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I like that we are from a community where parents want the best for their children. I like that we are small and everyone know each other. I like that we are a very diverse school.
RHS has been a great place to get an education. We have caring teachers and principal/assistant principal who care about not only my education, but my wellbeing and safety!
The Faculty and staff are always ready to help anyone on need. They will stop and ask you about your day and how you feel. Ripley always makes you feel wanted and nurtured.
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I enjoyed being in the Marching Band at Ripley. I would really like for there to be more involvement of the parents in the band program.
Ripley High School is the best. The teachers are outstanding and the sport programs are amazing. The part I wish they can change is the dress code, only because I want to feel comfortable walking around the school.
It had so much fun here and I experienced a lot of many different things. It’s a great school to get you to do at least something in your. Either work or go to college or go to the army. I couldn’t think what other school I rather be at.
It is a good school. The teachers want to see you graduate. I do think the administration needs to improve.
Teachers are extremely involved and supportive. Facilities are all in superior condition. Administration should put more care into the students.
I have been at Ripley Schools for 13 years. Administrators are quick to fix any problem and take concerns very seriously.
I always wished there would be more things to be a part of in highshool. You really can’t help making this school very fun and entertaining because everyone knows everyone here. It gets a little old and you get tired of it. But overall. I have met all of my childhood friends here and I am so thankful for it. They have helped me through it and make me the person u am now. The teachers are also very kind and sweet. And they will do anything to see you be successful. Any teacher would want that for their students but there is just something special about the teachers we have here. Always give us life time advice and stories that one can’t forget. Teach us life lessons. But I’m happy to be ending my high school career here. It was all fun while it lasted but for the future. I hope to see it grow more and more over time. That would be a great sight to see for me
I’ve been here my entire life and have enjoyed my time. The teachers do their best to help each and every student in any way possible.
Ripley High School is a marvelous school. Everyone makes you feel welcomed and the teachers always go over and beyond to help you in anything that you need. It’s very small which makes things better, because everyone knows each other. It just feels like being part of a family. The classes are hard but it’s incredible because when the state test come they are easy due to the classes being hard. The classes challenge you to be the best that you can be. Overall I love Ripley High School. When I got hurt the teachers were really nice about letting me leave early due to the complications that would bring if I left eveyone would leave because of my crutches.
Ripley high school is amazing , they have amazing teachers and everything !! But one thing that i hate at this school Is the food it is horrible and I wish they would put salt in stuff .
Love the assistant principal, several teachers, school secretary and the block schedule. Very safe and clean environment and average sports teams.
I would like them to change the way they cook there food and how they dont let us wear thick head bands
i loved the fact that Ripley is a small town southern school, but the rules were absolutely ridiculous. the dress code was strict , students couldn't not have their phones and lastly on campus policemen searched the students cars while in class.
Most of the teachers that really care about the students and want to see them succeed. I would have liked to see a lot more organization in the administration, which is really lacking.
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Ripley is a great school. The teachers are great and very helpful. Band program is one of the best in the state and the athletics are great and very sportsman like
It's Very Nice Helps Me Understand Things more . At My school They Help Us With A lot and Get Ago understand us all on a One On one level.
My experience at Ripley High School has been overall great. I have learned a lot from my teachers and other personnel at the school. While at Ripley I have enjoyed my math and science classes and this has made me want to further my education in medicine.
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