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Rivera Early College highschool is a good school when it comes to having excellent teachers. The teachers here at RECHS care about their students and their academic success. The reason it was rated 3 stars instead of 5 is due to the lack of school spirit and a football team that isnt the greatest.
School is just focus on sports and activities, some texts books are outdated from 1996, they never use the lockers it's there for show.
The teachers are great for the most part! It’s a great school and I feel I’ve never had any issues by attending here.
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Overall it was a mediocre experience. it's a big school so you don't meet everyone but you make some great friends especially because of all the activities they have all the time. The teachers are a win or lose situation. You can meet some of the best teachers that will change your life or you can encounter some teachers that can make it hell. It's not any different to other schools around it in the area but it's alright.
Rivera was a very good school to go to. My academics and teachers were amazing. I learned a lot from them. I believed I was able to get the achievements I did because of their teaching. They have many extracurricular that can be beneficial and fun to students.
What I like about Rivera High School is that it gives us the opportunity to learn what we love and enjoy to do . There are multiple classes and activities students are able to join .
Great school currently a senior.What i would prefer for teachers to teach is what will really be needed in life. As in like making payments and etc.
Rivera is a really good school, there is good discipline the teachers are nice and they teach the most they can for the students to be successful.
I graduated from Rivera High School last summer, June 2019. Rivera is a great high school. I was involved i n many extra curricular activities which made my high school experience so much better. From sports, to clubs, to volunteer groups, I was always involved. Since I was enrolled in AP and upper level courses, I was always learning great material. My teachers we great, super helpful and always there to assist any of their students. The staff was always super nice and willing to help. My counselor was wonderful; she always helped with my application and references. Our college advisor: a life saver!! I would have not been able to apply for all the colleges and make up my mind if it wasn't for her! Rivera: the best high school! Once a raider, always a raider.
Friendly teachers and staff. Lots of activities and clubs for everyone. They do everything they can to help you succeed.
What I liked about Rivera High school is the overall experience. We have friendly and strict administration. We also have great teachers who do their best to provide and improve the students life. All faculty and staff remind us and push us to care for our grades and our future. If they see someone with low grades, or problems they do whatever is possible to help them. Attending Rivera was also fun, because of the fun activities. I was personally in Dance and are cultural club known as Estudiantina. It was such a good experience meeting new people in them. As well as enjoying going to our schools games. I especially enjoy going to soccer games, as our team is really good. Going to other games for basketball or soccer is great. Overall my experience was great.
Rivera Early College High School is a school with many interesting aspects. It has good academic resources for students to prepare for College and University. The experience is like any other high school, but with the addition of the early college aspect. The teachers are always very helpful, always try to make students succeed. The sports and arts field is varied and fun. I am part of the dance team so I’m talking with experience. It has computer labs, science labs, libraries, cafeteria, tennis court, football field, soccer field, dance room, weight room, auditorium, etc. It’s filled with innovative resources and thanks to this, the students are always pushed to do better.
I started my 4 high school career at Rivera High School. The lack of enthusiasm by the students made my overall experience not so exciting. The administration was good to me, and they got along with the students well. The only complaint was the exaggeration of punishments for something small and the way they were quite disorganized with academics. At the beginning of my freshmen year, I would have preferred for the school to advocate more for college level classes and have given better information about college opportunities. I was unable to take classes that I lost the opportunity to obtain based on the fact that I did not knew enough. Towards my junior and senior year, I did however got a lot of help with academics and preparation for college. I was more informed and I realized the improvement they had over that. My school was not the best but I am not mad at the experiences and friends I met throughout the years attending Rivera.
What I like about my school is the opportunity that they give all of their students to succeed in college and life overall. They prepare us for college in a way that no other state does. What I would like to see change is the diversity of students. I feel like interacting with students from different races really makes it feel like college.
Rivera Early College High School is a very good and interesting school with so much diversity and so much culture. Rivera is always proud to show who they are and the school always stands at its best. Rivera counts with so many optional classes and electives. Another very well thing of Rivera is their administrators and the security. We have the best counselors and assistant principals.
I am a senior in Rivera early college high school and i can say that after four years of being here without a doubt i am 100% ready for college. The teachers here really prepare you for the next step. They treat us like actual college students so we can have a feeling of what college will be like. But there are some teachers that are just unfair and i will admit the food could be better. But besides those few minor things my high school experience couldn't have been better.
My experience in Rivera High School has been great since I have been studying there for only two years and I already learned a lot, in special the english language. I am surprised how much my teachers have taught me to know all I know today.
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Rivera has a good environment and its students are very prideful when it comes to school events such as pep rallies, school games, etc.. Almost every year as a student there have been events. I 'm a senior at the moment and there have been many trips and events that help me be involved in decisions regarding my decisions after I graduate. There have been program that help with testing that is required to graduate. The teachers do their best to help students with assignments and most of them make students feel comfortable. Besides the strictness and rules regarding the problems that staff faces I believe that Rivera Early College High school is a really good school to consider as of attending.
What I like about the school is that for the 4 years I've attended there they have a large variety of extracurricular activities as well as clubs that everyone can get involved in.
It was an average school with a few problems, not that great of staff, and lacked at times to of having an academic environment. School did prioritized safety, never had a problem with diversity, and had decent programs to get enough students involved.
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