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Overall my experience at Rio Vista High has been rather well. I have made many friends and the active support of the staff have created a well rounded learning environment. With an emphasis on safe spaces and diversity our school is a great place to be and provides a unique experience like no other.
The school overall is pretty normal, as many of the staff and teachers are very excellent workers. But when it comes to the actual overall environment for the students, I would say that is when it starts to spike down as the campus is pretty dirty as we lack funding in our schools.
Too small, some teachers are nice but my personal experience was bad due to the other students and things that I had going on during my time there.
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My experience at Rio Vista High School was great, I had a complete change in academics, personality and just myself as a person in general. Thanks to the staff mostly our consolar, Alduenda. She along with the avid teacher taught us so much about college and the avid teacher was as well the English teacher and she for sure got us prepared for college. The staff gave so much support to everyone ! Regardless of anything the staff was there and helped anyone through their struggles. All the teachers take time to help student outside office hours. After schools they would host college workshops and sometimes during school hours they would provide the reading and writing workshops. Students helped other students in what they were struggling and that was a good way to socialize. The clubs there were also all very supportive, I myself was vice-President of the Acts if Random Kindness club, this club would find ways to spread kindness through the high school. Rio Vista High is a great school.
Rio vista high school is great school. It is very small which allows students and staff to be closer. I have gone to rio vista high school all 4 years and loved it! All the staff is grey and very helpful. Even tho we are a small school we still offer Ap classes and other cool things! Rio vista high is a great school !!
Rio Vista is a great high school because everyone knows everyone and all students have good communication with teachers. I am able to talk to my teachers whenever I need too and trust my teachers. Rio Vista high school is a good school.
Rio Vista is a very city, with a small community. Our school is very small with about 400-500 student's total. The teachers are very friendly and helpful
Decent school with some dedicated teachers and an overall safe environment. Your experience at the school is what you make of it.
I liked how everyone was involved and there to help you. It has great teachers and good clubs to join.
The Campus is very small and open. Teachers are good and treat all students the same. Wide variety of clubs to join along with all staple sports
Rio Vista High School is a great school. Although, it is the only school offered that is very close to home, it has many advantages. Being a small school, you get more one on one time with teachers to discuss anything, school or personal related. Colleges take the fact that the school is smaller than most and they can see how much money is offered at the school for academics, like how many AP classes are offered or provided for example.
Rio Vista high School is a small school about 300 students attending. Everyone knows each other and could get help from teachers easily. A con I have to say is lack of safety at the school. There’s no camera on campus and at parking lots as well pretty much open area for anyone to get in. Such as being able to obtain a officers to check you before you get into the school
Although this is a small school with very few students per class, you will meet people that are so open and welcoming to everyone; something you will not be able to find within large-scaled schools. The only thing that would be harsh is how the academic environment is very limited with only so many AP courses available.
The school is very small, so you can have a great relationship with the teachers and students on campus. We offer a good amount of AP courses for a school of our size(less than 500 people) and a variety of clubs and sports. We're a bit underfunded, so some of the things on campus are out of date, but overall a great school.
The teachers at RVHS are great and take your education seriously. Though it is a small school, there are a lot of fun programs that you can get involved in. The people are nice and they do everything they can to help you succeed.
The principals are the worst principals I’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime. I moved schools twice in my life so I’ve gone to a few and seen how most principals are. They constantly overreact for example the principal got mad and called a student in there office for spinning a scooter wheel and saying hi to their friend. The school hasn’t even updated their calendar for next year and no ones aware when we go back to school. I honestly don’t understand how the principal and vice principal have not been fired yet. I assume the school board isn’t aware of the multiple things they’ve done wrong. It is what it is. But I hope this reviews brings someone to an awareness of what’s going on.
My school is made up of 500 students or less my experience has been average because of the lack of spirit and no college readiness. Certain teachers and the counselor talk about college constantly but they never truly provide us with the information we need. The lack of spirit doesn’t make school fun or exciting. There’s not much we can do with the small amount of students that we have. Parents are involved and do a lot for our school but many students don’t want to participate so it makes it harder to move on as a class.
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My experience at Rio Vista High School has been memorable. I entered high school thinking that I wouldn't have a good time, but the teachers and my peers made it the best. My teachers were always very supportive and caring. I liked them so much that I wrote letters to each of them to explain to them how grateful I was. My peers were amazing too. Everyone around you wants to be successful so they were hardworking as well. I enjoyed taking the classes and some were out of my comfort zone, but I learned a whole lot from taking those electives. In Rio Vista High School, everyone is a family because we are such a small community. I don't think I would change anything about my school. I will be sad to leave when I graduate.
During my two years of high school at Rio Vista, I have had many mixed emotions towards different subjects of the school. For example, many sports at RVHS are lacking in money and support from fellow students. The only sports truly supported by money and students are male football and basketball. This was very discouraging to me, especially since I play volleyball,soccer, softball, and I swim. The academics are average, with few AP classes and majority of college prep. The AVID class is excellent and highly recommended.
I love my High School. I like how we don't have a high student enrollment. It allows for a more personalized experience. Everybody knows everybody, and the teachers really care about us.
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