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What I loved about attending Ridgway Christian were having brilliant teachers who emphasized the importance of learning and keeping God in the center of my life to help me achieve great things. I also loved that the school provided speakers weekly that spoke to us about their life challenges, achievements, and how God plays a significant role in guiding them in the path they choose to take in life. It gave us students an outlook on how life is when choosing a righteous path.
I loved the small atmosphere it gave and all the students! The teachers were great and it was a safe learning environment.
The students are very polite and show respect. The facility is quite small but they have all they need to learn.
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The Ridgway Christian School is very nice as far as the class ratio and being able to work more one on one with teachers. I’ve also had several years of teachers who weren’t able to teach well which overall hurt my learning. But overall, the school itself is a good school.
Since I have been at Ridgway Christian School, the teachers have helped me to excel academically, especially in Math and Science. I started attending Ridgway Christian School when my mother and I move to Pine Bluff, Arkansas from Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Ridgway's curriculum was challenging and more advanced than the curriculum at my previous school. I had to study extremely hard to catch up with my classmates. The teachers I studied under were very patient with me and was diligent in getting me up to speed in my classes. And, the hard work paid off because I won the Junior Regional Science Fair Champion that year. In the future, I hope we get more teachers in classrooms, like those at Ridgway Christian School.
I have worked at RCS for 6 years now. Growing up in public schools it is very different. We are a smaller, very connected family. We love our students as our own children and the staff is wonderful!
Our school provides cheerleading, yearbook club, key club, and national honors society.
This school has presented me with opportunities that I could not get from any other school in this school district. I have been on a cultural exchange trip to Germany in tenth grade, last year I was able to host a student from Germany for two weeks, and this year I am taking eight college courses in my senior year that count as dual and concurrent enrollment courses.
The teachers at my school go out of their way for us to learn and to be successful after school. Almost every teacher requires the students to take notes in their class and makes sure we understand the material we test on before we take the tests.
This school has a safe learning environment. There are very few violent tendencies in the students, when problems arise they are usually handled professionally and quickly. I feel no threat when I am in classes or walking down the halls. The students are mature for the most part and handle themselves professionally, as well as the educators.
The students are offered religious opportunities that are not allowed in public schools. We have a loving, fun-filled learning environment. The teachers are knowledgeable in their fields of study.
The teachers are very knowledgeable, they care about the student's lives and future. They care about the student's specific needs. The student's learn valuable information academically and in real life because of how engaged the teachers are with their students lives.
I think we have some of the best teachers Arkansas has to offer. We have an amazing science teacher who is known all over the world. Our English teacher is like a student, she knows how we feel. The other teachers are super chill and easy to get along with.
Some of the rules we have are ridiculous. It should not matter what kind of socks we wear. Some of us get in trouble for the dumbest things, but the kids who really break the rules don't get in trouble.
Every teacher we have had has been amazing.. but our foreign language teachers are awful and the 16 math teachers we have had are all horrible.
We have lots of clubs, but we do not have enough funding for what we need.
We need more exercises for the ACT and for college prep. We need air conditioning and more space.
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At first, I came to this school because I had too. The public schools in my area were sorry. But I would not trade coming to this school for the world. The teachers are super nice and it is so easy to make friends. There is always something happening.
We need more clubs. We need more activities for students to get involved in. We need school to be more fun and uplifting!
I wish we had more pep rallies and more fun. The games are boring. Students who are not athletes do not have motivation to attend the games. I wish that would change. The school is too strict on the uniforms and we are poor. The uniforms are too tacky, scratchy, and have poor quality.
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