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Although there are some good things about River Road, there tend to be more negative experiences than good ones. The school does not promote diversity or different ideas or opinions. A lot more thought goes into making sure football players pass their classes(even if it includes changing already submitted grades that non-athletic students wouldn't get the chance to correct.) rather than making sure every student is receiving the proper education they need. There are some very good teachers at the school but they are few and far between. The administration would rather quickly fill a vacancy than take the time to find someone who is actually passionate about teaching. Some teachers use this school for "experience" before moving on to more well-funded schools.
I am a senior at River Road High School and although I am excited to graduate and go to college, I will miss the experiences I had in RRHS. The teachers always pushed me to my limits, they pushed me to go farther because they saw the potential I had. River Road High School is a good school because it has allowed me to experience extracurricular activities, sports, and school related activities.
I have attended this school all 4 years. Each year, they change something to make the school better. I have seen so many improvements since 9th grade. I will miss this school dearly. The size of the school isn't too big or small, it's the perfect size. I am friends with everyone in this school and it is so easy to make friends because it's such a close community. The teachers care so much for the kids. In some schools, the teachers don't even know all their children. However, at RRHS, the teachers make it their goal to know and understand each of their students. I have had such great relationships with each of my teachers. This school really makes me feel welcomed and not alone ever.
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When I first arrived to river road I believe to be as a accepting school which it was but through the years I have attended it’s changed the academics are not the best and some of the things students get punished for are very uncalled for
I feel that our hallways are too small, and do not flow easily. I like that we are a small school, and so most people know each other, unlike large schools. I like our teachers, I feel that they do very well in their jobs. Also I love our administration, they care about the students, and making our school better.
River Road High School offers multiple programs and opportunities for its size with caring and dedidicated staff! As a small school district, you start to feel like one big family!
river road high school is pretty terrible. a few months ago there were multiple threats of a school shooting and the school did nothing about it. our teachers our the worst they have admitted they hate students and they have called students terrible names.
Well, as a band kid who didn't seem like they would fit into this school, they welcomed me with open arms and helped me to feel at ease and welcome into this school. The community itself is pretty amazing with the fact that everyone at least knows everyone and if something were to happen to anyone in the district, we tend to stick together as a family even though we are all different. The district itself respects their athletic kids as well as their band, choir, and theatre kids.
River Road has a small town atmosphere, everyone is involved and we are all like one big family, no one is left behind.
Enjoyable school very fun and good friends to be made, the teachers are enjoyable as well as the athletics..
I had an okay experience at River Road High, I personally think that they need to hire teachers that are willing to teach and not just leave.
Teachers are hardly available outside of school
They don't seem to care much.
School spirit is best out of everything else
There really isn't many to choose from
It's a good school I just wasn't as prepared for college as I thought I was going to be. The food isn't very good and most of the teachers really don't care. Some teachers are also coaches and all they care about is sports. There are a few select teachers who actually care about their students and helping them out.
There is hardly and student involvement the band has literaly less than 50 people and so does the choir.
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The teachers are great very friendly but also too friendly, you can say the word football to a male teacher and they would talk about that for the whole class period, when people come into the classroom the environment changes from negative to a more positive feeling and then once they leave it goes back to the dread feeling.
I felt as if teachers said that we would use somethings in college but i've never used any of what they said would. They would have military recruits come into the school very frequently like they were saying most of the students could not get into college so we should just go to the military. I didn't feel prepared for college at all.
I did not eat their food very often, I brought my own from home much better than what the school served and not a long wait time in line because I made my own.
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