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River Ridge Middle/High School Reviews

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I love it!! It is quite a redneck experience. It is a school in the middle of a cornfield. Nine out of ten kids here are farmers. It is a small rural community just trying to keep itself together. We help each other out, have a lot of weird and fun traditions, and we do not hurt each other. It is definitely a much better way to be raised than in a city.
I love my school!!!!! I live in a very rural area. At my school there are very many students involved in sports and extracurriculars. We don't have a lot of drugs or violence around here. Everybody knows everybody, and we have very small class sizes, with great, knowledgeable teachers, who have good relationships with their students. Because everybody is so close, we are all like one big family. My school is a lot different than big city schools where you might not know everyone is your class. Because we are so close we stand up for one another, and we help each other out a lot.
I wouldn't rather go anywhere else!!!!!
River Ridge is a great school if you are looking for small class sizes and great one-on-one assistance from teachers!
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We are set for bullying as I have yet to notice any problems with kids being bullied.
There are plenty of clubs to join and the commitment from most students is highly involved.
I would definitely go to this school again as I enjoyed the people here and since it is same you can be involved in a lot more activities.
The teaching quality at my school is pretty good. The only reason that it is not the best as we have had three teachers retire and the new teachers are trying to get set up in the school. They have been settling in the school very nicely have I have been learning a lot.
River Ridge offers college-prep classes,and online AP classes to students which is great. We have good faculty, overall nice facilities, average lunches, it's great that they also offer breakfast. River Ridge is okay on keeping up with new technology with the funding that they have. The parents are involved a lot which is great on the behalf of the students in academics and/or extra-curricular activities.
Extracurriculars are very important to this school as well as your last name.
Staff helped prepare for college. However, some staff encouraged kids to take the easy route out and not go through all the schooling they originally wanted to and encourages kids to go to the local technical school.
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