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River Forest Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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My name is Alexander Lee Hogan. I attend River Forest and will be a senior this fall. I honestly have no complaints when it comes to my school what so ever. The teaching staff is amazing. If I ever had trouble with any of the curriculum, they were always there for me. Administration is amazing as well. They have lots of school spirit and always make my day better. I wrestle an have played football for the school and the coaches are amazing. They push each and every athlete to be the best they can be. There are no favorites in the sport. They teach us that we are a family and we look out for one another no matter what. In conclusion, I recomend this school to anyone who moves to the northwest Indiana area.
I’ve been around here for a while and you kind of become a family with others and the community. There’s always someone trying to help you get going and although sometimes it’s not all good. You learn a lot. They care a lot about sports.
Although I feel the education is not as strong as it should be, I enjoyed my experience with RF because we are such a small school, which means it's easier to have one on one help with teachers. Plus everyone knows each other. RF is my home. The food is better but still poor quality.
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I graduated from RF and I truly believe it is a great school with some flaws, of coarse. I graduated at the top of my class but wasn’t always challenged in the academics since not as many AP/DC are offered. The academics overall are great and my teachers truly cared about me, you get out what you put in. I was able to get into college no problem and I had so much support the whole way. The staff really does make the school great. It’s a bit of a diamond in the rough but I wouldn’t of wanted to go to any other high school
Going to high school here was probably as middle of the road as going to high school could be. I consider the place overall to lean somewhere between Average and Poor. Many of my high school teachers were very memorable and did a great job teaching me. some of my favorites were : Mr. Sopko , Ms.Erickson , Mr. Whiting (retired) , Mr.Reed , Mrs.DeRolf , and a few others. I didn't really like faculty too much , and we had a new principal pretty much every year , a sign that something keeps going wrong behind the scenes there. I established some great friendships while going there.
I am giving this school a five star rating because I currently go to this school and I found that the academics and the classes at this school are fantastic. I love being able to call myself a River Forest Ingot. I think that anyone in the school district would think the same things about this school as me.
At river forest it’s very different and diverse, everyone treats each other like family. There’s a lot of bonds created with the teachers and students.
River Forest is a school where you fit in no matter who you are. There are a lot of different people, races, religions, beliefs, and much more. All the teachers and administrators try their absolute best to make sure you are doing the best you possibly can.
The reason I love River Forest is mostly due to its size. Since we are so small, everybody knows everyone, we are a family.
Friendly, approachable, slow on grading, lenient, understanding
This school is very small and close-knit. However, the athletic programs lack in terms of coaching and support. There is school pride here and there but many kids do not care enough about their education. Some teachers are too easy and some teachers don't even teach. I have gone to this same school my whole life and while there are positive aspects, the bad mostly outweighs the good. It's small school and it's poor. It can be compared to be part of a broke family. Lots of love but not enough money to go around.
Although some critics would declare that this school does not provide the greatest education, I would disagree because you get out of what you put into it. There may be several kids failing classes but there are also students like myself who push themselves and prove to the teacher that I deserve a higher grade than those slacking behind.
I like this school because the staff and teachers really show that they care about the students. The school spirit is amazing and If I had to choose a high school i would choose river forest again a million times
overall policies are good but some improvement is needed.
Athletic facilities need some improvement. Schol spirit is high. Students are very proud to wear the ingots colors.
The teachers at river forest show that they care about the students. They are very knowledgeable and they incorporate new technology in the classroom. they motivate students to do good.
This school has a variety of after school activities that students can participate on.
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Our school has an anti bullying policy and are very strict about it. They perform regular fire drills, lock down simulations and have regular drug searches. The nurse is always available and very efficient.
we dont always get the classes we want
the principal is not always avalable
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