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River Oaks School Reviews

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My kids love River Oaks! Teachers are excellent! My son is a senior and is well prepared for college! Need more sports participation!
Have two kids that go to River Oaks? Best decision we have made! Wish sports were more of a priority!
This school is such a great place to be a student. The faculty is supportive and knows everyone by name. This school has really prepared me for collage in the fall. It offers a variety of online classes both dual enrollment and non. River Oaks also has many clubs: French club, Interact, FCS, and more. This school is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.
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This school has me ready for college and the teacher are nice enough to help if you need to understand something to you in a different way
My child has come out of her shell since attending River Oaks School. River Oaks offers and encourages their students to be a part of many different sports, clubs and community service organizations. The teachers and staff are the best!
river oaks provides a variety of extra curricular activities, and adds new ones as needed.
the school responds well to emergencies, students are closely monitored by teachers and school staff, bullying is not tolerated. our school is like a close-nit family.
The school tries to provide students with every opportunities they can
Wouldn't want to go anywhere else!
Nice mix of clubs and sports for all students with more becoming available.
The school is very welcoming. If a student is even just considering attending, they do everything they can to make them feel at home and find a good fit in the school. After getting accepted, both parents and students just mix right in. We love new people.
Very helpful. If someone if not a good influence or not helpful, they will find someone who is. Staff and parents are always trying to improve the school to make it better and more enjoyable for students
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