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by far it was a great experience, although it could have been a lot better. Teachers could have done A little bit better on the Teaching as in like actually getting us to learn things we need to know not things we need to just to pass the test in their class. Students should be able to go to school to learn things that they need to know for when they get out in the real word not just to get by and be successful for a class that won't even matter once they graduate.
Riesel High school is a great place to meet new people and do sports and extra curricular activities.
Throughout the years of going there...
Since Pre-K, I've had a great experience learning and meeting new people. The teachers are nice and caring. The lunches are alright but still edible. I love band its great.
I have enjoyed my time at Riesel ISD. The small town feel is very appealing to myself and my parents. If I could change one thing about Riesel it would be the math program. I feel like all students could benefit more from a more stringent math program.
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I’ve been going to Riesel since the fifth grade and it’s an amazing school if you’re a parent and want your child to go to a small school but I would love to see more diversity and less favoritism in the school
Riesel has very good Athletic and Art departments, but could use inmorovements in activities for students that are not interested in either.
It's a great school. However, it constant changes. Make it challenging for the students to accommodate and follow the rules.
Some of the teachers are great. They are very consistent on keeping up with the grades and talking with parents that might have concerns about their child.
The health and safety policies could be a little bit better such as bullying. A couple of years ago my son was being bullied for several months. My son took the proper channels and nothing was done until it was to late. My son was pushed to far and decided to fight back. And he was the one that suffered at the end of this horrible situation that took place. When a child cries out for help, the teachers/principals should listen to their students. They should take in consideration that being bullied is very serious, dangerous and could turn deadly. No matter if it's a minor or major situation, teachers/principals should listen to the student and take control of the problem like it's their own son or daughter.
The extracurricular opportunities at Riesel High School are very great. It teaches the kids responsibility, team work, leadership and to have pride in their fellow teammates.
My experience with Riesel High have had some ups and downs just like any parent at another school. But I can truly say that Riesel is a small community but one big family. We are all there for one another and believe in God first, family second and education third. We believe in supporting our children in everything that do and succeed in. Every since my son LaDon has being going to Riesel School, his confidence level has sky rocketed to the moon. Ladon has more determination, more self-esteem and a smile that's bigger than the sun. I couldn't be so prouder of the young man LaDon turned out to be. And I can honestly say Riesel ISD had a big part of the influence on my son.
I find myself bored in class.
I really only precipitate in sports. The are okay.
The school is run smoothly, and there are very few issues with administration.
Recently more measures have been taken to provide more safety for the students and it's going really well.
Teachers all have distinct personalities that show through teaching methods. Classes are taught effectively and efficiently. English cirriculum could use work.
Superintendent is not very engaged with students. School board is very biased and does not equally represent all views of the school, students, teachers, parents, and community. Politics is prevalent in the board.
There are many extracurriculars at the school. We as a community and as students take great pride in what we do. The band and FFA organization are two of the most successful and have the most loyal participants. Band is definitely my favorite activity that I have participated in because of the great friends I have made and the many memories that I will hold dear to me.
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At Riesel, I feel very safe. Our school very protective of its students, and does not want them to be hurt in any form. This past fall, we had a shooting threat, and it was handled very well, considering there was no real threat. It was just a kid walking around saying threatening remarks to get attention. He got the attention he wanted, and was taken out of the school and arrested for his threats. The school handled the situation very admirable and efficiently.
There are lots of cliques at Riesel, so if you're a new student, it can be very terrifying at first. Eventually you will find the group where you belong and you will become good friends with them. Some of the students at Riesel however, are not very open to change or to new things. They enjoy what is comfortable for them, and resist any change until they become accustomed to it.
The Riesel Athletic department is very important to the school. Though we may not win very many games, a large amount of the student body participates in at least one sport. We just got a new school so our facilities are very nice. Our school spirit is abundant because of the community's involvement in everything we do.
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