, and there are very rarely enough people for JV 2 teams, and sometimes there is only varsity. All sports are no-cut, which is nice, but doesn't make for stunningly good teams. The coaches are great, though, and seasons are fun regardless of outcome. Teachers-student ratio is low, so there is almost always time for one on one with the teachers.
All of the teachers are very knowledgeable. They mostly explain topics well, but some just talk at you without solidifying the information (at least for some people). A couple teachers are not liked by the majority of the students, and unfortunately since it's a small school it's hard to avoid them. Overall, though, the teachers are engaging, smart and convey information well.
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It's a competitive environment, where you'll be challenged. The teachers want you to succeed, and are willing to work with you to help you succeed. Their is so much money coming into the school that so many people are sheltered and ignorant. The school is lacking in racial diversity, as a student of color it's noticeable, but very few people are bigoted.
Having teachers who care about you as a person as well as a student, does make a big difference.
The teachers here are amazing
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