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I have been here since kindergarten and the schooling has gone downhill since. The food is horrible which why I pack most of the time and the food is too expensive. The school only praises the kids who are into athletics and does not support any of the music programs. It's a horrible and bias school. Also, do I feel prepared to be going to college, no? There is only a couple of teachers I could thank for making me feel ready for college classes but there are teachers there who are just there for fun and giggles. Let's just say I will never be coming back nor making my children go there. Also, bullying isn't too bad there but if there is any the counselor does not help you.
Riverdale is a friendly environment with teachers and faculty that really care about you. At Riverdale students can get a good education while still having fun and making friends. The food is a toss up though. There are good lunches and there are terrible lunches, but its just another way for us students to bond.
I came to this school when I was a freshman and it was definitely the better move. There are not really any changes that I would suggest, I think that this school is fine the way that it is.
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I enjoyed Riverdale High School for how small it was. Each grade has roughly 80 people which makes it easy to get to know everyone. I wish more classes, especially college credit plus, would have been available during my time at Riverdale Local Schools. I also would have liked there to be more foreign languages were available and could be taken sooner than high school.
I like Riverdale. I have been attending there since I was in Kindgergarden and when I was in the tenth grade, I switched to homeschooling due to moving outside of school district. I personally did not like homeschooling one bit. Riverdale has had many complaints about the food. I personally do not prefer their food. Although, they have stepped it up some. I would recommend this High school to anyone! It has given me wonderful opportunities. Not only does the counciler helps out a lot but also prepares you for college.
I love our newly developed school building and all the staff members are very helpful with academic studies. I enjoy our athletic department, however, the music department will always hold a special place in my heart. The directors of the music program always work to form a close student-teacher bond. They are very knowledgeable of music and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Whether it is a music piece for contest or it is just something you are practicing at home, the directors will help you with it. Very considerate. The only thing I don't like about Riverdale is the anti-bullying policy. The staff seem to be against bullying and claim to have a "Zero Tolerance Policy" on bullying, however, bullying is something I witness everyday as a student. I wish our administration would work harder to enforce their policies.
We live in an area where the VAST majority of the population is a.) white, b.) conservative/republican, c.) straight, and d.) Christian, and therefore if you are a minority in even ONE of those categories, you are treated differently or looked down on in many cases.
Our teachers are very knowledgeable and friendly (for the most part.) Our scheduling process is a real pain, though, and it's difficult for some (specifically honors students also involved in band and choir) to schedule because honors classes are offered even fewer times during the day, and band and choir is only offered one period of the day. Our school is starting to add some unique classes that many other small schools do not have the opportunity to take.
The school has a very nice system of locking doors that require staff to have a key-fab. The only way visitors can get in is to buzz in through the elementary doors where there are cameras for the secretaries to view the visitor (to judge if it is a familiar face versus someone who would be a threat) and they are required to sign-in upon entering. Bullying is said to be not tolerated, however teachers do little to stop it, though the amount of bullying is relatively low. Our school nurse is great and she is on school grounds throughout the entire school day.
The amount of funding that each extra-curricular activity receives is unfair. Sports are funded a lot more than the arts, resulting in better programs for sports.
I appreciate the fact that we are such a small school. It makes it really easy to get to know people and teachers.
My school has a really good music and arts programs, which is what I am involved in, but doesn't always receive the funding it needs. Regardless of the funds given, we have always persevered and done the best that we can do. Our band is one of the best in the areas, and our plays and musicals are always fantastic. Our athletics don't always do the best, our best sports being soccer and track. Regardless of performance, the sports and athletes always get the most funding, with the football team getting new uniforms every other year, without remark towards their successive losing seasons. It's been a very good school to attend, and has given me some great friends and amazing experiences.
My overall experience at my high school has been a great one. Over the years I have spent there I have come to cherish so many friends, and learn so much from my teachers, and from my peers as well. Riverdale has provided me with a great experience through extracurricular activities especially. With the support I have received I have been able to strive for my full potential as a high school student. I am proud to have been a part of the Riverdale community for all of my years in school. Especially my last.
Riverdale is a rural school, so most parents/families that attend know going in that it is a small school system, lacking programs that large school systems are able to offer.
The cafeteria falculty wears golves, hair nets, and signs are displayed for hand-washing. the janitor staff is at the school 24/7 and high expectations are met after and before every event. The school nurse know everyone by first and last name. She treats the students like her own and is very informative to the parents on any illness spreading. The staff allows you to speak of your opinion but 0 tolerance for bullying.
Teachers always have different teaching methods, they could usually adapt to different students.
I rarely rode the bus. The drivers were always pretty good and concerned about our safety.
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Riverdale always had assemblys about smoking and drugs all the time.
They kind of prepared me, but I had a job since I was a freshman so I feel like I prepared myself a lot.
Riverdale has had a pretty stong sports program, you could always get the parents involved and that makes a big difference and they would always do activites for the teammates.
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