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Great small school (400 Students) with a Christian foundation. Teachers do a great job getting you ready for college. Good sports program and plenty of teams to choose from for a small school.
I attended Ripon Christian Schools K-12 and look forward to sending my children there too. I cannot recommend the school enough. Some of the reasons being, small class sizes, teachers that truly care about their students, competitive athletic programs, and faith integration into every single aspect of learning. This is a place where you can feel safe and sure that your child is being taken care of and getting the best education possible.

Parent involvement is huge and there is a really great community of parents at the school. This is the only school to offer PE and music classes for grades K-12, as well as specialized art and other programs for 5-12. The science and Ag programs in high school are incredible. Over 90% of the graduates go on to a 4-year college and there is a huge opportunity for scholarships. RC does everything right and includes faith-based learning in every single aspect of their teaching.
This school has been very unwelcoming for me. I am not white and therefore have been bullied at this school. I'm deeply disappointed that these people label themselves as Christians but show no portrayal as such. I've felt unwelcomed and bullied every single day I've been here. If you aren't white, yo don't fit in.
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This school has absolutely no diversity. I've never felt welcomed here. You either fit in or you don't. You should be expected to be made fun of by white people if you are of any other skin color. I would highly suggest to not go to this school.
You will graduate from Ripon Christian prepared for college. The academics, athletic programs and facilities are top notch. The students however, are two faced snobs.
Nice to have people who hold onto values running a Christian school. Tough for new kids, everyone knows everyone and is related. Small Dutch community. Solid people. Great for college prep. Very conservative, Calvinist ideology. Sports excel in small school divisions. Athletes stay eligible as they come from hard working families. Great counselor who cares for students. Best private school around.
I came as a junior to this school. The community was very welcoming and helped my family through major struggles. The teachers are willing to help you if you have troubles in the class and the friends you make at the school will last a lifetime.
I really enjoy the caring environment. The academics are good, the athletics are great, and we have the chance to expand our faith.
I would like to see Ripon Christian be less judgmental of people and their families. It's either the schools way or no way.
My experience at Ripon Christian is a positive one. They have a great academic program and raise up young Christians leaders through bible courses, chapels, and more. However, there is very little diversity in the school and not many electives to chose from. There are only a few AP courses as well, which makes it even more difficult to reach a higher GPA, despite the higher learning system.
RC has been a gift to our family, our 3 kids and I attended. The students are prepared not only for college but for life as a decent, kind human being. Teachers who truly care about each student, and practice what they preach make all the difference! Administration and school board are also devoted to the well-being of the students and the school. Our experience of entering as new students in 6th & 8th grade was great, a welcoming community of students! Our college sophomore was very well prepared for college academics. Love this school!
I really like the teachers who are eager to help. I also like the learning environment. The extracurricular activities are very fun to be apart of.
Although the school is quite tight-knit and small, it still offers a variety of clubs, sports, and other activities that allow students to get to know one another.
Amazing private Christian school. My children are engaged fully with their teachers. They are being prepared for college and their next level of academics. It is a perfect school because of the size and the teacher to student ratio is very small.. and they get individual attention.
I like the community at Ripon Christian. All the teachers know students personally and strike up conversations with them. The class makes anyone new feel welcome right away, and grade level isn’t an issue in making lasting friendships. I would like to have more languages available, because there’s only one option currently. I would like to have sports and athletics not clash so much. Sometimes coaches tell athletes to schedule appointments during the school day so they don’t interfere with practice. Teachers are understanding about athletes having to leave class though, and they give plenty of time for them to make up tests missed. Our school counselor is really amazing at helping each student figure out everything college-related. Overall Ripon Christian has some great staff members and a more individual approach because of its small size. I have had a pretty good experience with the school and people in it.
This school is pretty good for being very small. There is a good variety of athletic teams to choose from. This school does not need a football team - too small.
Excellent school, great teachers, awesome sports programs. Great parent and teacher interaction. College counseling is great. Attended from kindergarten through 12th grade.
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I'm currently a Senior at Ripon Christian, I have enjoyed the school spirit and the family atmosphere. Most of all the education is OUTSTANDING spiritually and academically. I would defiantly recommend this school.
I loved this school, I transferred here my junior year, and was overwhelmed by the great Christian atmosphere. All the students are friendly and willing and open to talk. The teachers are great and challenged me in all of my classes but are there to help when there is a problem. The campus is also great with amazing sports facilities and well maintained equipment, lockers, and classrooms.
I grew up in this school, attending from K-12 like a good little Riponite does. I always thought I was getting a fairly normal experience, that is until I began to talk to people who attend other schools. I realized that the way our school functions socially is actually quite twisted and entirely inappropriate. You either get to be a part of the popular crowd, which extends back years, or you get to live in an environment that cultivates self-hatred and feelings of inadequacy, shame, and confusion. However, if you are strong enough to brave the waves of peer rejection and social isolation, there is a silver lining. The teachers are amazing, encouraging, and educated people that go above and beyond their jobs on paper to educate. They provide unmatched support and insight to the real world, and I cannot breathe a single word of bad against them without it being slander, or libel in this case I suppose.
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