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Only a few teachers care about the students. No one cares about mental health or bullying. There are no honor classes for the advanced students. There is mold in the ceiling tiles. The ceiling leak during the rainy season.
Ripley high school have a good diversity of clubs to join. There food is good but would have more opinions of fruits
Ripley High School offered a very poor experience. Most of the staff were not very friendly and neither were the students.
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My experience at Ripley High School has been a very satisfying one. I moved here my freshman year and since I have excelled in my academics. The people here are great to work and learn with. The teachers are very helpful in lots of ways other than learning.
I liked the marching band. Most of the teachers really wanted us to learn. The sports programs were good for the most part.
Ripley High School brought me closer to people. It pushed me to achieve more and succeed in my school work. It prepared me for college with the college level classes. I would not change anything about the school.
Ripley High School is filled with phenomenal teachers. They are eager to help you in any way that they possibly can. The teachers,staff and authority are all empathethic in some way.
When we our having fun as a school or when we're out of school or something. My school is really not all that great, but we try I guess.
There is a lot of community involvement. Everyone in the city gathers for school-related events. The people are amazing in their own ways. Everyone has different talents and skills. This year's administration was the best in about 4-5 years.
It was a decent experience. The teachers are pretty relaxed but the students are disrespectful to the staff and other students. The administrative staff are usually pretty understanding in a conflict.
The dual enrollment program was the best part about attending the high school. There was not much guidance for students from teachers, or advisors. Instead of sending disruptive students out of the class, however, teachers would stop teaching class because of these individuals. It was more like attending a circus instead of a school.
There are different subjects taught by teachers, but there are no Honors or Ap classes. Sometimes it is difficult for me, or any other gifted student, to be challenged.
There is total acceptence over the cultural diversity of Ripley High School.
Most of the students dont't care about their education, and the parents do not contribute to their learning.
All teachers and students wear identification, but the school could still use a take more security actions.
This school has no Advanced classes for those that need a little extra challenge. The sponsors rarely care about the arts, and the school is mainly nothing but rowdy, disrespectful individuals.
There are some teachers that care highly about their students,while other teachers just care about getting a paycheck and having the kids something to do.
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My child was involved in both BETA and DECA. They both required extra time and commitment for both students and teachers.
My child had excellent teachers all four years of high school!
My child felt safe at Ripley High School. I was informed if he was sick or missed school as well. This school also has a police officer on duty at all times. I think Ripley High School has excellent safety and health programs in place.
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