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Ritenour High School is not a bad school but it does have some flaws. Some of the teachers and staff are very rude. They sometimes have attitudes and act like they don't want to help you. But other than that, I do say that college counselors are really helpful with sharing many opportunities with students about college information, scholarships, job opportunities, and many more. You can also take dual enrollment/credit and if you meet the requirements you can go for free!
There are more minority teachers here than at any other high school in Missouri and they get the struggles that people in our community go through. Principles, counselors, and office workers could be better with communicating and understanding their students.
Most of the problems of the school comes with the students. Other than that, it's fairly decent. I will say, the school is very diverse, and you'll almost certainly find at least somebody you'll connect with.
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What I like about Ritenour High School is that they have different clubs and after-school activities that people could join. Since I am a freshman I am still exploring and finding out more cool things about Ritenour High School. l one thing I would like to change is the school Should associate more with Hands On projects.
The school is very caring about their students and they provide a lot of support when it comes to college.
The Fact that the teachers choose to build a relationship with all the students , not just the ones in the classroom but within the whole building .
Overall, my experience at Ritenour Sr. High had a major impact on my college readiness and attitude toward school. Transferring from a private school showed me that the AP classes here were a little inferior to private school education. The teachers did care about their students, and the resources were readily available to those who seemed it. There were a lot of physical altercations and very little punishment. The general attitude of students was not to receive an education, but to simply finish high school, contrary to the high school I was at prior. The classroom sizes and student-to-faculty ratio was pretty good, and allowed for easy learning for all in each class. The school prepares the AP students for college, but does not do a good job preparing the rest of the students.
I liked that this high school is very diverse and open to all people form all communities and backgrounds. This school also strives to make sure everyone receives the best education, no matter financial or socioeconomic status. The curriculum is also very rigorous based on students cognizance. Changes I would like to see, however, are more extracurricular activity participation and better funded classrooms and school lunches.
Ritenour is over all A great school. I have enjoyed learning here and its so diverse so I continued to learn new things every day about new people and different races. I did have a few issues with a few teachers but it wasn’t anything I couldn’t fix with a few calls and communication. This school isn’t perfect but it surely is changing and giving opportunities left and right.
Overall it’s great. You get what you put into the school. There are so many opportunities, but you have to be willing to go out and take advantage of them.
The school itself is very diverse with many students. The staff members involve the students in a few things, including the school board.
I loved the diversity. Each student had a different path in life thought out. I also love some of the teachers who took their job seriously and really cared for our education!
It was okay. The teachers were good,the school lunch was nasty and a lot of students go there thus it was a bit crowded.
As a student it has really good academics and great sports, but the people are what makes the school look bad, even though we are really diverse.
The building itself has a dated, yet pleasant looking appearance. Overall, it's just like any other underfunded public school. Only this one is extremely diverse. There are students from different countries, socio-economics backgrounds, and lifestyles which is really interesting and cool. Yet, as a whole the entire school is just mediocre, but it does allow one's child to get a nice education.
works very well with all students and staff, the teachers are a very good support to talk with if needed
A lot of people like to look down on Ritenour, but as someone who could've gone to a much worse school, it's much more diverse than most St. Louis High Schools (racially, economically, etc.), and has so many academic opportunities available. If you want a class, chances are Ritenour offers it, or will make it available.
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I really enjoyed my time at Ritenour High School! The students and teachers were all really nice and happy to learn. I really liked the clubs that were offered before and after school and I love that the classes are so varied and offer so many options to students. We also had a good time at lunch; teachers' and staff would sometimes play music and we had pingpong in the back of the lower lobby. However, I wish there was more security since it is a large public school and we only have a few resource officers in the building.
Ritenour High School is a very diverse place, and a good place to learn. Most all of the teachers are good at their jobs and very helpful whenever students come asking for help.
So many opportunities. Huge variety of classes. No matter what career path you chose they have classes to help you get there. Along with sports and after school activities.
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