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Close, positive atmosphere with super dedicated teachers willing to bend over backwards to help students succeed. Staff looks for opportunities to make every student feel special and finds area where students can succeed.

I appreciate the emphasis on service learning, educational excursions and after-activities. It provided a sold academic experience without my children having to be Eisenstein to get in. RHP changed my son from a child who fought us and resisted studying into a self motivated individual where we never had to ask "is your homework done" again. RHP inspired my daughter to want to live right. The family even changed to eating healthier on her inspiration.
Finally, RHP's emphasis on Judaeo-Christian living is sorely needed today. There are too many damaging influences on young people promoting self-gratification no matter what it cost others. RHP gives young people an opportunity to experience the joy of service for others.
Rio Hondo Prep offers many opportunities for students to become well-rounded individuals. In addition to providing a strong academic curriculum, students build character through participating in seasonal sports and various leadership and service opportunities. Each student is known and valued, and the staff and coaches at Rio Hondo Prep help guide students to discover the importance of living a life with purpose.
Small school with a Big Heart. They care more about the overall life of each student, than just making sure they have students graduating with good stats and grades. Academics are important to establish a pathway to a successful life, but so are physical development, mental/ emotional development, social development and spiritual development. The Rio Hondo teachers care about all of these areas, and will stop their day at any time to help any student who needs help, whether they ask for that help or not. Incredible school, incredible teachers.
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This a great small school. The faculty genuinely care about each student and wants them to succeed. The academic standards are very high with a lot of opportunities for extra curriculum activities, including sports, drama, band, educational summer trips in the United States and Europe and much more. There are many opportunities for each student o take on responsibilities that will prepare them to succeed as an adult. This is a unique school and I highly recommend it.
As a former student and then a parent of 2 boys who've attended Rio Hondo Prep; we've had a great experience with the caring faculty and the many opportunities that Rio Hondo Prep offered. We've played team sports, participated in student government, played musical instruments, sang in the choir and traveled the United States, Canada and Europe. We had the opportunity to choose all the activities not just one it was great. My boys and I have gone on to pursue and achieve college degrees and great careers thanks to the inspiration and encouragement we recieved at RHP. We still attend games and events at RHP because it is more than a school it's a family.
I think the thing that I appreciate most about the school is the genuine love and concern for each student and the quality of instruction. RHP is a college prep school with a rigorous curriculum. There is a strong sense of community and teachers go out of there way to make sure every student meets up to their potential. They have a strong athletic program and have won numerous CIF championships. Rio Hondo Prep is small but mighty
A good mix of quality education, Christian values, sports and the arts. The school prepared me for college, my career, my future, and encouraged me to be the best I could be.
Best experience of my life. I got to do so many things that I wouldn’t have ever done had I gone to my local public high school. I played 3 varsity sports each year, competing for league and CIF championships on a regular basis and I probably only would have played baseball at a public high school. I had teammates that are lifelong friends today even though I graduated 43 years ago. I was involved in student government and taught how to be a leader of people. The school does summer traveling, and I was able to spend weeks and weeks traveling around the US with my teammates. I actually had visited and toured 41 states before I graduated. Now a days they even go to Europe. But the best thing for me was that the school has a program that taught us how important it is to help other people. While in high school I got to coach younger kids in sports. That inspired me to become both a high school coach and a high school Literature teacher and to send all 3 of my kids there as well.
Attending RHP was a life changing experience for me. I was offered many opportunities that encouraged me as a young man and the school continues to produce excellence in its students.
My experience at RHP was wonderful! The care and commitment from the teachers and faculty is genuine and this is evident in the day to day activities. There is a tight knit community amongst the students and staff that makes Rio unlike any other school. I would highly recommend this school.
I don’t know of another place where students are given such an incredible combination of academic, athletic, and social opportunities. It’s a safe environment with camaraderie and heritage like no other, where teachers and staff are invested in the success of each and every student.
Our girls have very positive experience there. They love being actively involve with sports, team outings, music performances, science camps, summer trips, even volunteering assistant coaching. We want to thank the teachers and staff for their dedication and time to the students.
I consider my time at Rio Hondo Prep (RHP) as one of the great highlights of my life. Small school, small classes, great teachers, great atmosphere, and lots of really good friends. It was a family atmosphere. Summer tours around the US helped to develop an appreciation of the diversity of our country. Competitive sports helped to shape and mold character. Performing in band and musical plays helped bring me out of my social shell. Everyone does it all to some extent. All three of my children recently graduated from RHP and it only enhanced my experience by getting to know all the other families from the parent side of things. It is a safe, wonderful place and the tuition is reasonable. I wish everyone could experience it.
My kids enjoyed the positive environment of the school. They also loved the various activities including sports, drama and travel opportunities. Helping out children through Rio's community outreach program also had a positive impact on my kids. All of these plus the staff, rigorous academics and encouragement of personal responsibility helped prepare my kids for their college education and their future careers.
Small school, small class sizes therefore personal attention from very talented and caring teaching staff and admin. Top rate academics including, AP prep in all disciplines, WASC approved. Also great sports environment, as the student body is small, therefore opportunities for students to play is great. The Athletic dept. is also guided by experienced, caring (about the whole student not just what they can get on the field), extremely knowledgeable coaches. Great experience at this College Preparatory institution, both as a student and parent of two young men. All three of whom have gone on to obtain college degrees. (Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Dominguez Hills and UCLA) Students are also given every opportunity, to develop an appreciation of the Arts through band, drama, art classes and field trips to museums(Getty (both), Norton Simon, etc.) Finally, RHP offers yearly Summer Trips (except during Covid of course) across the US and Europe, highlight of my career at the school.
Small school with a variety of opportunities for all students! I would not have participated in competitive sports AND traveled the world AND been a part of student government AND performed in musical productions at any other school. I was also challenged academically and prepared for college. Plus, the teachers care and the Christian environment in uplifting.
All students are valued. All students have opportunity to participate in multiple extracurriculars throughout the year. Students are treated as individuals in a positive way. I had two sons at the school. One was a great athlete and enjoyed sports. The other was not a great athlete and did not enjoy sports. RHP definitely places emphasis on team sports and the valuable life lessons students can learn by participating. Even so, my son that did not enjoy sports was always given valuable ways to participate that were beneficial to his development as a young man of character. I appreciated how all staff - teachers, coaches and administrators were invested in my boys' physical, mental/emotional and spiritual well-being. High school was a very positive experience for both of them, and I am grateful to RHP for providing a challenging but safe atmosphere for my children's development.
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RHP has a positive environment that not only cares about the students' academics, but more importantly, cares about the students as a person. Students and staff develop great relationships that last a lifetime. Students are encouraged to think about others and serve in various ways to help their communities.
Great community created by caring and devoted faculty members. Small class sizes ensure every student gets the attention and help they need to succeed in their courses.
An amazing school made up of a truly remarkable community of educators, coaches, and other support staff. It's a hidden gem and an overall great value when compared to other private schools in the area. I loved my time here as a student and was well-prepared for undergraduate, graduate, and medical school thanks to the academic and moral foundation I received at RHP.
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