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Very good because I chose to make it that way. If I hadn’t I probably would’ve given the school a 1 star review. I have many fond memories at this school, most of them don’t have anything to do with actually learning and getting prepared for college. I don’t know if things have changed but there were a lot of problems with this school when I attended. This was mostly attributed to the terrible management/admin running the school district as a whole. Doesn’t get much worse. Luckily I had a good group of friends, and the teachers and coaches liked me. I tried to get involved as much as one can at a school that offered two electives (art and Spanish) and made you pay $200 per sport. In some ways I was prepared for college, but the complete lack of caring by the teachers (who had mostly given up caring because the administration quit caring, can’t blame them) really allowed me to slide by without trying the slightest bit.
River high school is a very average school but the thing I like the most is how everyone can come together in a fast need and get the job done.
It has a few great teachers, but not a great range of classes to take. Everyone focuses on sports more than education here. Our funding is way down and the students are punished for it. This school needs to focus more on what's best for the kids not for the media.
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I felt entering college, I was further behind then the incoming freshmen. Academics needs to be the focus at River and not athletics. I have heard how great the new football field is, and how nice the basketball gym is, but I haven't heard anything about academics. Your not producing NBA players or NFL players, so your focus needs to be on academics. It's sad that River and the hole district is rated one of the worse districts in the state! It could be a very good school and district.
River High School is a small school of about 200 students. Everyone knows everyone and most of the teachers know all of our siblings, parents, and grandparents. Being such a small school is nice at times, however it seems that people cause a lot of problems with each other. No one is really motivated to do their work and I would like to see that change.
River High School opened its doors to me on 2015 when I was an exchange students. The friendly environment made me feel as in home in only the first days I arrived. Additionally, the teachers are all very helpful, open to help their students in every task needed, and very enthusiastic in sharing and promoting school spirit. River High School not only made me part of their community, but also to their family and their great education. Most of its student are encouraged to pursue and college degree; furthermore to go after what is best for them in order to succeed.
River High School is a small campus with great personality. Here, students have close relationships with others. Teachers are always here to assist those who need a little extra instruction.
Sports are the most common extracurricular activities and not much else.
We do not even have music, economics, or trades.
Our health policies have deteriorated.
Most of the teachers do an adequate job.
There are not too many activities to choose from and if the students already in it do not like you, they will not except you.
If there were something that I could improve about my school, it would be the people who pick on others.
The atmosphere is always great because of the spirit
Ohio University supports every sport. OU Oh Yeah!
The school administration at Ohio University is great. They always make decisions with the student in mind. They also allow a student representative at their meetings.
Ohio University is excellent in protecting students with APD and the University Police. During fests in Athens, there are hundreds of cops on horses to ensure that the house parties don't get too out of hand. We don't necessarily like it but they are only there to protect us. There is also a place to go if you're sick with a cold, flu, or even UTI. They also tests for STDs just incase. They are excellent in helping us with whatever we need. There are hundreds of clubs and support groups for anything you can think of. The student really does come first at Ohio University.
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I've been a million times happier since I graduated high school. I did not enjoy it at all. In the fall after I graduated, I decided to go to the Eastern campus of Ohio University in Saint Clairsville, Ohio. I am majoring in Anthropology. I stayed at OUE for one semester then decided to relocate to Athens to the main campus of Ohio University. That was the best decision of my life. I absolutely love OU and Athens and I love going to school there. I didn't feel prepared at all after graduation because I knew I hadn't had the best high school experience. I had experienced all the different cultures and environments that I wanted to before I left for Athens but I definitely see plenty of different culture aspects there. I am so ready for August so I can go back to school.
the only clubs or anything River has are involving dances, National Honor society, ski club, and student council. these are the only clubs that are offered my senior year. therefore not many options to choose from.
wee have about two fantastic teachers. one is science one is english. they also teacher the advanced classes that are offered. these teachers genuinely care about the student and wish for them to succeed. the rest of the teachers are only interested in money and could care less about the students.
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