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Rivera Middle School Reviews

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Academic wise, this school was amazing at breaking down material and provided a great amount of honors courses and language courses to prepare one for high school. The one thing that must be worked on are the extracurricular art classes because not a wide range were seemed to be offered.
It's the best expierence because everyone is so involved with activities and with school spirit it's absolutely fantastic. After school projects are always a fun time because they have great snacks and the teachers always get involved with projects. Overall the school is so interesting and active and fun with students and keeping their school the best
The teachers are interesting and their lectures are engaging. The teachers are always approachable after school and even during their free time. Teachers are able to use examples not just from the lecture but to "hip" and topics we are very familiar with during school and outside of school. Teachers were always nice and compassionate towards students with disabilities and even go weeks on the same topic just for the entire class understands.
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The clubs offered are just sports clubs
I have made friends yet it could of had more classes options.
They all want the best for us if we need help they are there.
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