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My experience in Rio Linda High School was good, I found a purpose to continue studying and preparing myself for a better life. The school itself has a great staff, the office helps everyone as much as they can. The school has school spirit yet, students don't participate in school events. The teachers help as much as possible, they have an excellent Spanish program which I suggest the school should help out more. School clubs are very active and help students feel part of a community.
Rio Linda is a typical public high school. I think a highlight of the entire school is it’s vast diversity and activities. The different backgrounds each student comes from allows for each person to find someone they can relate with. While I’d personally not rate the food very highly, the other aspects of the school are primarily positive.
Rio Linda High School is a warm and lovely place to learn, however there are some things that could always improve.
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It promoted a diverse atmosphere which has a group for any person to be involved in. The teaching is on-point a lot, and the environment was overall enjoyable to be a part of. However, I did not take kindly to the food or peers at the school, and the school was fairly dirty. Although, I enjoyed the atmosphere and the teachers enough to bypass the flaws.
Rio Linda is an amazing school that has a solid AP program, pathways for careers, and Supurb support for students going to college. I would not be where I am today without Rio Linda High School and the lifelong skills that I have learned from the school.
Rio Linda High School is very diverse in numbers and ethnicity. Most students include themselves in school activities and opportunities.
I attended Rio Linda High in 2009, and I have to admit that the school was extremely diverse and surprisingly tons of students from different grades all got along. The schools faculty and staff allowed the classes to decent and easy. But some instructor were a little harder than other, but it was well worth attending.
The leadership program at Rio Linda High School is great. It really helps increase school spirit and if you're excited to come to school, you'll be excited to learn!
Overall, Rio Linda High School was a superior school. It benefited me in many ways, and taught me the understandings from right to wrong in all subjects. My high school experience was one to remember, yet it brought happiness and failure which taught me lessons. The school also provided many fundraisers for kids in need. Though the school was not very colorful, teachers still did there best to show students what they needed to learn. Rio Linda High School benefited me in many ways, and I personally recommend students to attend at the school.
I liked Rio linda's programs. It offers a lot of classes and sports. The teachers here are very great and they really try and help their students out. Teachers connect with their students and push them to succeed. Their clubs are very successful and have many diverse clubs.
The teachers and AP classes are amazing. Facilities not so much; however the atmosphere is great. The students at the school are kind, rarely any form of bullying, feels like a community
The teachers are okay, you have to find the good ones that will actually care about you. The students are just like every other school, most dis respectful but altogether our school has a lot of goof people that do care about you and our community.
Rio Linda High School is a great go to high school. They offer a wide variety of AP courses, athletics, and clubs. Rio Linda High School is known for their sucessful FFA program, which is the heart of the school. This school has a great leadership program, which has raised the schools spirit each year of my attendance here. Student fights on this campus are rare, compared to other schools in the area. The one thing the school could improve on is their heating and cooling system; it gets pretty chilly in the classrooms due to the low temperature settings. Overall, this is a great school that I've found enjoyable.
It's wonderful, probably one of the best high school.. I really wish I would have made more memories at.
Rio Linda High School is a good school you meet lots of great teachers and students and the teachers help you a lot when you have a problem.
I liked most of the teachers at Rio Linda High School. They interacted with the students well and teach their subjects pretty well. The athletics at the school aren’t treated very equally, but there is a good variety of sports. I also think that the leadership is a big part of school, with over 40 students in a class, and a waiting list.
Rio Linda High School is a very diverse school, where just about anyone can fit in. The school may not be located in the safest place, but the teachers, staff, and administration does there absolute best to keep the students safe. In terms of academics, the school is in pretty good shape. There is more than enough different clubs on campus, to the point where every student will probably find a club that they will absolutely enjoy. I would personally like to see a much cleaner campus. I understand that this school has been around for quite awhile, but there's things that can be done.
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I love how Rio Linda High is such a diverse campus, many different cultures and races are here. The sports teams are very hard working and that is due to the coaches, the coaches here are different then ordinary coaches they actually care about their players and not only on the field but also academically. The teachers here are always willing to help if students are willing to learn and ask questions. Many of the teachers here go unnoticed on how appreciated they are but some of us students really realize what many of these teachers do for their students.
I really liked that the majority of the students were very engaged in clubs and extracurricular activities. There were options to choose from when it came to clubs. Teachers were all respectful, the school itself was a decent size, which made it easy to find your way around. I would've liked to see more engagement from the staff, including the Principal, Vice-Principal, and teachers. There was not much else to do besides the same clubs each year, same sports with rude coaches and not much team work.
Rio Linda High School is a good school there are a lot of great teachers at this school. What can change are the bathrooms and students need to know on how to take care of our school.
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