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I like the clubs rincon high school had, it was a fun way to make new friends or do a club with your friends and be involved in school. I like our band and color guard their performances were always amazing to watch. I liked the football games. I liked the basketball team games especially the girls, their games were always so intense to watch. I liked the dance shows Ms. Braun would put on. The musicals were pretty good for high schoolers. I liked the lunch games student council would do because you would win gift cards. I liked most of my classes teachers would try their best to make the lessons fun and make sure we understood the topic. The teachers were always so helpful and understanding.
Looking for a welcoming environment? Well you won’t find it here! Let’s start with the environment: students here embody your average (slightly more exacerbated) high student. This means if you want an environment where you’ll reach your full potential (that is of course you have potential)
this isn’t the best place. One might argue that uhs/ap classes will help those with potential; maybe, but in the process, you’ll be very unhappy due to the insane amounts of homework and smugness/snobbery of the uhs students . The teachers and students in the uhs environment are overall unwelcoming for newcomers (clits and student preferences are prominent). Both schools aren’t conducive to the success and happiness of a person. A better school would be in between the difficulty (although doable if all energy is aimed is at academics) of uhs and the averageness if rincon and if the environment isn’t filled with BULL POOP!
SOme of the teachers are nice. It’s a nice campus but pretty dirty overall. The lunch lines are crazy and they should work on their tech problems
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Rincon High School is in Tucson and is from the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). I personally love Rincon because we share a campus with University High School which makes the campus diverse. We can take their class and vice versa. UHS offers more AP which benefits RHS. We share the sport teams, clubs and fine arts on campus. Some disadvantages is the math department at RHS isn’t good and the monitors often have favorite students. One thing RHS could improve is facilities due to the fact that students vandalize or leave trash everywhere. The district should improve the resources, food and college readiness for all the schools as many students and parents complain. Overall, Rincon is a great school but has some disadvantages.
My experience as a student at Rincon was well. The school is very diverse and has a friendly atmosphere. The teachers actively ecourage students to do well, and most usually give opportunity to work with students when they are struggling.
This school also has a superb band program as well as a disciplined orchestra as their performences often rank high.

One of the things I'd like to see different is a change in attitude of the office staff. At times they can be difficult to work with, and may come off as unwelcoming or inconsiderate to both students and adults.
The school went through a major change while I was enrolled. They fired all of their teachers my sophomore year. After that it was pretty unorganized. I learned a lot and had no other problems.
I would like to change our school's water fountains because the water it in tastes like it is rusted and also like metal. They have gotten very old.
2016 graduate. I loved Rincon but I wish the teachers were more open, and helpful. They are rude and scary for the most part. Diversity was awesome there, everyone was accepted at Rincon, I loved that.
Rincon High School offered a diverse amount of student enrolled on campus. The faculty was great and very involved in extracurricular activities with students. The sports teams, dance teams, musician groups were supported for beginners, leaving everyone the ability to be apart of something on campus.
Most of the teachers were really helpful but not taken as seriously as University high school most of the time. Campus was really nice and beautiful
Rincon High School was a fairly good school. The Teachers were very helpful if you asked for help. You get what you put in. The overall school environment is good, but it really comes down to who you hang out with. Sports played a big part of my high school experience, which made my four years there fly by. The sport teams are descent, but not the best. The Food is your average big school district menu. They do have a burger stand outside the cafeteria that makes some pretty great burgers. The Teachers and Staff are awesome as long as you don't get on their bad side. Rincon High School gives you the opportunity to make your high school experience the way you want it.
I attended Rincon High School for my high school career and I overall had a great experience. I was able to take AP classes which was beneficial in my academic development. I was also involved with the cheer team and student council, which helped me develop leadership skills. However, when it came to applying for colleges there wasn't much help. The school needs some remodeling and they need to be more focused on creating "college ready" students.
what i like about rincon its that it has the open space you need but they need to change a lot to be a better school and make kids get excited for school actual talk to us kids and so up to work
I enjoyed attending Rincon. It was a very welcoming environment. Some of the teachers were great; they made attending class fun.
This school is the best school that i had never seen before and it is actually really good for African American and Mexican students who dont speak English the have the ELD program that can help you learn English without worry about Your learning English and make new friends and dont forget girlfriends and Boyfriends.
Very nice community of students and staff! I love learning here everyday its full of positive memories.
I love the staff and the people who work in the ofice are very caring. Rincon has helped me grow into a competent young adult that I am today.
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It's a good school but it needs some improvement literary and better teachers and food it's alway rotten rincon high should be better.
Rincon is great in many ways such as it's diversity but it isn't the highest ranking school there is.
It hasn't been the best school I've been too. We are combined with another high school named university high school. The teachers there have a lot of favorable decisions towards university high. This school sucks in a teaching way this school drop my gpa from a 3.2 to a 2.6. I would chose a different school honestly to place my children in.
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