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I've lived in the South Bend Community all of my life. The pride of the south side is a school of great diversity and achievements. There is a great student base that's constantly active and doing things in the community. Each student is close to one another and its just like a big family that you see everyday. Riley gives many opportunities to be successful after you finish your four years there.
Riley is a very tight knit community. The teachers overall are pretty great and willing to help you. The principal is the best in the entire area. Athletics are pretty successful as well.
I thoroughly enjoyed my upper-level classes, teachers were able to keep me engaged in my work. The average level classes, however, ran at a pace that was much too slow for me. I understand that teachers must make sure all students are equally prepared in these situations, and sometimes that means pulling the whole class back so that a few students can catch up to the rest of the class. Unfortunately, I am guessing this problem is inherent with public schools and that there may be no way to fix this; I am merely bringing it to light once more, as I am sure you're well aware. The faculty, however, are tremendously encouraging and inspiring and that is what I appreciated most about Riley, the teachers and counselors do a great job of establishing relationships with students in order to optimize work and progess.
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My time at Riley was an unforgettable one. All four years at the high school, I played a sport each season, I always tried to be on a comitee. But even during the good times, most of my collueges someway or another left the school, and it just hurt when they were gone. Even though they left, there was always someone there to help pick each one of us when we were feeling at our lowest point.
Well to start off with I felt safe at riley before I had went to mishawaka and I was bullied pretty bad, but when I went to Riley things changed and people came to action when I or others needed help. Most of the teachers are wonderful and helped when ever I needed it and gave a great advice.
As a senior at Ridley High School, I can say that these four years have been some of the best years of my life. I am very sad that it will be coming to an end in a few days. I enjoyed all of my years as a student at Ridley High School and Ridley School District.
I hope to see the staff, faculty, and students at Riley be more disciplined and fair the next coming school year. I also hope the school lunches here at Riley improve.
I graduated from Riley High School in 2016. I enjoyed my time there; the teachers were good and made going to school a lot better. The work load can sometimes be hard considering there are 7 periods a day. I played on the softball team since freshman year, and had a good athletic experience. National Honors Society(Junior and Senior year) was fun, and we had to have volunteer hours to stay involved in the group. I would highly recommend taking art classes, and mixed choir and choraliers(swing choir) are great courses. Also, you can join the play, or musical, and have an amazing time connecting with your other cast members. High school, in general, does not really prepare you for college, but the English classes did help me in college English. Riley High School was a good prep for college.
Riley was a great school, I can honesty say I learned a lot. I hope the school does better with their bullying policy. When I attended the bullying was awful, and I did not see much done about it.
I wish the academics were better After getting to college I can see that I was not offered the same opportunists as my friends who went to different schools in different districts. Also, after my freshman year there were practically no clubs offered to students. I think when I graduated the only clubs offered were the Anime club and a LGBTQA club. There's not much besides sports there
I have very much enjoyed my experience at Riley High School. Many teachers there are excellent and they get you prepared for college once you hit junior and senior year. The sports teams are all very close-knit. The academics are also very good. The administration this year is very helpful.
The more advanced classes have some excellent teachers and students, but a majority of the school is students who are smart but don't want to apply themselves and work hard.
Riley High School is the best place to find your voice. It’s easy to make the right kind of friends and the teachers truly cares about you. Even when you feel like your back is against the wall, plenty of teachers and student come to help you through. They tell you that you aren’t alone and stand by you. They push you to succeed and to be the best version of yourself you can be. They highly encourage academics. For example, they specifically tell athletes that their a student first, so if they arent doing right by their grades then they can’t participate. However, they don’t just tell you to get your grades up or to get it together but they also walk you through it. For instance, I remember my sophomore year I was struggling with my Math so my Cheerleading Coach helped me with all my homework before class. The teachers are dedicated to their job and that is what makes the school that much better.
I liked the teachers teaching skills. I liked the sports and the support system of the students to one another. I would like to see students be more attentive at school.
As a Riley High School alumni I liked that the school was diverse and they didn't discriminate any students because of their color or class level.
I came to Riley under the pretense that I would be pursuing an engineering degree of some sort in college. Even though now I know that is not what I am going to be doing, I am still glad I came here and participated in the engineering magnet. Most of the engineering classes were enjoyable, especially the extra ones that are more specific to a certain aspect. I also heard they might add a game design class soon which sounds cool. I haven't had many problems here either but it all really depends what classes you're in and the people you surround yourself with.
Great school and sports programs. At Riley we are just like a family and everyone looks out for each other.
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This school is horrible. Do not send your child here. It is loud and violent and teachers let students do whatever they want. But God forbid you're out of uniform.
My experience so far at Riley high school has been great! For the past two years I haven't had any trouble with any of my teachers or any students I love them all. I wouldn't change a thing.
It was a small school everyone knew everyone. I enjoyed every moment of high school and is a great place to raise kids and start a family.
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