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I've attended Ripon High for going on three years now. I've had amazing teachers who've truly strengthened my academic abilities, but, as with all schools, I've unfortunately had a minor few who didn't do much for my learning. Regardless, both academics and athletics are strong at Ripon High, and it is a well-rounded environment where popularity isn't prominent and students and athletes support one another.
Ripon High School is an average school, a focus on football and pushing students into college. Girls sports are put on a back-burner, and the students involved in the Leadership program decide how everything is going to happen for the year. The school's appearance to parents is the primary goal of the staff and I'd personally had issues with attendance, where I would show up to class and still be marked absent- it got to the point I was unfairly marked truant and had to involve my parents in explaining the fault of the staff. There's been highs and lows thanks to these factors.
Ripon High prides itself on its test scores and over-achiever output for colleges, but what isn't seen is the students that get "harvested", or otherwise sent to an "alternative" named Harvest High, which is where students who need credits or students who can't make the Ripon High mold are sent to, because it improves Ripon High's numbers.
It was a small school so you got to know everyone. They made it interesting by hosting a lot of events. The town is small so it makes it seem like its boring and not much to do. But we were always safe and teachers and parents care about every one of the students.
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Everyone at Ripon High including the staff are very kind and understanding. The staff with an exception to some encourage their students to learn and teach them. The athletics department is very competitive and I'm lucky to be a part of it, it's like a second family.
For a small town, the size of the school is just the right size. The courses aren’t as challenging as they should be to prepare students for college and the variety of classes students can take are not vast.
What I love about Ripon High is the dedication the staff has to its students. The principal makes it a point to try and mostly succeeds in learning his students names and being able to piece siblings together. All the teacher on staff are their to try and help the students grow.
What I would want to see change is the course curriculum, in the aspect of more challenging classes.
I have been a student at Ripon High for four years. I have enjoyed every day that I have been at this high school, whether it was the teachers or other students that brought that smile to my face. Everyone involved at the school has such an amazing spirit and admiration for the culture and you do not see much elsewhere. The teachers are great educators and are always willing to learn and evolve with the students. With the school not being able to constantly afford new books, the teachers find a way to make sure we can learn to the best of our abilities. It is not always easy, but they somehow make it work.
Ripon High has allowed me to develop strong, unforgettable relationships with many of my teachers and classmates. The positive atmosphere of the school has made each day one to remember and I never felt out of place. I am extremely pleased with the kindness of the staff over my four years at this school and their ways of teaching. The staff is quite intelligent and made learning experiences fun. In the future, I hope this small, yet amazing school develops more and reconstructs to allow more kids to come.
Ripon High School has a really great student and staff. Everyone is super friendly, and there’s always someone around.
I love the opportunities and the positive atmosphere here at RHS! There are so many ways to express yourself through the programs and clubs on campus. The only thing that would make the school better, would be if it had more diversity.
Before coming to Ripon, I went to a school with far less resources and opportunities. I don’t think many Ripon students realize how good it is here. It isn’t the best school in Wisconsin, but it’s gotta be up there. Most teachers really try to help get you where you need to be.
Ripon High is an amazing high school filled with good people, teachers, and school spirit. The reason I love Ripon High so much is because of the sports I have participated in throughout my years here. The coaches the teams and the people who come support the games are amazing aspects of Ripon high. Although some of the staff can be a little odd, overall the teachers always have the student's best interests in mind.
I believe Ripon High School has some of the best teacher around, with of course the very few who are not as good. They are caring and helpful and build good relationships with their students.
I was very involved in Ripon High so I had a great time. The teachers are supportive and nice. Our athletic teams are also very good. My soccer team won sections and went onto state. I just enjoy going to school every day and I love going to Ripon High.
The facilities need to be updated and the staff has a habit of making students feel like they are not smart enough. Also, not much is done about behavior issues.
Ripon High School is a school that allows students to feel safe and secure while continuing to expand their education and help students find the person they want to become. The school encourages students to be themselves and to follow their dreams in whatever educational path they pursue.
It is a really good school. There are a lot of different clubs to enter. There are also a lot of sports. You make new friends that you can count on. You are always being looked after by the staff. The staff is also there to help you. Everyone there is really nice. We have so many college prep classes that get you ready for college too.
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The teachers at Ripon High are always willing to help you if you need additional help and most teachers are understanding if you are going through tough circumstances. Ripon High has the AP system, and most teachers are very good at teaching their respective subjects. A majority of the clubs are not proactive and membership dwindles throughout the year. Football is the main sport, and the whole community seems to get involved in it. Diversity seems to lack, as Ripon is mainly a white/Hispanic community. Classes of multiple levels are offered for students of all levels. Ripon is known as a very safe community, and police officers are always around to enforce safety. This school has just under 1000 students. There isn't much diversity in the classes offered; the science and fine arts departments are fairly small and don't offer the variety that other schools do.
For being such a small school, Ripon High School does a great job with their sports and academics. The coaches I worked with were excellent and were much more involved than what was required of them. The teachers were usually passionate about their subject material and aimed to help students whenever they could. Many of my teachers also made it a point to get to know me as a person, not just a student. I always felt safe at Ripon High and it was a great community to go through high school in.
I loved the friendly atmosphere of Ripon High School. Teacher and staff were always there to help, and I went into college extremely prepared.
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