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Ridgevue High School Reviews

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Ridgevue High School is great because it's almost completely brand new. The teachers are knowledgeable and the music excels.
I think in all ridgevue isn’t a terrible school but it could improve a lot. i think it gets cut slack because of how new it is so i don’t expect a whole lot but what i really don’t like about the school is the way it looks. it’s not fun to be in and they don’t let us leave until school is out. i think it should be an open campus and have more decor. the academic side isn’t awful, and the sports are good too.
I like how much pride and school spirit we as a whole community show. It makes going to home varsity games fun and interesting, though we’re not especially good in the athletic department. I enjoy the music department though. Personally, I am in choir and our director is one of a kind. Just a few words from him and our performance totally changes into a wonderful and awe inspiring program.
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I liked Ridgevue High School because I am not only involved in my school but the love for the school that I have. If anyone walked in to Ridgevue Highschool they would think that it is the best school ever the academics is un real and the sports that we have are getting better each day.
I liked how Ridgevue was very put together and how they included students in some of the future planning for new safety measures.
Great teachers that really care about your success. Lots of availability to AP classes and dual credit. Certification classes like welding, emt, cna, etc.
My four years at Ridgevue have been full of first time experiences. Whether it was personal or school wide, we were constantly making history. I was apart of the first freshman class, and now I am apart of the first graduating class to have been a Warhawk for four years. Everything that our school stands for has taught me how to be a responsible member of society. The history of our mascot has shown me that even though I may not be the strongest or the fastest, I can still be above the best. I was blessed to have been apart of this unique experience, and I know my fellow classmates feel the same way.
I like that most of the staff are welcoming and willing to help when needed. I also like that everything is very new and in good condition. There is also always someone to help direct you with college planning and scholarship finding in the career center, the counselors, and even the trio department. The AVID program has always been a second family to me and has always been a safe place for me to go when I need it. I would prefer it if they had an open campus for students to be able to leave during lunch and then return, the cafeteria gets really crowded and there is not always room for everyone. Some of the staff can be over barring sometimes and it can feel suffocating or like we are being watched every second.
I thoroughly enjoyed the range of classes they offered that could be taken as dual credit. I have taken and am currently taking most of my classes as dual credit.
I like the staff at Ridgevue High School, they're always willing to help out as best as they can even in their spare time. Somethings I would like to see change and having more guidance to the seniors on how and what to do in order to be ready for college.
Overall the school is really safe. They have a lot of rules the students have to follow. Some of these include having to sign in and out of school and only being allowed to leve through the front door. There is also security walking around the school at all times which makes it feel nice. One of the things they need to work on is the clubs and activities. There aren't many clubs the students can join.
As a former student of Ridgevue High School, I believe that I had an unfortunate chance of experiencing how demeaning this school was. I can honestly say that Ridgevue was an environment that would break down their students, rather than build them up. I spent three years there and once all hope, motivation, and goals which I had set for myself; were completely obliterated, I left. Ridgevue provides no resources of any kind, your conversations are limited and so are your aspirations. The teachers don't care about knowing their students or how they learn. The administration treats you like a statistic or a bank check. My only real interaction here was with a Chromebook. The lack of nurture and care begun to show through students. During my time there students have dropped out, switched schools, or were physically assaulted by another student. I never looked forward to going to school, I never felt safe going to school, I almost dropped out of school. All at Ridgevue High School.
Ridgevue is a great school with even better academics and teachers. It is a school filled with opportunities, and ways to help get ahead. (AVID, the Career Center, the job board, etc.) It also has a lot of extracurricular activities, and a wide array of clubs. Additionally, we even take time out of the week to learn about school safety
It is everything you could ever ask for in a school.
I enjoyed most of the teachers I have had at Ridgevue High School. However, sometimes the counselors and the administrators didn't fully know what was happening with some school programs and classes. The career counselors also mostly tell you that it is stupid to go out of state for college and that it is in everyone's best interest to stay in state for college. I am glad I haven't listened to them all that much. However, they are all very nice people and do want the best for you.
I like that the Warhawks are united as one and we are always there for each other. We never fail to be "above the best"
Considering that Ridgevue high is still a pretty new school, I think students have come a long way but still have a ways to go. While our athletics lack potential due to poor coaches and limited amounts of athletes, we do excel in the arts like Choir and Band. I’m very happy we are doing well in that area but hope the athletics approve soon. The resources like the SRO are very helpful but I think could be better. It is nice to have a new facility which is super cool and I am part of the first graduations class to go all the way through in 2020 so that is also exciting!
Some teachers do not care about student's failures. The school does what ever possible to sush the voice of it's students.
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Very welcoming atmosphere! Pretty diverse for Nampa, Idaho. Satisfactory emphasis on academics, while still honoring athletics, arts, and other activities. State of the art technology and excellent teachers/staff.
Ridgevue was a beautiful and well built High School. After splitting from Vallivue High it was a little rough but eventually Ridgevue became a well organized and cool school to attend. School events were well planned and the volunteers were very friendly. There were many amazing opportunities given to me at this school and I think it is a great place to have your children go.
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