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I love the people at Lind-Ritzville high school. I would like to see the culture in the sports program change.
As a parent I find the school reasonably secure. The staff seem responsive to my child’s needs (some have to be pushed a little). Bullying is limited and usually promptly taken care of. Overall a nice school with reasonable education opportunities. The school was fully remodeled in 2018-2019.
It was a perfect place to learn leadership roles through many opportunities like sports and clubs. I learned a lot of skills through these extracurriculars like leadership, positivity, communication, collaboration, and many others that have prepared me for college.
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I loved growing up in the small and close-knit community ritzville has. it’s somewhere where I have grown and realized who I am and what i want to become. I am involved in sports and other extra curricular activities and I have enjoyed my time doing these things. I have overall enjoyed my experience so far with ritzville high school.
I enjoy the part about LRS being a small school but overall students are left unprepared for college. We can't take SAT nor ACT tests in school so we have to travel 50 miles to the nearest testing location. Mathematics and English are good and on par. But no classes are offered that prepare students with the knowledge of carreer and college dynamics.
best thing is that you get one on one with the teachers. easy to focus and get good grades.
Helpful teachers and overly eager/strict principal
High acheiving clubs that compete at nationals
The food is all pre-made that comes in shipments. I Don't ever eat school lunches.
This school has been able to prepare me for college level classes with advanced placement classes such as english, math, science, and history. The teachers are more than willing to help you achieve the highest level of success in order to prevail throughout high school and into college. I would choose this school all over again in a heartbeat, everyone here is extremely helpful and understanding.
There are classes offered to help prepare students for college and to challenge them. The teachers do whatever necessary to help students succeed. With it being a small school, scheduling can sometimes be a conflict.
Every friday at school we have school spirit day and everybody dresses up for the game. We paint the gym red or black sometimes because those are our colors so the crowd does it. Mostly all the blechers are filled with people at home games. Our fitness program is goot we have weight training classes.
At our school we have Sports, FFA, FCLA, Honor society, Pep Band, Math Club,
My school is a small school this mean everybody knows everybody. My school is like one big happy family we never treat eachother bad and we are all willing to help you out, you just have to reach out o us if you need it!
this school is small but its awesome at doing the best they can in trying to help everyone. the entire staff works hard to help every single student, even if they don't want the help.
the athletic program is very limited but we do make do with what we have. we love our sports and our players and there is tons of school spirit. we always try to attend every game and show others that our school is huge at heart and not in size.
students aren't allowed to wear hats or open toed shoes. the open toed shoes is kind of ridiculous. especially during the spring. kids will be asked to call someone to get them new shoes or go home and gets some new shoes.
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we did have a bomb threat but it was out of our county. the police and administration it would be best if all side doors would be locked from the outside so no intruders could get in. the only way in to the school is the front of it. it keeps the towns people feel safe about their children's well being.
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