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Ringwood High School Reviews

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The school has an amazing staff and overall from what I have heard this is one of the better schools in the area. But there are still minor tweaks that need to be addressed.
My experience overall was good. Most of the teachers love to teach. You often see with coaches that they aren't always the greatest teachers but they were not bad. I enjoyed them. That's not every coach but 3 out of 5. The food is actually pretty good usually. If you don't like what they are having you can sign up for a salad the day before. Now for the students, almost everyone gets along. Some people may have bad blood but it's usually under wraps. There's always a friend for someone. We support each other. The community is great our school has good classes. Overall I really appreciate the cards I've been dealt with this school. I would recommend it for new students in the area.
I love it! I love being around my friends and i'm fairly good friends with most of my teachers! They could take bullying into more consideration and actually solve the problem rather than ignore it. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else though!
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I thing work load is average to any similar school.
The school is mostly country kids that are kind in nature.
Small town school so we have several option of clubs that meet a wide variety of student needs.
Good school with great support from the community as well.
Most of our teachers do a good job and are passionate about what they do.
I love all of the facilities.
I love every one of my teachers, because they were really interested in what you were doing and how you were doing.
I felt that there was a lot to do!
I enjoyed the closeness of the school!
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