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Rivercrest High School Reviews

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Rivercrest is a very open, friendly, amazing, 2A school. The teachers are all nice and very willing to help anyone that puts forth an effort. Your school experience will be even more memorable, the more you get involved with community events!
I feel like they do a pretty good job as far as acedemics go, but I feel like there could be some more as far as different classes and organizations go. I feel like there is 2 or 3 teachers that could be classified as "crabby".
I love going to this school! Between a lot of parent involvement, and teacher involvement, I really feel prepared for college and future life outside of high school.
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It is not a terrible school. Just really small, with a small budget. I hope to see in the future that it will be able to grow into an academically successful school.
Overall Rivercrest is a good school. I like that our school isn't very big because its nice to know everyone. Some of our teachers are very good teachers but some aren't because they don't get us ready for college. Another thing i like about this school is that they have power lifting because its something i like to get involved in. Lastly something I would change if it were possible would be more diversity. That's not easy to change but their could be somethings done!
They have a few good teachers who teach very well. Although some subjects are harder than others they will make sure you know what they are teaching one way or another.
The thing I loved most about Rivercrest is that it is small school and there is more one on one learning between the teachers and students. I'd like to see the food and diversity of our school be changed, because many kids don't eat during lunch and the diversity should change so the people don't leave in an ignorant mindset.
Rivercrest High School is a small school which makes it seem like a family. All of the students know each other, as do the teachers. The athletics program is also pretty good for such a small school. All athletes give their all and work together as a team to reach a goal.
The food in the cafeteria needs to be improved. Most days kids are forced to just eat a roll because nothing else on the tray is desirable.
The football program has greatly improved during my high school years.
We have some great teachers here at Rivercrest
I have been at this school since kindergarten, so it's all I know. I love the aspect that it is small, and everybody knows everybody. However, I don't like that there aren't many clubs or organizations.
All of the teachers are very nice, but most of them just do the minimun. Only a few go above and beyond to make learning fun, and make sure the students are getting the education they need. Technology isn'y used much in our schools, but I learn ok without it.
The after school sports has always been enjoyable.
I have enjoyed competing with our sports teams.
All of the teachers have genuine care for students.
The teachers at my school are good at what they do and care about the students. My class is very competitive about our grades and activities we participate in.
We have a school nurse but she stays mostly at the elementary. Usually if a junior high or high school student becomes sick they call a parent or sign out. Bullying isn't a big issue at my school but we do have anti-bullying presentations.
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Most of our teachers are very good at what they do and genuinely care about the students.
There are only a few organizations offered at my school. These organizations include FFA, National Honors Society, Drama Club, and FCCLA.
I grew up with the people at my school, they are like an extended family but that tends to happen at small town schools. Sure we have had our ups and downs but at the end of it all we can always trust one another to be supportive. I wish that my school had more opportunities for things like drama and art but I realize that with it being a small school there is only so much we can do. I would choose to stay at my school if I could do it all over again because having a group of people who care about me is more important to me than extra credit opportunities.
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